2011 Yearly Forecast


Once again, the main focus in your life for the coming year is you! It seems that the ways in which you think, act and express yourself all take on new power and meaning over the coming weeks and months. There is a need for you to prioritise your own needs much more, and to have a clear vision of your goals and dreams. There is a sense of a force of creativity and energy emerging from you from January onwards, which inspires and motivates you to expand your horizons and to reach out in new directions.

2011 looks set to be a year of excitement and adventure, but you would be wise to let your intuition guide you forwards, for rushing ahead regardless could set you back in the long run. Having said this though, there is a sense that the world is your oyster now and very little is likely to get in your way!

Finding stillness within is another core theme for you this year. There is a need for you to regularly find the time to be quiet and still within. Your inner world is a place that needs nurturance and love, tenderness and care. You are a deeply creative, gifted and talented individual, but sometimes your inner world can become so frenetic that you lose sight of your goals, common sense and direction and get lost as a result.

Of course, sometimes when you get lost, you can stumble across the most amazing things; but this is not always the case, and you have the opportunity now to keep your dreams in sights and to allow your creativity to flow. All you need to do is to find tranquillity within…

As the year progresses, the need for you to build strong, reliable and firm foundations in your life, grows in importance. This is a year for you to manifest true abundance and to trust the Laws of Manifestation and Attraction. You can have it all, but you need to be clear of two things. Firstly, that you know exactly what it is that you want. And secondly, that you listen to the guidance from within…

Your key theme for 2011: Expansion


For you, 2011 is a year of two halves. The first half of the year highlights a strong need for you to go within to re-connect to your dreams, goals and aspirations. You need to be clear about your true priorities in life, and keep them in clear sight at all times. Try not to allow yourself to become too distracted with the lives and troubles of others. You are a natural carer, and will help others, but try not to self-sacrifice your own dreams as a result.

At the same time, you need to allow your true gifts and nature to emerge. There is a sense that in some ways, you have been holding back your potential, and standing back from the spotlight. This is not so much about being noticed, but more about you noticing your Self!

It is time to honour your Self more and to appreciate all the qualities and gifts that you have. You are a bright, talented individual, and it is important that you embrace this now. The more you can take ownership of your potential, the sooner you will realise that you have, within your power, the ability to transform your life.

So, after a period of reflection and acknowledgement, the second period of 2011 kicks off with high energy, motivation and determination. In many ways, the former is preparation for the latter. The more in tune with yourself you can be, the more you can utilise this highly energised time of your life to bring about positive change on all levels.

There is little room for self-doubt, but lots of room for self-admiration and praise as you finally grab your Taurean bull by the horns and get yourself onto pastures new. Whilst the grass often looks greener on the other side of the fence, the reality can be that it is no different. Yet for you, the grass is not only greener, but it is full of flowers and other beautiful things. So, try to have the courage of your convictions, and realise that the power is in your hands to realise your dreams…

Your key theme for 2011: Transformation


Solidity is a good word to describe the main theme emerging for you in 2011. There is a sense that your ideas are finally taking a more structured shape and you are beginning to see clearly how you can take these ideas forwards to create a more joyful and contented life. You are a creative soul, and have so much to offer, yet you can become stuck in your head, ponder the choices, decisions and options ahead of you.

As the weeks and months progress, a stronger sense emerges that you are able to step back a little from your whirring mind in order to regain the perspective on your life. This results in a sense of solidity forming around your life path, foundations, goals and dreams. The more centred and still you can become, the more you will realise that you already have what it takes to succeed in life. You are talented and gifted, and alongside your ability to think creatively, you can find your own unique path way through life.

So, solidity is not something to hold you down or restrict you, but it is there to re-focus you and to ground you. Then those rose-tinted spectacles can finally be put to one side as you make some strong informed choices about your path ahead. You are firmly in the driving seat of your life now, and it is up to you how to make the most of this.

Your life purpose is in the spotlight for much of the year, as you begin to see ways in which you can combine your multi-layered skill set in order to find your own little niche in which to work. Your life purpose needs to contain variety, meaning, purpose, creativity and room for reflection. Not so easy to achieve you may think, but believe that it IS possible, and make it a reality. If anyone can, you can.

Tending your inner garden is also important for you this year, de-cluttering your mind, body and spirit will help you to feel more alive and connected to the Universe.
It is time now to feel vibrant, alive and truly magnificent.

Your key theme for 2011: (Re)Emergence


Your ‘get up and go’ bounces back with a real kick in 2011 as you take on a new strength and motivation when it comes to moving your life forwards. For a while, you have drifted with the currents of life, but now you are firmly back behind the steering wheel, foot on the accelerator, on a road to pastures new. This energy is a real fire in your belly, and it is the source of a new wave of inspiration that washes over you and your life as the year progresses.

There is an air of excitement and anticipation as the winds of change gather momentum in your life. It seems that this is now your time to honour your Self and your goals, and to celebrate this, an opportunity looks set to come knocking that will catapult you towards your dreams.  This will involve taking a leap of faith into the unknown, and only you can know if you feel ready to take this next step on your path in life…

Some of your dreams have been with you for many years, and some are much more recent. Yet, many of them are big dreams, and ones that could change your life forever in so many positive ways. As 2011 progresses, it seems that your belief in yourself and in your ability to make these dreams a reality comes to the fore, and you finally realise, that the biggest obstacle you have been facing in life is you! In other words, it is time to stop doubting and to start believing…

Some big decisions are on the horizon, and in order for you to feel fully informed and ready to make a choice, you need to think about the balance of responsibilities between yourself and those close. Maybe it’s time for to re-address the balance of power? At the same time, owning your choices is another important theme, and by realising that the more you take control, the more you can achieve, this is the perfect time to listen to your intuition more and to take full ownership of your path ahead…

Your key theme for 2011: Self-Belief


Your inner workings and what makes you tick form an important theme as you enter 2011. Understanding your Self and your motivations is necessary if you are to truly make the most of your potential and of the opportunities that look set to come your way this year. It seems that the more you can know yourself, the more in-tune with your core ideals you will become. From this space, it will be much easier for you to make decisions and choices about which path to take ahead.

You are at a crossroads in your life, and there seems to be a choice between keeping the status quo (leaving everything as it is) or stepping into the unknown towards a whole new direction. The colourful and dramatic side of your nature is pulling towards the latter, but the more centred side of your nature is erring on the side of caution. How to progress? Well, as the weeks and months progress, you will have a strong sense of inner knowing as to which path to follow. Only you can decide, but if you can open up your consciousness and stay connected to your intuition, then the decision will be clear.

This is a year of empowerment for Leo, but it is also a year of inner strength and resolve. This is not to suggest that you can expect a particularly challenging year, but it is a year where your true priorities need to be expressed and explored (the challenge seems to lie in cutting out the clutter!). The more clarity and vision you can muster, the more empowered and inspired you will become.

At the same time, there is a need for you to truly feel your connection with the Universe in order for you to see the bigger picture. Once you realise that everything and everyone is interconnected and linked, you will feel a part of aforementioned bigger picture and come to know your role within it. This comes as a sense of knowing that you are in the right place doing the right thing. Trust me, you will know!

Your key theme for 2011: Universal Connection


You have spent a great deal of time in 2010 getting your life straight, being organised and keeping on top of things. However, there seems to be one area where you have not done this; and that area is your inner world. There is a need for you to begin 2011 having an inner spring clean, and de-cluttering your inner landscape in order to make way for some new thoughts, ideas, ideals and beliefs to enter in.

Essentially, an inner spring clean consists of quiet time, letting go of the clutter in your head, and not getting so stressed about your seemingly endless ‘to do’ list. It is time to trust that everything has its own pace and own flow in life, and however hard you try, you cannot stay in control of every aspect of your life. If you can let go of the reigns a little, you will start to release a huge burden from your shoulders (i.e. worry) and begin to see that you can live your life feeling much lighter and freer as a result.

2011 is a year of freedom and expansion for you – on all levels. It starts with your inner landscape though, for the more freedom you can find within, the easier it will be for you to find ways to achieve freedom in your life. Positive thinking, meditation, affirmations and declarations of intent are all tools you could use, but the most powerful tool you have in your tool kit is that of visualisation. ‘See’ the change you want in your life, and just accept it as reality. Believe that your life can be just as wonderful as you dream about.

Taking care of your well-being also carries a strong focus this year, treating your body as a temple and loving every aspect of your Being is really important. Changing your diet, exercising more could help, but this goes way beyond this to the way in which you see yourself. Do you truly love yourself? Do you honour yourself? Do you nourish yourself? Think hard about these questions, and be honest with yourself about the answers. Only you know, and only you have the power to change this…

Your key theme for 2011: Manifestation


A growing sense of inner knowing and clarity has been enveloping you over the final weeks of 2010; and, as you step into 2011, this theme grows and expands exponentially. It seems that you have realised that the more you focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want in life, then the more you can channel your energies into the really important things in life. Everyone is guilty for thinking about the things they do not want, but your ability to over-think can make such thoughts a heavy burden stifling your creative flow and vitality.

So, 2011 starts on a high and continues to grow in momentum and power. There is a sense that you begin to take more control over the decisions you make, and at the same time, you stop doubting your choices. By taking the power and responsibility back into your hands, your confidence will grow and you will feel fully able to make some important life-changing decisions as the year progresses. These seem connected with your life path, but also involve your home and relationships as well….

This is a year for you to shine, to realise your full potential and to prove to yourself that you absolutely do have what it takes to succeed in life. Stepping into the unknown is never easy, but you have overcome this fear and realised that the only way for you to move forwards in your life is to actually move forwards! Simply thinking, but not doing anything about it, just leaves you standing on the spot. This is a time for action not procrastination.

As your full potential starts to surface, you will feel a new sense of purpose and power in your life. It is time to love being you and to embrace all of your gifts with vim and vigour. You now have within your grasp an opportunity to bring abundance, joy, contentment and tranquillity into your life. This is connected to you feeling able to express your Self and your gifts freely, and to believe in yourself completely. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to enrich your life on all levels, so what are you waiting for?!

Your key theme for 2011: Empowerment


Honouring yourself forms a key role in your life throughout 2011. It seems that you have been a little lapse recently in listening to that voice within (your intuition) that has been asking you to take into account your own true needs and wishes. That little voice has been getting quite agitated that you have been in ignoring it, and is now jumping up and down waving its arms back and forth trying to get you to listen!

Okay, life has been something of a whirlwind, and you would be forgiven to feeling a little out of control, but 2011 brings you a much needed opportunity to re-connect to your intuition and to re-focus your life and your priorities accordingly. It is time to make friends with your little voice, and to listen to it!

There is also a need for you to think about what truly makes you happy. Alongside this is another equally important need; to think about what does not make you happy. There are no right or wrong answers here, but there is a need for total self-honesty if you are to get a real sense of the answers that truly resonate with you.

This year brings you a need to get right back to the core of your Being, and to truly get to know yourself again. By listening to your intuition (your little voice!) and by facing up to those things which do not make you happy (perhaps it’s time to make some changes?), you will begin to see a clear path ahead.

This is a year where your dreams come back into clear view and you realise that you have within you, the means to manifest these into reality. It is a time of expansion, new horizons and adventure, but also a time where your intuition will guide you forwards towards a bright new future.

You are the key here, and the more you can listen to yourself to guide you, the more likely you are to shape your life and your destiny in a wholeheartedly positive and life-enhancing, life-affirming way.

Your key theme for 2011: Joy


The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ needs a slight adjustment for you over the coming year to ‘the heart is where the home is’. It seems that there is a strong need for you to establish some strong and healthy roots (or foundations) in your life. You are one of life’s adventurers, and as a result, can feel quite restless if you are in a place for too long, but now is a time to find pleasure and contentment from growing some roots.

It can be joyful being such a free spirit, for your soul longs to fly high like an eagle, being carried by the thermals and enjoying a feeling of true liberation. Yet, at the same time, there are chapters in your life, where practical, focused hard work is required, as well as dedication to a goal or vision; and this is such a time. This is your chance to carry the energy of the eagle within and to channel it accordingly.

It is important for you to realise, that whilst growing roots may feel like a constraint, your spirit will never be tied down, and your creativity will always flow if you allow it to.

So, try to see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to ground your gifts and to channel them into something real and special. It is your time to make your mark on the world, and to prove to yourself that you do have the gifts and talents to fulfil your dreams. Try not to allow yourself to get distracted with frivolity, and keep your focus. Once you have grounded your gifts, you will be free to blend your creativity and adventurous side more.

In many ways this is a year for you to prove to yourself that your dreams are not flights of fancy. With a little bit of vision and a good smattering of self-belief you can achieve just about anything. As the year progresses, you will realise that having roots is a good thing, as it gives you a launch pad to soar off high into the clouds…

Your key theme for 2011: Freedom


Taking on more responsibility may not sound like an exciting theme to have for the coming year, but in so many ways it is! This is a time to prove to yourself (and possibly to others) that you can handle responsibility with maturity and dignity. You have an opportunity to climb up that ladder of progress in life with grace and poise, confidence and certainty.

So, it seems clear that 2011 is a year for you to move beyond your comfort zone in order to push your boundaries. You are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for, and you are now being given a chance to realise this. The quicker you can understand your strengths, the easier you will find it to make some important decisions about your path ahead.

Responsibility does not have to equal burden, it can mean a more life-enhancing, enriched way of life where you feel as though you are expanding your horizons and reaching out into the unknown…

Finding new ways to express yourself and your creativity come to the fore over the coming year, as it seems you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share, but have, as yet, struggled to find the means in which to waylay this information. Think creatively and you will soon realise that the simplest methods are often the best!

Should you stay or should you go? That seems to be one of the biggest questions on your mind in 2011. An adventure is calling you, but you may find it hard to step into the unknown and leave behind everything that is familiar and comfortable in your life. This is not about permanently walking away, but it is about listening to your intuition and allowing your true path to surface.

You may then find that this adventure is a red herring or an escape clause to take you away from your true destiny (in which case, you may choose to ignore it), but equally likely is the realisation that this adventure speaks volumes to your heart and soul, and you know, deep down, that this is the path to choose…

Your key theme for 2011: Enrichment


2011 is a year of building, growth and expansion for you. You are building on your foundations, reaching out towards new ideas and dreams. There is a sense that you are consolidating much of what you have already learnt into something new and quite unique. This will serve you in good stead for your path ahead, but you need to ensure that your foundations remain strong and stable…

Your foundations are your health, well-being, creativity and mind. In many ways these are all self-explanatory, for they all need to be in tip-top shape for you to thrive in life. At the same time, it can be all too easy to neglect one, or all, of them when life gets busy or hectic. So, try to make a resolution for 2011 to honour your well-being, creativity and your mind, as well as all of the many other facets of your being.

Like the ‘man who built his house on sand’ (Matthew 7:26), building fancy new extensions to your life without these key foundations in place, could see you end up with quite a challenge on your hands. Don’t despair, for this is not a warning of impending doom, but it is just a heads-up to get your Self fully prepared for an exciting and fulfilling ride through 2011. You deserve to make the most of such an opportunity, after all. You have earned it! Try to realise that honouring your foundations is an important and crucial step on the path to happiness…

Finding ‘home’, a place that you can truly call ‘home’ seems quite challenging for you. As such a multi-levelled, multi-faceted individual, your needs are many and you can find it hard to correlate these into an ‘ideal’ place to call home; and you face compromise as a result. Yet, when you look a little closer, you will realise that, your needs are in fact quite simple. You need space to think, create, manifest and be – the where and how seems far less relevant. So, listen to your inner needs and trust your intuition to guide you home now…

Your key theme for 2011: Fulfilment


2011 looks set to be a year of change, adventure and freedom for you. No more ‘stuck in a rut’ for you, as a stronger sense of personal liberation begins to emerge. From these feelings comes an awareness of your true goals and priorities in life. It seems that you have lost sight of these in 2010, or maybe more accurately, you have lost touch with them (for they forever remain in your heart).

As you re-connect to what’s important in your life, you begin to feel inspired and motivated to ensure that you do not lose these again. You therefore seem drawn to make some changes to your life over the coming year that will give you more space, freedom and time to follow your own path in life.

Learning something new is a strong theme to emerge for you over 2011, and it is time to expand your mind or your know-how into a new arena of learning. In many ways, this looks likely to complement your current knowledge base, but at the same time, it seems to be a completely new direction for you. So, try to keep an open mind and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition.

The coming year sees a need for you to honour your Self and your needs much more. Whilst you will never stop being the compassionate care giver; you need to apply these qualities to yourself as well! Deep within you is a restless stirring of creative, spiritual energy that is longing to find a way into the open air. Like steam building up, it needs to be released, otherwise it could burst out when you least expect it!

You have a huge well of potential within that is poised to (positively!) erupt this year, and in order to make the most of this, try to find a clear focus or direction in life (otherwise it could dissipate into a million and one different directions). Find your passion, find your joy, or find your purpose; now is the time to recognise what makes you truly happy…

Your key theme for 2011: Passion