2019 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2019

As we step from one year into another, it seems wise to take at least a few moments to ponder the paths we’ve walked, the path we’re walking and the paths spanning out into the distance. It’s easy to look back at the ‘bigger picture’ of the year, to those experiences that have shaped and flavoured everything else, as it’s usually only a small – and often incongruent – selection of experiences that come together to define the essence of our lives. We have one or two pivotal moments that create a defining and overarching theme. It’s therefore clear to see why we then forget so much, as the flavours of our experiences weave and twist around our consciousness until they become ingrained and entrenched in our DNA.

2018 was certainly full of many different experiences that we could say were ‘life changing’ and we can look back to see just how much we’ve shifted over the last twelve months. Of course, this is always the case as we are always changing, evolving and growing, but there is more of an intensity to this process now, as though time has speeded up and we’ve slowed down in order to feel the full force of each and every moment. Whilst this brings us great wisdom, it’s also exhausting. As in previous years, there have been times when it’s felt as though the very fabric of our beings has been torn apart in order to be re-shaped and re-defined into something fresh and new.

Although we are still walking on the same planet and gazing at the same stars, there is a palpable shift as everything seems somehow altered. It’s as though our senses have grown more intense and we can hear every thought, word and sound which is overwhelming and delightful at the same time. We’re more awake than ever before, and whilst this can make it hard to gain moments of pause to breathe deeply, there are more opportunities to connect to life in a more enriching way.

2019 looks set to be a year of continued shift, but a year where we find new ways to surf those waves of change with more passion and confidence than ever before. Life is a constantly moving force, and we are always shifting and evolving, but this is something to celebrate as we find new opportunities to share our gifts. It’s time to grab hold of life and to realise that every day is for living and for making the most of being alive. This may sound a little glib, but it’s true, it’s just that we often prefer to sit on the fence, erring on the side of caution, preferring not to embrace a life that makes our hearts sing, but one that is, on balance, the most sensible. So, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re truly happy. Is your soul all warm and fuzzy when you wake up in the morning because you are honouring your true essence and living the best life you can live?

Some will respond that ‘back in the real world, following dreams is only for the few, not the many’ and ‘dreams don’t pay the bills’ but is that really true? Who decides who gets to follow their dreams? Is it the dream that doesn’t pay the bill or the belief? Our thoughts shape our reality and whilst we still have responsibilities (including bills), if we limit our existence because of restrictive beliefs, this only serves to limit us even further. Whilst life doesn’t carry any guarantees, nothing in life is certain, not even the status quo we often fight so hard to maintain.

Life trips us up, beliefs create brick walls and the challenges we face can crush our spirits, but we’re all still here. We may feel a bit battered and bruised, but we are wiser, stronger and brighter than ever. It’s important to honour our courage and to realise that we are not driftwood that’s been passively carried through the stormy seas of recent years, but we are vibrant, conscious beings. Whilst we are inevitably carried along by the currents of life, we have access to sails, a rudder and an anchor! We are beginning to savour our deeper connection to listen to each sound, to allow each smell to delicately dance around our nostrils and to feel more interconnected to everyone and everything.

Many of the challenges we’ve faced both individually and collectively have led many into isolation, into feeling increasingly disconnected and alone. Cracks have appeared and we’ve been unable to hide behind the veneer of ‘normal’ as the concept of normalcy has crashed and burned. It’s only when we’ve reached out that we’ve realised we are not alone but walking alongside a great
© Sarah-Jane Grace 2019
many others experiencing similar shifts and rips in time. The discord between those who want to awaken and those that don’t seems greater now and this is hard to reconcile, but the more willing we are to open up our hearts and souls to living in more interconnected ways, the further this will reach out into the world. We may feel powerless to change the bigger picture, but if we can focus on finding peace within our own hearts and souls then we can collectively begin to create ripples of change. This takes courage but we’re ready now…

I wish you a bright, happy, healthy and joyful year ahead. With love,



As the fires begin to burn more brightly within your heart and soul, there is a sense you are reaching a significant crossroads in your life. In many ways, this crossroad feels like a natural pause point on your journey, as it’s an opportunity to think about what’s really important to you. You have travelled far and wide on many different levels in your life and you have found ways to breathe even when situations have taken your breath away. You’ve allowed your true essence some freedom not to be stifled by the needs, wants and demands of others, as being a free spirit matters to you as you need room to manoeuvre in life; feeling hemmed in suppresses your creativity and can leave you feeling disconnected and discombobulated. When you let your inner fire sprite dance freely, you feel awakened and alive, courageous and vibrant. Yes, you have faced challenges and heartache, and you have had more than your fair share of mountains to climb, yet here you are, still shining brightly and brimming with possibility.

2019 looks set to be a year for you to make some important decisions as to which way you head when you reach the aforementioned crossroads. It’s not as simple as left, right or straight ahead, as you may choose to go backwards or even off road. This is time for you to let your phenomenal intuition lead the way and to guide you towards pastures new. The more you can connect to the passion and fires within your heart and soul, the more your intuition will light up and illuminate the way. This is a year for you to trust in yourself, believe in yourself and to love yourself wholeheartedly…


You have spent a great deal of time working on yourself, trying to understand why you are the way you are and why you do the things that you do. You’ve reached moments of awareness where all of the many questions you carry within you fall away into insignificance as you find a sense of peace. There are also moments when the questions intensify, and you feel as though you cannot move forward until you have the answers. Whilst you have come to realise that many of these questions don’t have answers, you have found ways of accepting this gracefully and willingly. Of course, there are times when you rage at the moon, wanting an answer, but these times are beginning to ebb away as you seem stronger and more resilient now. This strength has emanated into every area of your life and your willingness to lean gracefully into acceptance has, in many ways, set you free as you are no longer willing to place your life on hold until you have answered all of the many unanswered questions still buzzing around your consciousness. This doesn’t mean you have given up, but it’s a sign that you are finding a deeper sense of harmony and balance living in each and every incongruent and frequently incomprehensible moment.

In short, you are living in a more enriched way, allowing yourself to breathe more deeply, and opening up to living the life you were born to live. Whilst you may not, as yet, know the full details of the life you were born to live, it’s important to acknowledge that you’re living it already. In essence, 2019 is your year to grab life with both hands and to let your gifts shine brightly…


You have spent a great deal of time pondering the concept of happiness and finding your own ways of cultivating it in your life. As a result, you have travelled on some long, twisting roads and you have confronted the pain and dark corners within your heart and soul, moving beneath your smiling façade in order to access the ‘real you’. Beneath the surface you could feel the tingling of your soul gently tugging at your consciousness as you intuitively knew that the life you were living wasn’t the life that felt in-tune with your soul. It’s not that you were unhappy, just out of kilter and slightly out of alignment, and this created a restlessness deep within. You’ve always wanted to live wholeheartedly, and you’ve always strived to live the best life possible, but you’ve reached a stage of your life now where it’s important for you to begin to understand why you do the things you do.

So, knowing what truly makes you happy is a good place to begin. Is being your true self the path to happiness? Is it helping others? Is it finding peace? Only you can answer these questions, but you are nearing a time of great shift in your life as you let your inner light shine more brightly, so finding clarity is important. What does happiness really mean, is it love or compassion, or a warm fuzzy feeling within? How do you know if you’re happy? Is happiness the result of the eradication of unhappiness? Whilst many believe the latter to be true, you’ve reached a powerful point of realisation as you know that happiness needs to be cultivated in its own right and you are ready now to let it flourish and blossom…


You always seem to so busy with things to do, people to see and places to go! You often feel like you’re on fast forward as you work so hard to keep the wheels on the great big bus of your life spinning around. In truth, you’re not really sure where the bus is heading, but it’s moving forwards which feels like a positive. You’ve spent so long ensuring the bus keeps moving that you haven’t looked at a map in years or, more importantly, checked if the destination is still somewhere your heart desires. It’s easy to get caught up on the treadmill of life, keeping on keeping on, and working hard to be the best version of you that you can be, yet there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, a sense that maybe there is more to life than the constant cycle of things to do, people to see and places to go.

Are these more distraction than necessity? Do you find it easier to be busy rather than to sit in quiet contemplation? If so, why? Is it easier to stay busy and not acknowledge your heart’s desire, rather than taking a chance and turning to face it? Is maintaining the status quo the easiest option even if it means sacrificing a bit of yourself in the process? These are questions only you can choose to ask of yourself over the year ahead, but you seem ready now to dive deeply within in order to gain a clearer sense as to which path you truly want to walk. Change is in the air throughout 2019 and there is an air of excitement connected to new beginnings, so maybe it’s finally time to park up the bus for an overdue service and to finally reassess your true priorities…


Your pioneering and adventurous spirit looks set to shape and define 2019 in ways you never dreamed possible! For a long time now, you’ve been sitting on the fence, waiting for the right time to step from where you are to where you want to be. You have been in a kind of stasis mode, not feeling able to leap towards pastures new as the climate hasn’t felt quite right to act. Although you are intuitive and very astute, there is a sense that you have been waiting for a sense of certainty that you’ve reached the right time to create a wave of change. As a result, you have spent quite a long time on the fence, wanting to leap over, but not feeling the signs were clear enough for you to take a chance. This is understandable, after all, you have spent so long trying to create the optimum environment for you to give yourself the best possible chance for success so why would you want to potentially jeopardise things by moving too soon?

Yet, sitting on the fence has left you in stasis, making it hard to move forward as inertia is a tremendous force to push against. However, you have learned a great deal along the way as you have discovered lots about what you don’t want and unearthed so much deep wisdom within your heart and soul. You have reached a point in your evolution of great shift, and your adventurous spirit is now chomping at the bit to leap off the fence and ‘take a chance’ on whatever happens next. In short, you seem ready to let the passion surge upwards from your soul and to lead the way from where you are to where you are meant to be…


2019 looks set to be a year of liberation with a sprinkling of magic along the way! You’ve spent a long time creating a vision of what you truly want in life, and although it’s still not crystal clear, you have a good idea as to what you want and what you don’t. You have pulled down the internal barriers in order to make peace with the stormy waters within your soul as you’ve realised that in order for you to feel centred and in balance, you need to learn how to surf those waters rather than eradicate them. In short, you have reached a point of inner acceptance, where you now accept the turbulence within is an important part of you as it’s the force that drives your passion and creativity. Whilst you spent a long time trying to calm the waters and even remove them, you’ve realised that they are as much a part of you as anything else, and, as a result, now you are learning to love them, you are discovering new levels of amazing in your life. This may sound a little glib, but it’s hard to find another word to describe the evolution that’s going on within your heart and soul. Perhaps a revolution would be a better choice of word!

It’s as though you’ve set yourself free and the world seems full of possibility once again. Where you once felt challenge, you now see opportunity, and your soul is illuminated and glowing brightly. You’ve waited patiently for a very long time for such a moment to appear and now it’s upon you, try to make the most of it! There is no instruction book to follow, this is your time to let your soul take you by the hand and gently guide you forwards. Let the magic begin…


As you continue to contemplate life’s big questions – Who? Why? Where? When? What? – there’s a sense that you are beginning to find some firmer ground after a long period of uncertainty. As you breathe a big sigh of relief, it’s important to realise that this firmer ground isn’t a little island in the middle of a swirling maelstrom of thoughts, it’s actually a little surf board that’s riding with the maelstrom! Intellectually, this really doesn’t seem overly reassuring, but on a deeper level, intuitively you know you are exactly where you need to be as surfing your very own maelstrom is the best possible place, as being right in the thick of it is where you truly thrive. Your mind will always be busy, and you will never stop asking questions as this is a fundamental part of your DNA. At the same time, you will always have a twisting, swirling, heaving mass of thoughts within you as you are a natural born thinker and you function at a million miles an hour.

Although this maelstrom may appear to others to be chaotic and fragmented, you know this is far from the case as everything is itemised and categorised in a similar way to the world’s greatest libraries. Yet, like these great libraries, there is also a great deal of quiet and space at the same time. Few ever really ‘get’ you as you simply don’t exist on the same level as most, this isn’t egotistical, it’s just fact. This isn’t a ‘higher’ or ‘better’ level, just different. For many years you have tried to fit in and be like everyone else, but you’ve now realised the importance of being you. 2019 looks set to be your year for free expression and to love yourself exactly as you are…


As you find yourself, once again, skidding and sliding from one year into the next, you have started to see a pattern emerging as this seems to be the case every year! Your life has been on fast forward for such a long time that it’s hard to notice as it feels like normal speed for you now. You have been hurtling forwards with such haste that your transformation has been at breakneck speed and, although you are a very different person to the one who skidded into 2018, there have barely been any quiet moments to take stock and reconcile the journey you have been on. Of course, with you being you, it’s unlikely that you’d want it any other way as you like to keep moving in life as it’s your way of feeling fully alive and interconnected; you are a free spirit at heart. Yet, there are moments when a bit of breathing space would allow you to think about the path you’ve walked (well, sprinted!) and the path you’re walking.

It’s not only paths you’re walking though, as you have excavators to carve out new avenues and highways, as well as the odd bulldozer for good measure. You’re not known for doing things subtly! However, this isn’t a criticism, and it’s not to suggest that you’re like a bull in a china shop, as everything you do comes from your intuitive prowess and you need the heavy equipment to break through layers of inertia that have encircled you in your life for years. 2019 looks set to be a year of powerful change for you as you begin to realise just how talented you really are; it’s your self-belief that will ultimately shape and define the path of your life for years to come…


What do you truly want? What makes your heart sing and your soul feel joyful? You’ve often contemplated the answers to these questions as you’ve spent long periods in your life thinking about your gifts and your purpose in life, wanting to live in the best possible way. Yet, whilst you’ve undoubtedly contemplated these questions, if someone were to ask you on the spot to declare what you truly want and what makes your heart sing, there is likely to be a rather long pregnant pause, and your hesitation would be a sign that you are perhaps less clear on the matter than you thought. Or, are you? Maybe it’s not down to you being unsure of what you want, but more the notion of declaring your intent that worries you as that would be a public pledge of purpose which would make it harder for you to meander through life, gathering up possibilities and ideas as you go.

So, perhaps this is more about avoiding commitment, trying not to set things out in stone and instead keeping things as fluid as possible? This is an understandable strategy to adopt as it means you can avoid becoming trapped by decisions that you may outgrow or outrun. At the same time, the notion of declaring your intent can feel like a tether which your free-spirited nature repels. Yet, this suggests a life ‘on the run’, of never really hanging around long enough to get stuck in and test your mettle. Once again, there is nothing wrong in such a strategy, but you seem restless and it’s important that you begin to understand the reasons for this. 2019 is a year to contemplate what you truly want and to have the self-belief and the courage to go get it…


2019 looks set to be a year of clarifying your true priorities and beginning to let go of some of the clutter that has built up in your life. You are always busy with things to do, people to see, places to go and ideas to contemplate; whilst you get a great deal done, there is a sense that you often feel out of kilter with your life as you are in the thick of things most of the time and unable to see the wood for the trees. Of course, you have thrived on such a strategy for a long time, but you have reached a stage where you want a deeper sense of fulfilment in your life. In many ways, you feel unsure how to go about this because you always have such a long ‘to do’ list but, over the course of this year, it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what’s really important to you, what’s necessary and what’s not.

There will always be some aspects of your life that you do more out of duty than desire, but there are also a great many other things you do that have built up from a difficulty in saying ‘No!’. You don’t like to upset the apple cart, but you seem rather fed up with polishing apples and are now ready to explore the delights of some new fruit. This doesn’t mean you are necessarily ready to up-end the apple cart and watch the apples tumble to the floor, rather you are ready to look beyond the cart to the wider world once again in order to regain your perspective and focus. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that you matter: your needs, your wishes and your dreams…


The way in which you live your life has often been something you’ve pondered and explored; you’ve gazed into your depths and stepped beyond the realms of the everyday in order to gain a true sense of purpose. There have been great swathes of your life where you’ve focused on your inner world, trying to understand why things are the way they are, and you’ve not been afraid to face the mirror of your soul in order to acknowledge your quirks, idiosyncrasies and imperfections. It’s not that you have many, but you’ve realised the importance of acknowledging every aspect of your being in order to know yourself better. You’ve spent a lot of time trying to be everything to everyone, often forgetting about yourself in the process, and whilst you have still managed to thrive, there is a sense that there have been times when you have felt this sacrifice very deeply.

Of course, you’re a generous, compassionate and giving soul, so being everything to everyone is important to you, but 2019 looks set to be a year for some self-acknowledgement; a year to reclaim your sense of self and to explore pastures new when it comes to your gifts and your creativity. You are a vibrant and colourful individual, and your gifts are many, and although you have admirably parked these for the sake of others, it’s time now for you to realise that your gifts matter. They matter not only to you and to your sense of well-being, but to a great many others as well, as your gifts reach out far and wide. This isn’t about adding pressure to you, it’s trying to inspire you to regain your passion and to channel this in new and innovative ways. You are a star player in life and it’s time to twinkle brightly once again…


As you continue to explore the passion residing deep within the core of your being, there is a sense you are beginning to realise just how brightly and vibrantly your inner light shines. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the central cog inspiring others to flourish and thrive. You are a naturally giving person, but you often shift into a state of ‘over giving’. This may sound illogical, after all, how can anyone over give, but you’ve mastered the art over the years. Giving is a part of your genetic make-up, but you often take it to new heights by giving every last drop of yourself to others. Of course, you want to see others blossom, but there also seems to be a deeper motive for this, a sense that if you have too much energy left on your hands, you will have to gaze deeply within in order to acknowledge those aspects of yourself that you’ve been ignoring or neglecting for some time now. These neglected aspects are your dreams which you may feel are luxuries rather than necessities, but this would be inaccurate as it’s your dreams that set your heart on fire and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So, dismiss them at your peril, as they are the fuel for the fires of your soul.

It’s your dreams that inspire you to be such a compassionate and passionate human being, and 2019 looks set to be a year for you to step beyond the humdrum of your everyday life to realise just how much you ‘over give’ and to start re-addressing this imbalance in order to start honouring and loving yourself so much more. You are a beautiful soul, and this is your life so live it, and live it well…