2020 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2020

As a new decade begins, it’s important to pause for a moment to look back at the decade we’ve just experienced. For a great many souls, this past decade has been one of the most transformative and enlightening ever, but for a great many more it has also been one of the most challenging. Whilst it could be that suffering and struggle are on the pathway towards enlightenment and self-awareness, the intensity and pain felt so deeply by so many has been (and still is for some) exquisitely intense and profoundly transformative.

We are always evolving, changing and growing, and we never stay in the same place for long, but there have been times when the grass beneath our feet didn’t even have chance to see the light, let alone grow, as things were so often on fast forward or slow motion, and we rarely had a chance to take in a big deep breath of now. As a result, so many souls have become overcome with powerful emotions, physical challenges or spiritual doubts as nothing made sense and everything seemed to start unravelling. Whilst some of us could see the bigger picture and trust that the unravelling was simply a part of a greater process of ‘re-ravelling’ into something new, many of us could not readily access this wisdom and instead felt as though we were falling apart stitch by stitch; like the canvas of our lives was coming undone. Of course, in many ways we were falling apart, but it’s only with the benefit of hindsight that we can acknowledge this process and realise it’s worth.

As we step from one decade into the next, it’s wise to pause for a moment to acknowledge the paths we have walked and the wisdom we have accrued as we do carry our past with us as an inherent part of the present. Whist we should never be permanently tethered in the past (or the future), the value of our past gives us context, learning and contrast. It’s the sum of all of these past experiences that make us who we are today, yet we are also more than the sum of our past, as we encapsulate the capacity for potential, learning and new experiences as well.

It’s often the little moments that shape us and it’s the random events that weave their way into our minds. We forget far more than we remember, but it’s important not to close up and get lost in the past as we need to remain open to grow, evolve and blossom.

The obvious expectation for 2020 is a year of clear sight and balance, and whilst both seem likely, it also looks set to be a year to bring together the culmination of our experiences in order to re-shape and re-define our dreams and priorities, both individually and collectively, physically and spiritually. 2020 is a year for acceptance as well as taking responsibility for our choices and non-choices, realising that every single thing we do has consequences. There is no capacity left to walk around with one’s head in the clouds ignoring consequences, it’s time to be awake, aware and accountable. Whilst some of us have been moving willingly (mostly!) towards this process gradually over many years, others will be pushed to this point reluctantly or unwittingly and may, as a result, feel unstable and full of fear. It’s therefore a time for each of us to turn towards the rising of the light in unity in order to form more of a collective as perhaps the biggest overarching theme for the path ahead is togetherness.

This is a time for genuine humbleness and humility as we each seek out a simpler, but richer, way of living and being. The need for ‘stuff’ falls away as we realise it’s our spiritual and emotional well-being that are far more important than material goods. Whilst in most cultures it’s a case of the rich getting richer and the poor struggling to get by, we each need to find ways to give thanks for what we do have and acknowledge the need to offer support to others, whether it’s a gentle smile, a helping hand or our time. This isn’t a year to think about what material delights we may be able to manifest for ourselves, it’s a year to think about what we can do to live with joy in our hearts and how we can make this world a better place. So, let the compassion shine brightly, not forgetting self-compassion as we need to take proper care of ourselves, we need to simultaneously reach out and in at the same time in order to embark on a brand-new way of living and being.

Whilst many of us will be licking the wounds of the past decade for some time to come, it’s important to be gentle with ourselves, to eat as well as possible, to re-connect with the Earth Mother, to be open to living well, as well as healing and honouring ourselves. We may still be walking on the same planet, looking up at the same stars, but we are changed forever and the more we embrace this and stop fearing the chaos, the more we will learn how to wholeheartedly breathe and re-centre both ourselves and others.

It’s time to honestly declare what we truly want in our lives (not what we should or ought to want), to stop finding reasons ‘not to’, and to open up our hearts and souls towards embracing our dreams (as life is for living, not for thinking about). There is no better time than now as no one can know what lies around the next corner, so hold each moment with reverence and step through life as consciously as possible. Life may continue to trip us up at times and we may feel crushed or broken, but we are wiser now and it’s our courage and wisdom that will carry us through.

Whilst there is still a great deal of discord both around and within us, and more cracks are appearing, there is a strong sense of re-connection in the air as we each find ways to heal and tend to these with love and tenderness. Although anger and fight stir up passion, it’s important to be open to love as well, as the old adage is true that love conquers all…

I wish you a bright, happy, healthy and joyful year ahead.

With love,



Life is rarely as clear cut or as black and white as you would like it to be. There are times when things feel so out of sorts that you find yourself longing for just one little piece of clarity in order to make sense of your life and to know why things are the way they are. It’s not a lot to ask, but it somehow always seems slightly out of reach as your life twists and turns, ebbs and flows in a seemingly random and chaotic fashion. 2019 certainly seemed to be a year of rapid and almost unrelenting change as you lurched from one state of being to another, trying to find your footing but struggling to find any solid ground beneath your feet.

In many ways, you have been going through a major and life-changing period of shift, a kind of shedding of the ‘old you’, and whilst this feels intuitively right, it’s hard to have faith in the process when you have no clear sense of direction. After all, when you’re shedding but nothing new is appearing, it is only natural to start to feel slightly apprehensive at the space that’s appearing both around, and within you, as you lose that safe and familiar feeling of the stuff that’s been filling up your life for so long. However, it’s important to realise that space is a good thing; it’s not a force to fear but a force to love as space is really what you need now. So, don’t rush to fill up the space, and don’t fear facing the core of you that will rise to the surface when there are no distractions in the way. 2020 looks set to be a year for you to consciously create space in your life, to choose not to busy yourself with distractions and to find ways of breathing deeply and expanding more wholeheartedly into yourself…


There can be no denying that 2019 was a somewhat bewildering year for you as life seemed to change direction so often you frequently didn’t know if you were coming, going or lost somewhere in between. You have always been one to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into whatever comes your way in life, but this became increasingly difficult towards the latter part of 2019 as things were changing at such a fast pace, and as soon as you rolled your sleeves up, it became time to focus on something new. So, in many ways 2019 went by in the blink of an eye, yet you felt it’s presence very intensely in your heart and soul as you are simply not the same person you once were. During this somewhat tumultuous and chaotic time you’ve learned some important lessons about your strength, courage and resilience, and you’ve realised that you are ready and able to ride the waves of life with a sense of inner knowing and peace.

In short, although it’s been tiring and bewildering, you have now realised the need to let go a little and allow yourself to flow more freely with the natural ebb and flow. In many ways, 2020 looks set to be a year for letting go, for breathing deeply and for opening up to your higher consciousness to guide you. You are an intuitive and creative soul, and it’s time to let your true gifts shine brightly as you begin to shift from living the life you feel you ought to live to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. This may present challenges and hurdles, some of which will undoubtedly be harder to overcome than others but trust your intuition to guide you and believe in yourself and your gifts. You seem so ready now to find a new way to live, to breathe and to blossom…


The concept of happiness looks set to remain centre stage in your life throughout 2020 as you begin to take a closer look at the ways in which you live your life: from the choices you make to the one’s you don’t, to the actions you take to the one’s you avoid. Every aspect of your being looks set to move under the microscope as you start to unravel the bigger picture of your life. This may sound daunting, after all, it’s a huge project, however you seem more than ready now as you have been treading water for many years, waiting for the right moment to embrace your true essence. Of course, knowing exactly what your true essence is may present you with your biggest challenge as you’ve spent a great deal of your life trying to get life ‘right’ and trying to be the version of you that you felt was the most appropriate and acceptable.

As a result, the real you faded out of sight and become buried underneath layer upon layer of things to do, people to see, things to achieve and accomplishments to beat yourself up about for not achieving and a plethora of ‘if only’s’ to churn over and over in your head (you do like to give yourself a hard time!). This isn’t to say you haven’t been authentic, but there is a strong sense that you’ve worked hard to fit in and blend, rather than allow your uniqueness and vibrancy to glow and thrive. Despite holding back, you have still achieved a great deal in life, but you want more than this now, you want to feel truly alive and to give your true nature the room to wiggle, dance and flow unhindered and without restriction. You are a creative, wise and passionate soul, and it’s time now for you to unleash your full potential as you finally spread your wings and fly free…


2019 was a year to re-assess your true priorities, to contemplate what makes you happy and to let go of the many distractions and diversions that seem to fill your time. Whilst this was all definitely a work in progress, there is a sense that you’ve landed in 2020 with fairly similar goals and plans. It’s not that you didn’t explore your priorities and happiness, but life very often got in the way and you just didn’t find the time to sit down to get your head around it all. Whilst there will always be things to do, people to see, places to go and ‘to do’ lists to work through, as that’s a part of life, it seems important now for you to explore the real reasons why you couldn’t find the time to prioritise your inner review and quest for happiness. What’s held you back from acknowledging your own needs and your hearts desire? Yes, there are responsibilities that you can’t avoid, but surely this isn’t the only reason you haven’t allowed yourself the time or space to contemplate the bigger picture of your life?

There is a sense of avoidance, of a need to not look as looking will only shine a light on what you truly want, and for some reason, you feel that what you truly want just isn’t practical or feasible or possible. This is the core of what you need to explore over the months ahead as it’s time to start believing in yourself and realising that you really are worth the effort. Life can be tough and arduous at times, and you have had your fair share of challenges, but this is a golden opportunity for you to re-establish a new sense of balance and equilibrium in your life. 2020 is therefore not about finding more reasons ‘not to’, but for opening up your heart and soul towards living the life you know you were born to live…


You’ve spent quite a lot of time in your life sitting on the fence, waiting for the right moment to stride forth towards your dreams. You have held yourself back for the sake of others and you have also sacrificed many of your own needs in order to maintain the status quo. As a result, there is a part of you longing to reach towards new horizons, but you have been holding back, wondering if you will upset the apple cart. In many ways, this is most unlike you as you’re a fiery, strong, courageous lion, and a little bit of turbulence in life usually makes you thrive rather than hide, so what’s been the cause of your hesitation and trepidation? On one level, there is a sense that you have not felt free to let your true vibrancy out into the light, almost as though you couldn’t find quite the right ‘fit’ for yourself. At the same time, you have formed some rather large doubts about your capacity to thrive and flourish, as though you are not quite sure you have what it takes to succeed.

Life has thrown you it’s fair share of challenges so it’s not surprising you’ve been feeling a bit jaded and out of sorts, but it seems important that you begin to realise that many of these challenges have presented themselves simply because you’re not being true to yourself. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, but there is a need for you to explore the bigger picture of your life in 2020 as your passion and courage are rising up from deep within your soul inspiring you to believe in yourself and to reach towards your dreams. Whilst you will never stop helping others, you also need to honour your lion-like nature and have the freedom to roar, strut and shake your mane whenever you feel the urge…


As the concept of acceptance continues to take centre stage in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to think about the way in which you live your life and how this fits in with your hopes and dreams. For a long time now, you have worked hard to make peace with your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Whilst you love being unique, there is a part of you that enjoys being a part of the flock as it allows you to take a more observant perspective in life. However, being part of the flock has never really suited you as you are simply too unique, vibrant and colourful; you were born to shine! In some ways, you can find this hard to accept as opting for a quieter life is inevitably easier so you may find yourself covering up your vibrancy and colour in order to blend in, but you can sense how this energetically imprisons you as it locks away your true essence and magic.

It’s undeniably challenging for you to know how best to be you as the two sides to the penny of your life present in very different ways. However, it’s really not that complex as you have the intuitive prowess and creative spark to combine the different facets of your nature into one, more coherent and beautiful whole. The key to doing this comes through acceptance as you need to accept and learn to love not only your quirks, but also your magic, talent and sparkle. It’s time to stop hiding and to instead start honouring yourself far more. This is your life and you have so much to see, do and achieve, but you also have so much to be as well. In many ways, being is the most important here, as your state of being flows into every aspect of your life. So, in short, 2020 is your year to be yourself and to love yourself wholeheartedly for it…


Librans are often mocked for being indecisive, but this oversimplified perspective is far from the truth as you have the capacity to see every single possible outcome of a situation in the blink of an eye. You see so much, it takes time to process the wealth of information flowing through your consciousness. If your awareness was compared to a super-computer, you would outsmart, outwit and out-think most artificial forms of intelligence. Your challenge comes from a high level of self-doubt and self-questioning that often sees you doubting your instinct and questioning your intuition. It’s as though you don’t quite believe how intuitive you are and defer to others for feedback. As a result, instead of acting as quickly as you think, there is a delay, and this is where the perspective of being indecisive arises. It’s time for you to explore the reasons why you doubt and question yourself so much as it’s holding you back from living the life you were born to live. At the same time, it leaves you out of balance as you’re not allowing your true essence to flow freely and unhindered. Why do you doubt yourself? Why do you feel others know best? Do you fear your wisdom and strength?

Your challenge for 2020 is to push your boundaries and to step beyond your stereotype and into your true, life-affirming nature. For a long time now you have denied and doubted your essence and built brick walls around your dreams as you have felt them to be unattainable and out of reach. However, they are only out of reach as you’ve made them that way. For someone who strives for balance in all areas of life, there is something strangely reassuring about 2020 as even the shape of the digits balance so well, so feel the power of this and start believing in yourself as this is the moment when the magic truly begins…


As you continue to break through the many layers of inertia that have crept into your life over recent years, there is a sense that you made some important breakthroughs in 2019; a challenging and fast paced year, but there is also a sense of achievement and awakening at the same time. At the moment, it may be hard to grab hold of either the achievement or awakening in terms of giving them shape or form as both feel slightly nebulous and out of reach, but you can feel an awareness growing and forming within the depths of your consciousness and you are too wise to ignore it. Yes, there have been frustrations and hiccups, and yes, there have been challenges and obstacles, but your resolve seems to be growing and building momentum as you sense you are now on a mission towards living your life free from the inertia, indecision and obstacles that have shaped your world for so long.

At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge the reasons why the inertia formed in the first place as it’s not just your willingness to let others lead the way, it’s also a tendency of yours to get lost in the moment and become distracted by the seemingly more pedestrian aspects of daily life. This is understandable, but it would be wise to understand why you have become so bogged down and unable to wield your usual effervescent energy to transport yourself from here to where you intuitively know you need to be. The fizz fizzled out, but it’s time to get it back as 2020 looks set to be a year of opportunity and continued self-awakening with a strong focus on honouring yourself more, stepping away from the inessential and allowing nourishing space to form in your life for you to contemplate, re-centre and stay fully in-tune with your true nature…


Well, a powerful focus in 2019 was on declaring what you truly want in life and what makes your heart sing. Whilst you have made great progress on both of these, there is a sense that, if asked, you may still not be able to offer answers with any great clarity. So, it may not come as a surprise that 2020 is asking you to declare what you truly want in life as you haven’t, as yet, settled on anything in particular. You have always been a possibilities kind of person, and you love keeping options open as you need to be spontaneous and able to oscillate with the wind as you are a free spirit at heart. Whilst this has enabled you to explore a great deal in life, there is a sense that unless you focus and zero in on what you truly want, then it may be hard for you to stride towards your dreams as you don’t really know where you’re striding to. This may sound obvious, but sometimes a gentle nudge is needed to snap your focus back into the moment!

You are a dreamer and this passion and creativity brings you the capacity for so much joy, happiness and achievement in life. You are talented and gifted, and whilst you sense this, it can be hard at times for you to ‘own it’ as you are often so distracted by the swirling mass of things going on in your life. Sometimes less is more and this needs to be your motto in 2020 as you begin to make a commitment to living your life with more clarity, less clutter and a destination in mind. Of course, things happen and there are no certainties in life, but until you know what you truly want how can you at least try to go and get it? It’s time for you to shift your focus and to grab life with both hands…


Seeking out a deeper sense of fulfilment and a stronger sense of purpose both took centre stage in 2019 as you peeled back the layers to your soul and started to prioritise your real goals and aims. As a result, you cut away a lot of clutter and distraction, leaving you feeling lighter and freer to pursue your dreams. These themes look set to continue into 2020 with a slight shift as you have reached a stage of decluttering your life that has left you free to take a big, deep breath as you turn towards a new chapter of evolution. You’ve had your fair share of challenges over the years and each one has taught you some invaluable lessons about yourself, others and what’s truly important. Dead-ends and roadblocks can be frustrating but knowing where not to go and what you don’t want can be just as important as knowing what you do want.

There have been times when these challenges have felt almost relentless as they’ve come into your life one after the other after the other, sometimes with a force so strong it’s taken your breath away. Yet, without these challenges, you would still be searching for your inner strength, your courage and your sense of self, so whilst arduous at times, they have also brought you some great rewards. This isn’t to say that challenge is the only way to grow and thrive in life, but you have learnt the potential to find wisdom from just about everything life throws in your direction; the good with the not so good.  2020 looks set to be a year for you to reach a new pinnacle of self-awareness as you continue to streamline and simplify all areas of your life in order to focus on your true priorities and re-shape your life from the inside, out. Feel the anticipation and excitement rising up as you stride forth with confidence, passion and self-belief…


In many ways, 2019 was a year of contrast for you, comprising some great highs with some fairly major lows, particularly on an energetic and spiritual level. It could be said that most years are a mixture of the two as this is a part of life, but there is a sense that 2019 was a year of difference and distinction as the oscillation was quite stark at times and it felt as though you were always living in extremes as the regular, pedestrian, run of the mill times were few and far between. As a result, there is a part of you longing for ‘ordinary’ as the seemingly rapid shift between ‘high’ and ‘low’ has been tiring and bewildering at times. Of course, with you, ‘ordinary’ isn’t boring, nor is it run of the mill, ordinary is your usual blend of the extraordinary with a good sprinkling of your magical effervescence thrown into the mix. The difference with the last year was the absence of an opportunity to take some big deep breaths to make sense of the journey you’ve undertaken.

There looks set to be a strong and profound strength to your energy in 2020 as you allow your true essence to flow more freely into all aspects of your life. As this shift feels predominantly energetic, you may assume that this will be mainly witnessed on an inner level, but it seems you are in the process of externalising your inner world and bringing your consciousness to life, so you’ll likely see the stirrings of transformation rising up from your heart and soul, and into your hopes, dreams and aspirations. You are a passionate being, as well as a natural born philosopher, and it’s time to blend these gifts together now as you find a deeper sense of inner balance as you learn how to flourish and thrive whatever comes your way. The oscillations may continue, but you’re ready to step into a brand-new dawn…


As you continue to find ways to step beyond the humdrum and routine of your everyday life, there is a sense that you underwent a powerful transformation in 2019 as you now seem altered and no longer see the same person looking back at you in the mirror. You stepped into 2019 into a haze of self-reflection and creative thought, and you’re stepping into 2020 with more passion, compassion and beauty than ever before. Yet, there is a sense that despite this amazing shift, there are still many layers of self-doubt and self-recrimination within you as you feel as though you are unable to wholeheartedly embrace your passion and compassion as your life is simply too full of things to do, people to see, places to go and ought’s to complete. In many ways, it’s actually the latter – the ought’s – that have taken a central role in your life as you seem almost weighed down with responsibility and duty towards those around you.

You have always been a giving and selfless person, often self-sacrificing your own needs for the sake of others, and whilst this is admirable, there is a sense that the cost of this has been a slow fading of the light of your soul as you have had to give up on dreams and hopes along the way. It seems important to acknowledge that, for the most part, your decision to self-sacrifice has been of your own making as you seem to prefer to give to others than yourself and it’s time now for you to finally acknowledge this and to begin re-shaping your life from the inside, out. It’s also time for you to accept your own self-worth and inner beauty are both precious gifts, for despite the challenges, your light hasn’t faded completely out of sight; it’s still shining and 2020 looks set to be your year to build on that inner twinkle in order to transform and re-define your life completely…