2023 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2023

When we celebrate the journey from one year to the next, there is always a palpable aura of pause and reflection as we catch our breaths from the ups and downs of the year we have experienced whilst contemplating the year ahead of us. The turning of the wheel of the year is a bit like the brief flicker of a moment between the in-breath and the out-breath, that point where we are doing neither one nor the other. Although brief, it’s an opportunity to take stock and re-centre. It’s human nature to reflect as we each try to make sense of our experiences on a personal level, often wishing we had made different choices or spoken our truth. When we step back from our own personal review to look at the global stage, the chaos is even more palpable as 2022 was a year of bewilderment in so many ways.

Yet, when we consciously choose to take note of that brief pause between years, we can begin to see the knowledge and wisdom we have gained, as well as how we have evolved, both personally and collectively. Of course, many of the shifts we have experienced, although tangible and real, are also hard to substantiate as they occur deep within our hearts and souls. We may not feel that we have changed as life may be ticking along in the same old ways, but the way in which we look at life has shifted as nothing is the same as it was yesterday.

I have written before about an experience where I sat looking out of the window watching the rain gently falling through the sunlight. When I turned to look out of the other window, there was no rain. It was a surreal moment that has stayed with me as I felt I was in-between worlds; neither here nor there. In many ways, it feels as though we have all spent almost the whole of 2022 in this space, spiralling between worlds, trying to find some solid ground to bring context and perspective. Intuitively we may sense that this is simply a part of the process of awakening, yet viscerally and intellectually, it’s much harder to come to terms with as we have stepped through a new threshold of awareness, and the words to describe this have yet to be articulated or found.

Whilst we all have moments where we feel alone and isolated in a world when others so frequently seem distracted and unaware, there is a sense of connection to a new dawn rising where the light brings us connection and integration. The process of awakening is a journey, and it’s a journey that few seem open to as many continue to sleepwalk their way through life keeping on keeping on; they are simply too distracted with the everyday. Such a path is understandable, after all, the journey to awakening is one full of challenges, it’s a journey that takes courage, strength, and self-belief. With so many focused on getting through each day, the journey to Self and to awakening can almost feel like an indulgence, and yet, for those of us on such a path, it feels like an inevitable, and necessary, process; a journey we can’t turn our backs on as it calls us incessantly, pulling us towards the new dawn.

Of course, whatever spiritual journey we might be walking, we all still have our lives to live and many responsibilities to bear. With every step forward, layer upon layer melts away, de-cluttering our souls, shining a light on conscious living, inspiring us to live simply, and with love. Yet, with the currents of everyday life ebbing and flowing, we can feel as though we are a piece of driftwood being carried with these currents, slowly realising that many around us are walking different paths. It’s easy to feel alone, but it’s important to remember that there are others walking at our sides, even when we cannot see them, we can sense their presence. It takes great courage, but there’s a need to become One with the currents and these in-between moments, in order to connect more consciously to the strength of the light within our hearts and souls. The pendulum of life will continue to swing, but when we walk more consciously, we feel less like driftwood and more in-tune with the world. Even when we do experience moments of ‘drift’, we can learn to become one with them in order to go deeper within and stop fighting or resisting the inevitability of change.

2023 looks set to be a year of continued awakening, a year for living simply, living joyfully, living spiritually, and living consciously. The more we focus on finding unity with our inner light, the more we find truth and wisdom, and the more we connect to others walking the path. In many ways, the spiritual path is a lonely one, yet it’s also enriching as it encourages us all to look beyond the four walls of our everyday lives and towards a universal sense of collectiveness and unity.

Inevitably, the world around us continues to shift and change, and the chaos seems unending, but when we live spiritually, we let go of the buzz of chaos and instead allow stillness to lead the way. Stillness is inner knowing, and it’s a place within for being, it’s not a place for doing or seeking, and it’s certainly not a place for feeling ‘less than’ because we haven’t achieved ‘perfection’ or realised certain goals. Stillness is inner peace, it’s not chasing rainbows, but it’s becoming them. We are not finite beings, and the more we realise the infinity within, the more we grow a deeper and richer sense of connection to life. In short, we realise our divinity and our majesty. Neither are about ego, they are simply a confirmation that we are at one with ourselves, our lives, each other, our paths, and the world.

Looking back, the beliefs, conditioning and storylines that have shaped each and every one of us continue to weave their way into the nooks and crannies of life. Over the year ahead, there is a need to stay centred in order to re-shape and re-define these stories, moving away from trying to fix ourselves or feeling ‘less than’ because we’re not living the life we thought we would live, and instead focus on living a life of creativity, spirituality and new beginnings. 2023 looks set to be a year of reckoning when we consciously choose to walk a different path. It’s time to stop focusing so hard on the need to become whole or complete, realising that we are already both. Life doesn’t have to be about seeking completion, it’s about living in love and acceptance.

Acceptance isn’t about letting go of dreams, it’s about no longer feeling broken, incomplete, or disconnected. It’s time to realise that the crosses we each bear are the source of our strength and courage as they make us strong, wise, and beautiful. Life shouldn’t be about waiting until we feel ‘whole’ or ‘fixed’ before we choose to live wholeheartedly, it should be about embracing life, celebrating our ‘flaws’ and realising that they are the true sources of light within. Life isn’t about living in fear, it’s about living in love. We each have the power within us to embrace our gifts and to live life with all of our nature, not just a part of it.

It’s time to stop being at odds with our uniqueness and to celebrate our gifts. The power is within each and every one of us to live our best lives, to stand in love and to feel centred and re-aligned. Yes, there is still chaos both around us, and within us, but everything looks different now as we each lift up our heads to life. It’s as though we are all somehow more aware of the sound of the universe: that quiet and beautiful orchestra that always plays, but so often get drowned out by the busy-ness of life. Our awakening has opened us up to a new level of awareness where we feel, and sense, everything more acutely; from the planets slowly dancing around the sun, to the drift of the continents and the journey of life itself. Everything feels different. Clarity is emerging through the mists of time, bringing each of us an opportunity to feel more alive. As a result, we can see more, hear more and sense more as everything seems more alive and more itself than ever before. The palette of colours all around us is more vibrant, and we can sense more simply because we choose to. None of this is complicated, it’s about breathing deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into us.

I wish you a bright, joy-filled, and incredible year ahead. For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Your life has shifted a great deal over the past twelve months, you have been on something of a rollercoaster, exploring new levels of your consciousness, re-connecting to your inner strength and vision, and opening up your heart and soul towards living the best life possible. You would be forgiven for feeling a little dizzy from the whirlwind of change you’ve experienced, but when you go deeper within, there is a distinct aura of calm as you seem more centred and self-aware than ever before. After many years of being carried along by the tides of life, most often the wants, whims and wishes of those around you, you have finally discovered the importance of honouring your own needs more, standing firm and embracing self-empowerment. This takes faith and belief, and whilst you often doubt yourself, you have both in abundance; you have stopped searching for external fixes and instead opened up to your own strength and power.

As a result, life feels clearer and calmer, and although there are aspects of your life that still seem out of focus, you are more at peace with this now, knowing that clarity will come when you need it. Instead of constantly trying to make sense of your life and path, you now seem more focused on making the most of where you are now and whilst such a shift may not seem significant, it has sent ripples of change throughout every level of your being as your awareness has shifted beyond linear time and towards the infinity of your existence. The fires within your heart and soul look set to burn brightly throughout 2023 as they inspire your creativity, spirituality, and sense of self. Just remember that it’s often the moments of quiet and stillness that bring you true inspiration, so take some time out for yourself and let go of the need to try to be everything to everyone. 2023 is the year to be everything to yourself…


2023 looks set to be a year a personal evolution and breakthrough for you as the dreams and goals that have lain silent and unspoken, tucked away in the corner of your being, start to rise up towards the surface seeking out new avenues of expression. Like tiny shoots bursting through the soul into the light in the first days of spring, there is a sense of a new cycle beginning as you look beyond the four walls of your everyday life and contemplate the bigger picture. What once seemed impossible now seems possible as you re-write the rule book and prioritise your true needs. Just remember not to push your boundaries too far and be sure to listen to your inner voice to guide you. It can be hard not to press hard on the accelerator when life feels so abundant with possibility, but if you let your mind, body, and soul guide you, balance becomes the focus, and you start to feel more centred and confident, as a result.

As the winds of change continue to gather momentum throughout the year, this feels both inspirational and positive rather than dark or foreboding. Change can be frustrating at times as it brings uncertainty, but the more you let your intuition guide you, the more you will find peace with the shifting sands. Of course, there is nothing wrong spending time contemplating your life, but it can be hard when you scatter your energy and focus throughout time and space, trying to keep a constant eye on both the finer details and the bigger picture. Sometimes you need to let go and allow your creative energy to flow freely bringing you wisdom, guidance, and focus. At the core of your being resides the silent majesty of a beautiful mountain that stands strong and resolute, it’s time to tap into the power within you now as you open up to pastures new…


Self-belief and self-compassion both look set to take centre stage throughout the year ahead as you begin to acknowledge your gifts and finally allow the spark of light within you to flourish and thrive. The light within you burns brightly and it needs the room to expand and grow over the weeks and months ahead. For a long time now, you have hovered on the periphery of life, not quite sure if you are ‘ready’ to live your best life, feeling unsure if you have ‘what it takes’ to succeed. Yet, intuitively you also know that life isn’t about success, it’s about living well and living with joy, and although your mind resists this, your heart and soul are longing to let go of the conditions you place upon yourself to do more, be more, see more and achieve more, to instead be yourself and to know that being you is not only enough, it’s wonderful and life affirming at the same time. Believing in yourself is a significant step on your journey ahead as you begin the process of bringing together everything you’ve been and done into a more cohesive and unified whole. It’s time to stop looking back onto what wasn’t and to start living your life more consciously in each and every moment.

It seems important to make a conscious choice as to how you want to walk ahead now as you have an opportunity to walk forwards with self-knowing and self-belief, feeling brighter and wiser than ever before. It’s easy to get caught up in the storms of everyday life, carrying the burden of ought’s, must’s and should’s, but when you pause and take a breath, you let go of the swirling energy and find calmness at your core. As your journey of awakening continues, tap into this inner calm as it’s the source of your strength, self-belief, and self-compassion…


Your year ahead looks set to be a year of seeking out meaning, purpose, and joy in all areas of your life as you focus on the need to prioritise the things you truly hold dear. It’s time to de-clutter and let go of complexity as you seek out ways to live more simply and without feeling the pressure of trying to be the person you feel you need to be. As straightforward as this may sound, in order to stop being the person you feel you need to be, you need to have a good idea as to the person you truly are and this takes courage as it means acknowledging just how much you have bent yourself out of shape over the years as you have tried so hard to accommodate others. Yet, 2023 is not a year for looking back or seeking recriminations, it’s a year for bringing your truth to the surface in order for you to live your life with more clarity and vision than ever before.

Of course, at the back of your mind is your little voice of doubt, the one that constantly questions your choices, thoughts, and actions. Although this little voice is a part of you, it sows the seeds of uncertainty as the more power you give it, the more you undermine your self-belief. Now this isn’t to say that you should ignore your inner voice, but doubt is just the voice that shouts the loudest as it can help keep your feet on the ground, allowing you to survive and keep on keeping on. Yet doubt also stops you from embracing your true essence and seeking out new terrain as it holds you back and stops you from acknowledging your gifts and dreams. The more you focus on living simply, the more you realise the need to live your best life as you are a vibrant, creative, and amazing soul; you just need to believe this now…


Over the last few months, there is a sense that you have opened up more wholeheartedly to your creativity, passion, and energy. The exact trigger for this is not clear as there seems to be a series of small triggers that have created the ripples of change, but your willingness to dive deeply within has re-ignited the fires of your soul and this inner light has illuminated the bigger picture of your life, inspiring and motivating you to contemplate your true priorities on your path ahead. As a result, every aspect of your life is starting to shift as you break free from the patterns that have shaped you for years; old beliefs start to fall away, and doubts fade as a new level of awareness starts to emerge. This will inevitably create some unrest for both yourself, and those around you, but there is an overwhelming sense of excitement as the path before you expands, and new possibilities appear.

Although there is a strong sense of forward movement, the future may still be unclear as you are still in the process of discovering what you truly want. Yet, instead of creating doubt, this unknowable essence is setting you free to embrace a brand-new way of living and being. You are a fluid soul, and you need the space and freedom to ebb and flow with the currents of life in order to feel fully awake and alive; it’s living on the edge of what you know, expanding your boundaries and seeking out new terrain that ultimately keeps you motivated and engaged. The path towards awakening has been an intriguing one for you as you have discovered aspects of your nature that have surprised you as you have re-discovered your strength, courage, and vibrancy. So, as you continue to navigate the currents of life, your energy looks set to radiate brightly as you let go of doubt and resistance, and instead embrace the joy of living your best life…


Deep within the core of your being, your earthy energies work quietly and powerfully undergoing the ongoing process of metamorphosis. This occurs on every level of your being, and like the earth transforming rock into diamonds and rare gems, your soul has the power to illuminate your strength, innovation, and creativity. Whilst it’s easy to spend time seeking out the answers to many of life’s unanswered questions, it’s now time to embrace moments that inspire and empower you, and to seek out moments that take your breath away as you immerse yourself in the infinite possibility of potential. 2023 looks set to be a year of empowerment as you begin the process of re-shaping and re-defining your life from the inside, out. As a result, you are looking beyond the ‘every day’ and towards the next dimension in life as you yearn for a simpler, but more enriching way of living and being.

For many years now your thinking has not only been outside of the box, but you have sent the box off for recycling in order to find a new level of freedom within your heart and soul. Letting go of more traditional ways of thinking has been liberating, but it has also left you doubting yourself at times as your old reference point (the box!) is no more. Of course, it’s understandable to feel a bit discombobulated as you have changed the whole landscape of your life, but take your time and know that there’s no rush to find a new way to be you as it’s more important for you to find your centre once again. This will undoubtedly feel a bit strange as you are so used to going with the flow, but this is your time now to feel (and be) whole and complete on every level of your being. It’s time to consolidate your gifts and to let your inner beauty shine brightly as you wholeheartedly embrace your true essence…


Your life has always been something of a kaleidoscope of different threads weaving and dancing their way through your consciousness. Your awareness is vast and far-reaching, and your comprehension reaches far and beyond what those around you could even begin to understand. Yet, this isn’t something you often (if ever) see as a gift, you tend to feel it’s a burden and a pressure, making your life complex and beyond your understanding. You feel frustrated that you can’t make sense as to why things are the way they are, and you can feel ‘less than’ as a result. Of course, intuitively you know your awareness is far from a burden, as it’s your source of creativity and wisdom, but the super-spin of your consciousness can be hard to live with at times as it sucks you up and leaves you feeling up in the air and without foundation. It’s time to realise that you are one of life’s weavers and, like an orchestra, you have the gift of a conductor creating a beautiful dance as the energies weave together forming new tapestries.

Although you are a perfectionist at heart, you are beginning to realise that the odd dropped stitch and missed note doesn’t have to be a source of irritation, it can be a source of inspiration as well. Sometimes, true wisdom comes from accepting the beauty of imperfection and the majesty of letting go. It’s time for you to lose yourself in the music of the universal orchestra and to let your gifts flow freely as you dance without the usual pressures and conditions you place upon yourself. Sometimes true strength comes from knowing when to step back and sometimes true wisdom comes from knowing that you are already enough. In essence it’s time to focus on where you are now as you let go of self-doubt and start feeling gratitude for your gifts, your resilience, and your strength…


You have been on quite a journey recently as you’ve faced some long dark nights of the soul as things you hold dear have been placed under the spotlight and you have turned to face the mirror of your soul with honesty and truth. It can be hard to look so intensely within as it inevitably means facing those aspects of yourself that you prefer to ignore or deny, yet you have realised their importance in the bigger picture of your life and this awareness has enabled you to see exactly how the many different pieces of you come together to form the whole. This is a journey that has taken courage and strength, and whilst you have both by the bucket load, you have also had periods of intense doubt that you ‘have what it takes’ to find your way ahead. As a result, there have been times when you’ve struggled to find the strength to keep on and there have also been times when you’ve doubted your gifts. Yet, deep within the core of your being you have carried a chink of light, a sense of knowing that you are exactly where you need to be.

So, although there have been challenges, there have also been inspirational moments as well, and these have helped illuminate your inner world and given you the courage to continue on your journey within. Your strength radiates brightly now, and this will be the source of your motivation over the year ahead to encourage you to follow your dreams and to set yourself free from some of the knots and tangles you’ve been stuck in for quite some time. It’s time to have the courage of your convictions and to trust your intuition to lead the way, letting go of doubt along the way. Focus on the simplicity, the grace, and on your incredible creativity to show you the way forward now. Believe in yourself and you will be set free…


Throughout 2022 there was a strong feeling of energetic contraction as you closed the door on some ideas and possibilities. Some of these doors have shut because you’ve closed them, but others have simply ebbed out of view. It seems you became lost in the mechanics and the details of life, and this caused the bigger picture to fade away. It seems somewhat out of character for you as you love to explore, discover, and connect, but the glass of your life has just felt a bit empty, and you’ve lost your usual sense of purpose as a result. Yet, you’ve never really considered yourself to be a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ kind of person; you see the glass as both half full and half empty at the same time. This is a reflection of your creative vision as you see possibility where others see brick walls. However, your usual energy and effervescence has dribbled away from you recently as life has felt ‘heavier’ due to life events and this has made it so hard for you to connect to your intuition and creativity to guide you.

It’s time to look beyond the glass being half full or half empty, and to look towards the recycling potential of the glass, as well as knowing that despite the glass only being half full/empty, you have had the pleasure of already enjoying the other fifty percent of the contents. In other words, there is much to be grateful for and it seems important to acknowledge this now in order to regain some perspective as your year ahead looks set to be expansive on many different levels of your life. It’s hard to find the words to describe this shift but it’s a bit like taking the glass analogy one step further and learning how to blow glass. In other words, this is a time for you to become the master of your own destiny…


The winds of change have been gathering momentum in your life for quite some time now, and although you have tried to keep on keeping on despite this, it’s got to the point when it’s too hard to ignore. It’s not that you are being belligerent, but change is often inconvenient as it disrupts the flow of your life. Of course, this is the point, but you have just been too busy to deal with change as you’ve had so many other things to juggle in life. However, 2023 looks set to be a year of awakening for you as you choose to turn and face the T-junction you have reached in your life. T-junction might not have the same impact as reaching a crossroads, but you seem quite determined not to explore the, as yet, unchartered terrain on the path ahead. There are many reasons for this and whilst you have to follow your own intuition, it seems a shame that you are cutting off a potential journey because it’s unknowable because, at the end of the day, every journey is unknowable.

Yet, you have been standing at this T-junction for quite some time, unable to turn left or right as you are simply too drawn to move forwards. Your logical side is resisting, but intuitively you sense a need to go off road and into pastures new. It therefore seems important to ask yourself why you are resisting. Why does left or right feel like a deviation from your ‘true path’ if going ahead seems too challenging? It’s time to stop doubting yourself and to stop over-questioning yourself quite so much. Let your intuition be heard and let it lead the way as it’s a phenomenal force and you seem ready to embark on a new chapter of your life. It’s time to dip your toes into the water of the unknown in order to remind yourself of the thrill of unchartered terrain…


You have been on quite a journey over recent years: a lot of intensity with a scattering of lightness and joy. You have faced some long dark nights of the soul and walked through the thick fog of uncertainty as you have found the joy on some beautiful snow-capped peaks as well as basked in the sunlight of many new dawns. In many ways this is the story of your life, and it’s the story of every life, but this journey feels more intense and more spiritual than you’ve ever experienced before as you have leaned into the discomfort and discovered the wisdom and strength that resides within your heart and soul. This has taken courage and belief, and there have been times when you couldn’t see a way ahead. Yet, during these times you drew closer to yourself and turned towards the fear in order to touch your soul and find your true essence.

Your journey has re-shaped and re-defined your perspective on life and it has helped you to focus on your true priorities as the beauty of your journey has illuminated truth on all levels of your being. It’s hard to find the words to describe this process as it goes beyond words and beyond comprehension, but your energy has shifted, and you have a new motivation for life as you seem more alive and more connected than ever before. This is both magical and incredible as it’s a sign of your willingness to live your life wholeheartedly and consciously in each and every moment. 2023 looks set to be a year of unity for you as you re-discover the many different facets of your being and bring them back together into a cohesive whole. It’s a time to celebrate your uniqueness and to stop over-thinking and over-analysing your choices, gifts, and experiences. In short, it’s time to thrive and flourish as you open up your heart and soul towards living the best life possible…


You have been on quite a journey over the last twelve months. Well, journey makes it sound gentle and sedate, and there have been times when you haven’t been able to work out if you were coming, going, or lost somewhere in between. Yet, despite the uncertainty, you have found a way through the chaos to a space of stillness deep within. So, even with the twists and turns, you have managed to stay upright, afloat, and focused on your path ahead. Yet, being focused on the path ahead suggests you have a strong sense of direction and an inner knowing that you are on the right path, yet there still seems to be a level of discombobulation on your part as to where you’re going and why. Even though you’re putting one foot in front of the other, walking the path you’re on, you’re not sure if this path is the ‘right’ one. Maybe there is no such thing as the ‘right’ path? Maybe you would have doubt whatever path you’re on because you always question your choices and decisions?

However, despite the questioning, you are still putting one foot in front of the other and this takes strength and courage, so it seems important for you to acknowledge your determination and to know that you are where you are for a reason. In other words, shift your focus towards where you are now rather than pondering alternatives and doubting your intuition to lead the way. 2023 looks set to be a year for you to start believing in yourself more as you embark on a brand-new chapter in your life, this is your time to let go of doubt and to know that whatever path you walk, there is opportunity to flourish and thrive. It’s time to expand your consciousness, to be one with the currents and to explore new shores on every level of your soul…