And The Touch Paper is Lit

Uranus enters Aries today, the 12th March. Uranus is the freedom seeker, the rebel, the free thinker and the revolutionary. Aries is the pioneer, fiery and courageous. There is a strong sense that our creative fires within will be stoked up considerably as we each begin to transform our lives, inside and out. Uranus will remain in Aries until 2018 and over this time, these forces combined look set to bring about great change on both a personal and a global scale.

Uranus, the freedom fighter, the truth seeker and the individual residing in fiery, creative, courageous Aries; this is quite an explosive mix! Yet the trails of gunpowder were set a long time ago, and these two cosmic forces are simply the match and the strike paper coming together to ignite energy and passion into situations that have become stagnant or lifeless.

A theme of revolution starts to surface, this revolution starts within, as each of us begin to realise that we can affect positive change, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others as well.

Each of us looks set to challenge conventional thinking and to find ways of expressing our own uniqueness and true identities. Many around the world cannot do this through fear of persecution etc, but those who can make that choice to break free from convention, will in time, create a wave of new thought that will spread to all. We can expect to see more of the unrest as already seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya as people stand up for their rights to free expression. As a rebel and non-conformist Uranus is egged on by tempestuous Aries to speak out and to react against oppression or aggression. Of course, Aries is a hot head and so may create tension and aggression as well, so this powder keg is a fragile balance to delicately handle and only to burst open when all other options have been explored…

Fire analogies aside, it seems clear that Uranus in Aries is about rolling up our sleeves and bursting through the overgrown and weed ridden doorway into pastures rich, bountiful and new. Of course, the grass may always look greener on the other side, but this does always turn out to be the case. However, it is the act of doing that is important here, if we sit and do nothing, then we can never truly grow or learn, but if we take a chance and stand up for our Truth, we find a voice for our souls and honour ourselves. Even if that act of doing leads to a ‘dead end’ or to another challenge, it is part of the learning curve of life that gives us more passion, determination, inspiration and motivation to battle on.

We are entering a challenging era; there seems little doubt about that. But deep within, we have been aware of the stirrings of change for a great deal of time now. This inner change in fact seems far more important that the outer changes for it is from within that we can re-shape our lives, our beliefs, our paths and our dreams. We are the masters of our own destiny, and we can create the change we want to be in the world.

Through the stillness we have been courting recently, the threads of real relevance in our lives are becoming more obvious. It is these threads that we need to focus on now in order to weave ourselves a most wonderful, beautiful and joyful tapestry. It is time to take control, to love ourselves, to love our gifts and to be proud of who we are. It is also time to stop faffing about in indecision and to start living. Each of us now has the chance to step onto the crest of a huge wave about to pass by our doors, and this wave will carry us up to a whole new way of being (if we allow it). It is time to leave the shards of the past behind, to embrace the present and to welcome a bright new future…