Another Year Ends…

Although that of course depends on your beliefs, as for some the year ends at All Hallows eve, for others the Winter Solstice and of course there are those who celebrate the Lunar New Year – the Chinese New Year, the Korean New year, the Cambodian New year…

But millions of people acknowledge that today – the 31st December – is the end of the year, so I will work with that collective conscience today.

We end the year with a Full Moon in Cancer at 19.13 GMT . There will be a partial lunar eclipse then as well (hard to see, but visible from Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia). This is the second Full Moon in December, so it is a Blue Moon and far more intense and potent that usual.

Take some time tonight to reflect on the progress you have made in your life in 2009, and then think about the year ahead, your goals and dreams, and then declare your intent. See it happening, believe it and let go of doubt.

This Cancerian water Moon will illuminate all those things we hold dear in our lives, and will help us to reflect on what is truly important for each of us.

This Blue Moon will help us to finally let go of fear and to embrace hope as we move into the New Year.

Before I finish, I want to say a huge thank you for your support over the last year, it means a great deal to me.

I hope that each of you have a bright, blessed and joyful 2010.