April 2018 Forecast

Message for April 2018

What constitutes a fulfilling life? Is it a desire to live blissfully? It is the quest for perfection? Does fulfilment come from eradicating the ‘bad stuff’? Does it come from opening up to the good? What brings out your happy? Many of us have a goal to be fulfilled, some amongst us may already feel they’ve achieved this, but there are many more still looking and searching.

When we think about our ‘perfect’ life it’s easy to think about all of the things we still want to achieve and discover, and to focus on joining together all of the bits of good. Yet, a perfect life cannot be a life entirely free of struggle as that’s a part of being alive. So, maybe our quest for fulfilment needs to come through an acceptance that life isn’t entirely free of struggle, but, at the same time, realising we are strong enough to deal with this and still engage in the business of being alive. It’s understandable to want to avoid the challenges, but this doesn’t stop them from appearing so maybe a better strategy is to realise that fulfilment isn’t about perfection, it’s about opening up our hearts and souls towards living the best lives we can live.

There are often reasons ‘not to’ in life as we wait for the perfect moment before we follow our dreams. We may feel we need to wait until we have got the right job, lost weight, met the right person etc. etc. Yet, once we (hopefully) achieve this, we usually find another reason ‘not to’ and this is often a sign that our hearts aren’t fully engaged with our hopes and dreams. When our focus is on getting life right, we can lose sight of living life in the here and now as the horizon holds our focus. It therefore seems important to realise the gift of the present moment and also to be mindful that we never truly know what’s around the next corner in life so putting things off for a better time may mean we lose touch with them completely.

Of course, this isn’t to say that we should throw caution to the wind and abandon our common sense, but there is a need for us to start thinking about what fulfilment really means to us. We then need to go further than this to ask ourselves what makes us fulfilled and what gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling within our hearts and souls?

Many people spend a great deal of their lives trying to ‘fix’ their imperfections and trying to eradicate pain or unhappiness but forget that happiness isn’t a default setting that appears as a result of achieving this. True fulfilment comes from opening up to being happy despite the pain, acknowledging its role in life and allowing ‘imperfections’ to start being beautiful in their own right and stop being obstacles. Sometimes life is about re-connecting what has been disconnected and realising just how perfectly imperfect we really are. Fulfilment isn’t something to go and get, it’s a state of being…

With love,



As you stand poised and ready, in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading, there is a sense of heightened anticipation rising up from deep within your heart and soul. You have, for a long time now, been focused on exploring new horizons in your life as you have intuitively sensed a growing restlessness to allow more of your true essence the space and freedom to flow unhindered and untethered. You have always been a creative and visionary soul, but you have spent so much of your life trying to be everything to everyone else and, as a result, you have lost sight of this more passionate and wild side of your nature. It’s not been eradicated, just mislaid and buried underneath layers of things to do, people to see and places to go. The anticipation and excitement rising up within you is palpable as you can almost taste and touch this new horizon, and whilst you may not have a clear vision of what lies ahead, you feel optimistic and hopeful that you are finally creating more room in your life to breathe freely.

Of course, with so much focus on where you’re heading, it’s important not to forget to be fully aware of where you are now. The present moment often gets overlooked as it’s so easy to live with one foot in the past and the other in the future as this is usually what brings context, shape, definition and meaning to your life; it’s the present moment that can set you free from what’s behind you and what may, or may not, be in your future. It’s hard to find balance as the excitement of new horizons is very real but try not to get lost in this without breathing into the present moment as this will keep you grounded and more able to soar to new heights…


April looks set to be a month of continued magic and sparkle as you find new ways to navigate through the pedestrian, mundane aspects of your everyday life. Over the last few months things have felt immeasurably heavy and burdensome as you have spread your resources thinly trying to keep the wheels on the big bus of your life turning effortlessly. You work so hard to ensure the needs, wishes and whims of others are met, but you can feel invisible at times which can leave you feeling taken for granted. Yet, this is so unlike you as your natural energy is usually much more robust than this, so it seems important to contemplate why you have found yourself in such a situation? Do you give so much of yourself because you feel you should or does it make you feel better about yourself?

Of course, being there for others is what you do as you are a naturally giving, generous and loving soul, but when it comes at a cost of depleting yourself then you need to explore what’s shifted out of kilter. There is always room for this giving side of your nature, but you need to ensure you don’t forget yourself in the process. April looks set to be a month for you to start to address this imbalance as it’s time for you to find new ways to tap into this magical and sparkly energy (just close your eyes, take a deep breath and you will feel it in your heart and soul) in order to find a new way of living and being. At the same time, maybe it’s time to step back a little from doing so much for others as this will see them grow and allow you to replenish your reserves in order to find new ways to let the magic flow in your life…


Living in the moment is a concept you have long held dear as you intuitively know how important it is to live your life consciously: awake and aware in the here and now. Of course, knowing this and embracing it wholeheartedly are not quite the same thing as you can often find your awareness drifting backwards and forwards in time as you try to make sense of why things are the way they are. You are a thinker and have a strong need to rationalise and find answers to the many questions you have in life, even those questions that don’t seem to have answers doesn’t stop you seeking answers! It can be hard to accept the unknowable nature of life, but it’s the unknowable that makes life evolutionary in nature and inspires you to seek out new terrain and learn more about yourself as you can discover just how adaptable, versatile and visionary you really are. At the same time, if every question had an answer, there would be no room for growth or expansion!

Of course, you know this, but it still irks you as you seem to process your own life, challenges and experiences by asking a series of questions as it helps you to dig a little more deeply as self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-knowing are all incredibly important to you. As a result, you have grown a great deal over the years and you are now wiser than ever before, and you seem ready to move into a space of the acceptance of not knowing; that is, finding peace despite knowing that you cannot always know what you feel you need to know. Letting go of the quest can set you free and it’s time now for you to find new strength and wisdom from the somewhat incomprehensible and immeasurable nature of being you…


‘Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get’ so said Forrest Gump. There’s a part of you that takes great delight in these words as you know just how unknowable life can be: one day it might be a Turkish Delight, the next the chocolate caramel or vanilla fudge. Of course, there are days when a coffee cream turns up which, depending on your taste, may reflect a bad day or a good day! As much as you accept the intangible, unknowability of life, you also feel frustrated as it makes it very hard for you to make plans as you can feel as though you are spending more time opening up sweet wrappers pondering their contents before you take a bite than you are getting on with the business of living your life. There is an assumption here though, that despite all of your years of life experience, topped with your intuition, you still can’t tell a chocolate caramel from a coffee cream. Is it really the case that until you bite into the chocolate, you have absolutely no idea what’s about to happen? Well, whilst life cannot be predicted with certainty, you are intuitive enough to know that a chocolate is still a chocolate.

There’s a sense that your focus has been concentrated on what may or may not lie within each wrapper, but maybe knowing it’s a chocolate is enough? In other words, maybe you are over-thinking the unknowable nature of existence instead of just accepting it and getting on with your life? Some days are good, some are not so good, some are bad, but some are magnificent. You really don’t know what you’re going to get so embrace the moment and breathe deeply into life, allowing for life to breathe deeply into you…


As you continue to sit in-betwixt a moment between where you were and where you’re heading, you now find yourself gaining strength and courage as you realise that this moment is both a blessing and a gift as it’s an opportunity for you to take a big deep breath in order to reflect on the life you’ve lived and on the life you hope to live. Of course, it’s important not to ignore the life you’re living now as it’s perhaps the most significant! You have worked hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, letting go of a great deal that either depleted you or restricted you. Whilst you still carry a great many responsibilities, you seem lighter and more robust as you have turned to look deeply into your soul and discovered just how much potential and possibility resides within you. In short, you now seem more able to confidently rest in-betwixt each and every moment as you are beginning to wholeheartedly embrace the stillness that resides within these moments.

Life isn’t simply about getting from here to there, it’s about where you are now as well, as it’s the here and now that is the only point in time that truly matters: the past is behind you and the future hasn’t happened yet. You know this of course, but sometimes it’s easy to forget as you spend so much of your time and energy trying to get life right and trying to be everything to everyone. April looks set to be a month of strength and vision as you lean more intensely into the present moment, breathing deeply into life and allowing yourself to be more centred and balanced. Whilst such a pause represents stillness, you may well be pleasantly surprised at just how much forward momentum you create by not pushing. So, breathe, let go and fly free…


April looks set to be a month of redefining the corners and edges of your life as you begin to see your life from a much bigger and wider perspective than ever before. You have always been a visionary and creative thinker, seeing the world with great wisdom and intuition, and you seem able to absorb and condense all of your past experiences and distil them into an ability to grow and evolve, always learning and expanding. Of course, you may not always sense this as there are times when you long for something less nebulous to guide you forwards in life. Yet, this ability of yours really shouldn’t be under-estimated as it allows you to navigate your life with a sense of awareness of the bigger picture. You may wonder why this is a gift as it can often feel overwhelming to sense so much at any one time but just imagine what it would be like for you if you weren’t made this way?

Whilst there have been times in your life when you have switched into auto-pilot and focused on keeping on keeping on, you tend to revert back to your bigger picture perspective as it brings you a sense of inter-connectedness and vision. You find it hard to stay locked in ‘survival mode’ as life for you is all about the kaleidoscope of textures, experiences, and colours, and you miss it terribly when you revert to auto-pilot. Of course, redefining the corners and edges of your life suggests that you actually have either as you are a fluid, free moving kind of soul, but, in this case, your corners and edges are those parts of you that rub and knock against other areas of your life. It is these areas of your life (be it your beliefs, goals, thoughts etc.) that need reshaping now in order to set you free to become one with your expansive, free flowing self…


There can be no denying you are a complex soul as you see the world from a very unique perspective and your insights into your life and experiences are often deeply intuitive. Yet, despite your complexity, there is a sense that you long for more simplicity in your life as complexity often means being tied up in knots, trying to untangle and unravel the meandering and weaving pathways you walk. Complexity can bring you great insight and wisdom but there are days when you wake up just wanting uncomplicated and user-friendly. Of course, you intuitively already know it’s the complexity that brings you wisdom and understanding, as well as making you stronger, yet you feel it also holds you back as you can spend so much of your time trying to make sense of why things are the way they are. As a result, there are times in your life when you stand on the sidelines of life, doing your best but never really getting ‘stuck in’ through a fear of either not getting it ‘right’ or finding yourself tangled up in even more complexity.

It seems that you have grown to associate ‘complexity’ with challenging and difficult. This can mean you find yourself stuck in something of a dichotomy as you know it’s your complexity that makes your life richer, but it can also be a proverbial pain in the backside at the same time. Over the years this has made you more cautious as you often find yourself sitting, watching and waiting for the right moment to walk a new pathway. This is understandable, after all, you’ve had your fair share of challenges in life, but without them you wouldn’t be the strong, vibrant and intuitive soul you are today. It’s therefore time to shift your perspective away from associating complex with difficult and instead opening up your heart and soul towards embracing your true nature and loving yourself for it…


It seems the word ‘Tiggerish’ in your March forecast sparked some debate as some of  you thought it was a mis-spelling and was referring to your tiger-like passion as you do have quite a roar when you need it! However, others realised the Winnie the Pooh reference and realised ‘Tiggerish’ is a reference to your exuberant, vibrant, creative and somewhat excitable soul. You are a passionate individual and your energy seems particularly buoyant at the current time as you feel an air of excitement whistling around your consciousness connected to a shift in your life. It’s as though you are aware of a new beginning even though you are not quite sure what it is or how it will effect you, but intuitively you know you are more than ready. You have been rather subdued over recent weeks and months as you have felt somewhat overwhelmed with the tenuous and mundane nature of your existence.

You have been plodding along, trying to be your usual energetic self but it has been a struggle as life has felt so heavy. However, like a tense coil being released, your ‘Tiggerish’ energy has found a way through and you are beginning to feel enlivened and inspired once again. The initial bounce after releasing such a tightly coiled spring may be rather energetic but now it’s beginning to settle down you can feel the fires deep within your heart and soul burning brightly once again. Your energy feels more illuminated and brighter than before and there is a sense you are finally realising just how heavy your life has been. As a result, you are beginning to breathe more deeply into life and focusing on your true priorities. You are ready now to let your bounce flow freely and to enjoy the va-va voom of your natural flair…


April looks set to be a month for focusing on the concept of wholeness and opening up to a new way of thinking and being when it comes to embracing more of this in your life. First though, it seems important to gain a deeper understanding as to what wholeness means to you. Is it feeling whole and complete? Is it living wholeheartedly? In many ways, there is no clear-cut answer as wholeness is more of a feeling than anything else; it’s a sense of intuitively knowing you are exactly where you need to be in life with your focus on the present moment. You are quite a visionary and creative thinker, and you spend a great deal of your time formulating the vision of where you want to be, and you see your life as a pathway that spans from the past, deep into the future as you have a strong connection to the idea of the infinity of consciousness. As a result, it can be hard for you to step fully into the present moment as you channel so much energy into creating the vision of the life you intuitively know you could be living.

This can come at a cost of losing your awareness of where you are now, after all, how can you feel whole when you are not fully aware of the here and now? It’s as though the myriad of pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life are trying to come together but the picture is getting bigger and bigger so it’s hard to place many of the pieces as you have no edges or a clear image to work with – how can you complete a jigsaw puzzle when you don’t know what it is? Of course, part of being you is living in the spontaneity and unpredictability of life, but you seem ready now to re-focus, to take a deep breath and to feel the joy of wholeness…


As the crossroads and meandering pathways of your life continue to converge and diverge, there is a growing sense you are beginning to find some much-needed breathing space and stillness amongst the uncertainty and chaos. It’s a bit like those few moments in-between the in-breath and the out-breath, where you are doing neither one nor the other. It’s a moment few ever take the time to notice, but once you open up your consciousness to it, you realise just how much value there is in such a moment as it brings you a deepening sense of wholeness as you become more conscious of the present, enabling you to ebb and flow more easily with the changing currents of life. Crossroads come and go, pathways meander, twist and turn, but these don’t define you, they simply form a part of your existence.

Of course, it can be hard not to feel lost or overwhelmed at times, and this can leave you feeling disempowered and discombobulated, but it seems you have become so adept at pushing ahead, doing your best to move forwards, you have forgotten to breathe more deeply and, as a result, disconnected yourself from your own profound intuition. Change is a constant in life and you know this, but when you get lost in the maze, all you can see is towering hedges all around you with no clear way out. It’s easy to forget to take a deep breath but when you do, and you lift your head up, you then realise than you are not lost, and those hedges are barely waist-height. In other words, your perception can often get the better of you when life gets a little bumpy, just try to remember that you are a strong, vibrant and passionate soul, and when you step back and re-focus, you will realise that you are on the verge of discovering an exciting new pathway to explore…


April looks set to be a month of inquisitive inner questioning for you as you open up your eyes to gaze more deeply into the mirror of your life in order to see what’s actually there rather than what you perceive to be there. Obviously, your life is very familiar to you so it’s easy to think you already know what’s before you. Everyone does this to some extent, but you have the awareness to step back enough to see the bigger picture in order to live a very different life. Just think for a moment of a writer in full flow and the words are dancing around effortlessly. As the words go down onto the page, all of the words enter the mind, but a touch-typist could easily miss words out on the screen/page. As the article is so familiar to the writer, they may not see this even when they read the words back to themselves as the words are in their head already.

The mind is a very potent force and often leads the way when it comes to shaping and defining how you behave; it ‘sees’ what you perceive, and you have no reason to doubt it. Of course, it’s still possible to make sense of an article with the odd word missing or spelled incorrectly, but it makes the overall picture rather less fluid. When you turn to gaze deeply into the mirror of your soul, your visionary nature allows you to create a vision of the life you are living, yet there is a chance that you may gloss over some of the finer details, just like the writer. Sometimes you need to open your eyes widely in order to see the truth of ‘what is’ as this is the path to self-knowing. As dramatic as it may sound, the truth will set you free…


You have always been rather adept at shape-shifting. You flex and bend yourself in all manner of ways in order to be everything to everyone. You also spread yourself in many different directions, often all at the same time, as you have things to do, people to see and places to go, scattering your energy in the process. You have spent a great deal of your life this way so you have become something of a champion at it but there is a sense that it doesn’t bring you the happiness you intuitively know is within your reach. Whilst you are able to bend, flex and shift, does it really serve your best interests? Are you considering your own needs or prioritising the needs of others? You are a naturally giving person but when you end up in more knots than a game of advanced Twister then you know things are not quite right.

Obviously knowing this and doing something about it are rather different as it’s in your nature to want to be everything to everyone else, but the time has come for you to ask yourself why. Why is it important to be everything to everyone? What does such a stance bring you in life? Does it make you truly happy? Are you content to be tied up in knots? You are a naturally intuitive and awakened soul, and yet you seem to struggle being yourself as you’ve spent so long bending and flexing, twisting and turning, you’ve forgotten what your natural shape actually is. Of course, you are fluid and free-flowing so you don’t have a ‘solid state’ of being but it’s time to think about being everything to yourself as you really do deserve the opportunity to bend and flex to your own tune in order to find your wonderful dance once again…