April 2019 Forecast

Message for April 2019

Life is a heady and bewildering mix of seemingly incongruent and random moments, often colliding into one another like the waves crashing in on the rocky headland or bypassing each other completely like two ships that pass in the night. Yet, whilst many of these moments appear separate and disconnected, none of them happen in isolation. Whilst we can single out individual moments, it’s hard to make sense of them until we step back to see the bigger picture as it’s the larger perspective that inspires us to try to stitch them together into something more cohesive and comprehensible in order to try to make sense of why things are the way they are.

The desire to make sense of life is the force that drives us towards the quest for wisdom as it helps us to understand how we fit into the world. And ‘fitting’, in this instance, isn’t so much about fitting into society or becoming one of the flock, it’s more of an existential understanding as to the meaning of existence and life. Whilst this doesn’t really help when it comes to paying the bills and dealing with life’s many hiccups, it can help us to step back enough to stop being tossed about in those stormy seas quite so intensely. Of course, this won’t stop the inevitable up’s and down’s of life, but it can help us to find some equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the middle ground, it’s the ‘safe space’ we retreat to within in order to find calm, perspective and inspiration. It’s all too easy to forget about the nooks and crannies within where true peace resides because we can get so lost in the business of getting on with life. Yet, without access to these oases within, life can become stagnant and without meaning because we become isolated and disconnected from our lifeforce.

April looks set to be a month for each of us to take some time in order to reconnect to the stillness and tranquillity within. Even when life is chaotic and tumultuous there are always ways to connect to the stillness as it never leaves us. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking some big deep breaths, other times we need to go somewhere truly peaceful or soulful, and sometimes we can go on a journey within through meditation to access the true gifts that reside within our heart and soul. Life may be busy and it may be uncertain, but when we take a moment to re-centre, our ability to manage this grows as we learn how to thrive in the mêlée of it all.

At the same time, April looks set to be a time of letting go. A time to cut away inessential clutter and distractions. We are all very good at getting lost in things to do, people to see and places to go when we need to as it’s often a way to avoid dealing with the really big stuff within. The more clutter we let go, the more freely we can breathe and the more wholeheartedly we can start living. Yes, this takes courage as it can mean letting go of the safety blankets we cling to out of comfort and familiarity, but it’s time now to believe in ourselves and to have the courage to truly embrace the essence of empowerment…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self, it seems you are beginning to realise just how much of yourself you sacrifice for the needs, wants and whims of others. Whilst you are a driven and passionate soul, you think nothing of helping others as you thrive on the idea of everyone having the best possible chances in life. As a result, you spend a great deal of time beyond the boundaries of your own heart and soul, pushing into new terrain and discovering unchartered worlds. However, very often this pioneering spirit is for the benefit of others, not for yourself. Whilst being so giving is admirable and undoubtedly warms your spirit, there is a sense that you are missing out on some amazing opportunities to expand your own consciousness in order to live your life more wholeheartedly. It’s time to ask yourself why you bend yourself so far out of shape for others and why you so often feel like your own needs come last.

Do you focus on others as you feel as though you don’t matter, or do you get so wrapped up in helping others that you simply forget about your own needs? It’s important to try to understand your motivations so you can begin to change the pattern. Take some deep breaths and re-ignite the fires within as you seem ready now to embark on a brand-new adventure, one that has you at its core. This isn’t to say you’ll suddenly stop being so giving and generous, but more that you’ll start realising just how important it is for you to truly thrive as when you are flourishing, that’s when you are best placed to help those around you. So, your mantra for April: you matter…


As the pace of your life begins to slow down, there is a sense that this breathing space may not be as welcome as you thought. It’s not that you don’t value an opportunity for some peace and quiet, but you worry that the stillness will give you more time to think. Thinking leads to you contemplating your goals and what lights up your heart and soul. Whilst this is in no way a bad thing, it can sometimes feel like an irritation to you as it gets in the way of you getting on with the business of life. It’s as though dreams and goals get in the way of you keeping on keeping on and whilst you have never let your dreams go, to give them dedicated time feels like an indulgence. Of course, it isn’t an indulgence, but you feel so strongly about maintaining the apple cart and keeping on keeping on, too much time focused on your own needs or dreams feels too self-focused and you therefore really struggle to do this.

However, it’s time for you to realise that your dreams matter as they give you hope and inspiration, they also drive you towards new discoveries and help you to explore your gifts. Your dreams matter because they don’t only touch your life: you have so much to offer the world. You are a compassionate, passionate, talented and amazing soul and it’s time now to realise this as getting lost in distractions keeps you away from fulfilling your destiny. The details will surface more over time so don’t worry that your destiny isn’t clear cut or well-defined. It’s more important to focus on that warm, fuzzy, feel good buzz that lights up your heart and soul…


April looks set to be a month to focus on the expansion of your consciousness as you continue to explore the concept of ‘breathing space’ in all areas of your life. Quietening down the chatter in your mind is not an easy task as you are one of life’s thinkers, and often spend a great deal of time ‘in your head’, but there are times when the thoughts can become too loud and obtrusive, preventing you from wholeheartedly stepping into each and every moment. Thinking about life is important, but not when it gets in the way of you actually living your life. You may feel that thinking about your life brings you clarity and enables you to decide when to act, and it does both of these things, but unless you are living your life in the moment, then the relevance becomes dilute and diffuse. Thinking can easily become over-thinking, and when you get locked inside your head you can start to push hard to seek out answers to questions that just don’t have answers.

The quest to find the answers can then become a prison wall, holding you in stasis until you find the answers you seek so you can then move on with your life. This isn’t a new subject for you, and it’s one that will no doubt re-surface again and again as it’s in your DNA to think, dig and probe, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, sometimes you need to rest in the moment and be at one with the space you find yourself in. Life isn’t always about quests and answers, sometimes it’s more about being, resting and living intuitively; give your mind some tranquillity and be gentle with yourself. Sometimes, clarity can only come from stillness and conscious living can only come from letting go…


April looks set to be a month of self-discovery and self-realisation as you begin to see yourself and your life from a brand-new perspective. You have always been world-class at giving yourself a hard time for not doing enough, being enough, seeing enough or achieving enough. As a result, you frequently push yourself hard in order to bend your boundaries. In itself, this isn’t a bad thing as expansion often means evolution, however when you consistently bend yourself out of shape even though you intuitively know you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, then it’s time to ask yourself why. Why do you bend and flex even when you don’t really want to? Why do you give yourself such a hard time for not being enough when intuitively you know that you are already more than enough? Why do you push yourself so hard to be the person you feel you ought to be instead of just being yourself?

Of course, there is no ‘just’ about you as you are a vibrant, compassionate and quirky soul. Whilst you may not like the ‘quirky’ label, you can’t deny that you are unique and a little bit special. Quirky isn’t a bad thing, it’s something to celebrate as it allows you to express your gifts in your own unique way. Quirky may mean you don’t fit into the ‘flock’, but have you ever really wanted to? It’s time to love your quirks and to learn to relax about being you. Life isn’t about trying to be ‘good enough’, it’s realising that you already are good enough. This sets you free and allows you to spend your time living your life in ways that both enrich and inspire. This is your life, so live it your way…


As you continue to focus on rooting yourself into the here and now, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more centred which is bringing you clarity and a desire to bring about change in your life. You have spent so long trying to keep everyone else happy, trying to do everything for everyone and this has left you feeling discombobulated and out of sorts with your own sense of self. Your inner roar has turned into a squeak and your golden, glowing mane has faded. Yet, take a deep breath, let it go and it all fires up once again, so it’s good to know it hasn’t left you, it’s more a case of it being on a period of extended leave. Whilst it’s reassuring to know it’s still within you, it’s time to ask yourself why it’s on leave? Why are you not roaring? Why are you not tapping into your natural passion and courage in order to live the best life possible?

These may seem like silly questions, but your roar is your creative spark and lifeforce, and this is the passion that drives you forwards in life. Focusing on the here and now is important as it takes away some of the pressure you place on your shoulders in order to keep pushing ahead. You’ve always got one eye on the horizon, to that place you long to be, and whilst this keeps you motivated, it also keeps you focused on the gap between here and there. However, the more you focus on the now, the more you’ll realise that you don’t need to get ‘over there’ before you can roar as you can do it now. Just take a big, deep breath and you will begin to feel the heat of the roar rising up within you once again…


The theme of change looks set to continue throughout April as you are beginning to enjoy the process of working out what you truly want from life. Change often brings about endings and beginnings, but you are feeling more than ready to have a cosmic clear-out from every nook and cranny of your soul. It’s as though you feel weighed down by the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, dreams and wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years and you want a spring clean! At the same time, clearing away physical clutter and too many distractions can also lighten the load. As you continue to let go of the many different layers of ‘stuff’, you are also honouring the process as you realise that every single thing you’re letting go of has brought you to where you are now. You’re not throwing caution to the wind and disregarding your life, and you’re not being indifferent or disrespectful by letting go, you are simply opening up your heart and soul towards living a simpler, but more enriching life.

Life is never as easy as ‘black or white’ on any level, and whilst you have learned a great deal over the years, you have also realised that accumulation doesn’t always mean ‘good’. Sometimes travelling more lightly is the key, as it enables you to move with the ebb and flow of the tides more freely and allows you to explore new terrain without the weight of too many ought’s, must’s or should’s. In many ways, this is more about a spiritual revolution than anything else; a sense you have reached a stage of enlightenment where you long to live spiritually and mindfully, away from the white noise of everyday life. You seem ready now to embrace change and to let change embrace you…


As you continue to focus on creating more centre ground in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more balanced than you have felt in a very long time. You have spent so long trying to be the person you felt you ought to be that you forgot to be yourself. You turned your back on hopes and dreams because they felt at odds with the person you were trying to be, even though you intuitively knew it was these dreams that set your heart on fire. Spending so long trying to be someone you are not is hard work as it takes a phenomenal amount of energy and effort to maintain a façade. This isn’t to say that you were being fake because you weren’t, you were simply trying to be the person you felt you ought to be in order to live the best life. However, this persona took you off centre and into unchartered terrain. Admittedly you discovered a great deal about yourself in the process, but you also felt like you were treading water as you weren’t making any more inroads towards those hopes and dreams you’d left to gather dust of the shelves of your soul.

Over recent months you reached a stage where you couldn’t ignore the feelings of discombobulation any longer and you’ve begun the process of shedding: letting go of the façade and opening up to the truth of your soul. This isn’t an easy task as it’s been quite painful at times when you’ve made some important realisations about the changes you need to make in order to live a more balanced and healthy life. Letting go, speaking your truth and embracing your dreams all come from your centre ground as it’s your breathing space and your launchpad towards your hopes and dreams…


There are times in your life when you look around at the world and wonder what it’s really all about. For example, where in the stage of evolution does collecting ornaments or train spotting come in? Not that there’s anything wrong with either of course, they are just examples of a million different things we do which, in the bigger scheme of life, don’t really make much sense. Of course, we’ve moved beyond the ‘survival mode’ stage, so hobbies allow us to fill our time, but they can also become distractions from some of the bigger issues in life as we can hide away in them. You are one of life’s deep thinkers and so often travel into existential territory as you try to make sense of this weird and wonderful thing called life.

Whilst you generally just get on with the business of living rather than letting your existential ponderings get in the way, there are times when all the window-dressings and knick-knacks of life irritate and distract you. Whilst you thrive on complicated, you get bored with ‘unnecessarily complex’ and long to live in a simpler but more enriching way. Sometimes you find yourself dreaming of stepping beyond the life you know to a life away from the buzz and noise of the 21st century. Not that you’re particularly drawn to live on a desert island, but maybe you could start with some time away from social media, mobile phones and 24-hour news? You only need to press the ‘off’ button, even just for a few hours! Whilst you are likely to miss the intense interconnectedness this brings at first, after a while you will realise how much more time you have. Let go of the distractions, take a deep breath and set yourself free…


Embracing your courage looks set to take centre stage throughout April as you reach an important crossroads in your life. There is often a sense of trepidation that surfaces when courage is mentioned as it can infer there may be challenging times ahead, and of course, that is a possibility as the path ahead is never without potholes. However, courage isn’t always about facing adversity, sometimes courage is about living life wholeheartedly and in accordance to your intuition. Sometimes courage is letting go of preconceptions and long-held beliefs in order to live your life as free as you need to be. It can be unquestionably hard at times to go against the flow of life and say ‘No!’ you’re not a sheep and you’re not content to do what society expects of you. Conditioning starts at a young age, but you’ve always had a strong sense of living your life as free as a bird and you have never given up on the idea that this is possible.

For much of your life you have felt tethered and unable to fly free as you have tried to be everything to everyone, and lacked the confidence in your own gifts to let them shine, but as you’ve grown older, you’ve realised the importance of self-belief when it comes to having the courage to fly high. Courage comes from your heart and soul, so let it fire you up and set you free. Whilst you have accepted your role in making past choices that have kept you ‘tethered’ to routine and everyday living, you still find it hard to walk a different path. You know you already have what it takes to head for unchartered terrain, you just need to believe it now. This is your moment to spread those wings and fly boldly towards a brand-new dawn…


As you continue to contemplate the concept of living wholeheartedly, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that this isn’t some new age mumbo jumbo, but it’s a genuine opportunity for you to see your life from a new perspective in order to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things you do that nurture you and the things that don’t. Living wholeheartedly is about living in accordance to your heart and soul, it’s a willingness to turn within to look at yourself, and your choices, with honesty and openness. It’s also a willingness to live life fully and consciously. As a realist, you often tire of such things, after all, ‘back in the real world’ there are bills to pay and things to do, but living wholeheartedly is back in the real world, in fact, you can’t really get much more real!

Living wholeheartedly isn’t about dancing off into the sunset without a care in the world, it’s about embracing life and living in the here and now. There will always be bills to pay and things to do, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still find the time to explore your creativity and spirituality, or to follow your dreams. Your gifts are phenomenal and it’s important you realise this as you need to use them! It’s easy to get distracted by the day to day pedestrian-ness of life, but don’t let it consume you as your vibrancy needs the space to flourish and shine; in short, you need breathing space. You spend a lot of time trying to make sense of life, but it’s important that you don’t get lost in this as living wholeheartedly needs a willingness to be at one in the moment, as well as a readiness to let go of preconceptions. So, take a deep breath and go be you…


There is a sense that you are continuing to lighten the load on all levels in your life as you let go of distractions, clutter and ‘stuff’ spanning the duration of the whole of your life. All of this extra space that this process is creating may feel slightly strange, but try not to rush to fill it back up again, instead try to rest in it in order to breathe more deeply into life. When your life is so full of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to the bigger decisions in life, but resting in the space you’ve created will allow you more room to manoeuvre and wriggle, as you contemplate the path ahead. Whilst you are now used to having a head whirring around at a million miles an hour, churning over several dozen things at any one point in time, you need to ask yourself how necessary this really is? Of course, you will always use your formidable mind in life, but it doesn’t have to be on full speed all of the time as even you need a rest.

Lightening the load will allow you to stand up straighter as the weight you’ve been carrying around with you begins to melt away. At the same time, you’ll feel able to breathe more deeply and speak with more clarity as the intensity and pressure of carrying so much eases and fades. This isn’t to say that you’ll stop being a thinker as that’s not feasible, but having the time to dive into the spaces within will help you to establish some new priorities in your life. Life isn’t just about the things you do, sometimes it’s about the things you don’t do as well…


It really is time to stop pushing yourself so much and giving yourself such a hard time. This isn’t a new message for you, but there’s a sense that you’re standing with your fingers in your ears going ‘la la la’ in an attempt to not listen. What isn’t clear is why. Why are you so keen to give yourself such a hard time? You’ve worked so hard over recent months to create a little bit of space in your life which is you-shaped, enabling you to have some much-needed time to yourself, yet, you still continue to push yourself beyond your limits. Yes, it’s not easy being someone who loves to help others, and it’s difficult when you’re not sure where your boundaries end and the boundaries of others begin.

There’s a sense that you’ve reached a kind of critical mass, where you are so saturated with things to do that you can’t see a way out. It’s as though you’re at the centre of a maze with the hedges a mile high; you know you need to keep moving but you have no idea whether you’re going in deeper or finding you’re way free. However, whilst this analogy resonates deeply with you and where you are in your life, when you go within, you don’t find this to be true as you intuitively know exactly where you are and it’s not in a maze! It’s certainly confusing being you! The busy-ness, pressure and overwhelm all around you is very real, but it’s also mostly not your stuff. So, let it go. Yes, let it go. This isn’t about turning your back on everyone and everything, it’s about honouring yourself more and realising that you are not a one-person superhero. It’s time to take a breath and to start loving yourself more. You’re amazing, believe it…