Being Human…

As change continues to ebb and flow, it is becoming increasingly harder to define the true nature of what’s happening. It seems that these somewhat nebulous, indefinable and imperceptible shifts are now happening so rapidly that it is nigh-on impossible to separate one from the other, and, as a result, they are merging into one enormous mass of ‘stuff’. Although we are aware of the overall nature of the change, the details are blurring, and we are losing sight of the bits and pieces, the irritations, the distractions and the diversions. Whilst confusing, this is inevitable, for as we evolve, we begin to step back from the details and the pedestrian-ness of life in order to feel the Truth of our Divinity and touch upon the pure bliss of being a Divine Being.

We can often find ourselves oscillating between daily worries and responsibilities, and spiritual at One-ness and Divine Union. Such a path is challenging, for the path that twists and turns between the two is the path where doubt, fear, anxiety and lack all reside. Even though we can see, feel, touch and taste the magnificence of Divinity, everyday life can keep us locked in cycles of doubt and patterns of lack, loveless-ness and pain. We can feel deep frustration at knowing where we want to be but not being able to find a way to get there. We want answers and understanding, for we are human! It is human nature to solve, resolve, achieve, succeed, and when we can’t, we try even harder.

Yet, the nebulous nature of change is washing over us, creating a sense of bewilderment for a reason; it seems that there comes a time when we have to stop fighting and trying to seek definitive answers to the lofty questions that we all have. Sometimes we have to realise that we cannot put life on hold until we find these answers, for unless we live and embrace the moment, the answers will never come. At the same time, we also need to be open to the possibility that there are no answers, for not everything is definable or knowable.

When we incarnate and step into the world, our need to survive takes over, and, in time, we begin to take on the conditioning and fears that shape and define our lives. If we are lucky, we recognise these patterns and begin to break the cycle, but very often this only happens when we reach crisis state.

As we continue to shift and evolve, the details and the cycles continue to fade away as the bigger picture takes centre stage. It seems that our preoccupation with the details has been our biggest irritation and distraction, for once we step beyond the fears, the doubts and the anxieties, and truly touch the Divine, everything changes, for nothing is the same anymore.

We have now reached something of a collective crisis state, a time of powerful and profound spiritual awakening, and everything is changing. Whilst we may look at our daily lives and see the same things staring back at us just like they did yesterday, energetically, spiritually and intuitively we feel different. It is this awareness that looks set to be the catalyst that inspires each of us to step beyond the boundaries that we have created (consciously and subconsciously) in order to embrace a new way of living and being.

We no longer have to be buoys bobbing around in stormy seas; we can become one with the ocean of life and dance with the waves. This takes courage and heart, for embracing the unknown is never easy, but it feels kind of inevitable now, for we are ready to embark on a new journey; a journey of enlightenment and inspiration. We now realise that we cannot find enlightenment in the things we do (the details) or by the choices we make, for enlightenment comes from within. We are spiritual beings in human form, and it is within our spiritual essence where true enlightenment resides…