Blackbird Has Spoken

This morning was heralded by Blackbird; the song was beautiful, rich and vibrant and it made today a glorious day. Even before the day truly began, blackbird brought beauty and joy to the moment. How often do we truly stop and connect to the beauty all around and within us on a regular basis? How often do we pause and wonder at the magnificence of nature and the universe?

Life is one of those things that keeps happening, there are always things to do, places to go and people to meet, and yet, if we become too locked up in such a cycle, we lose the point of life, for life then becomes mechanical, hard and devoid of the magic all around. Of course, when there are bills to pay, places to go, people to meet and things to do, it can be hard to find a moment to breathe, let alone to take some time out to reconnect to the glory of life. Yet, unless we do this, we lose sight of our essence and our divinity, and we lose our connection to all there is.

It is being a part of the wondrous and magnificent Whole that gives our lives meaning and purpose, for it is being a part of the Whole that gives us power, inspiration and hope. Being a part of the Whole helps us to manifest our dreams and to create a powerful intent to build Heaven on Earth. Of course, Heaven on Earth is already within us and around us, but until we feel the full glory and power of being a part of this, then how can we taste it, feel it and live it?

It seems that vision, clarity and self-knowing are some of the strongest themes surfacing during this somewhat confusing and energetic time; as we watch the daffodils bloom, hear the birds singing and feel the sun warming the earth, we have a chance now to celebrate the ascent into Spring. We are awakening, and whilst we may be surrounded by sleepwalkers who never hear the blackbird or see the flowers, we can make a personal choice to pause, reflect and connect.

We can choose to grow, expand and evolve, or we can choose to remain isolated, cut-off and disconnected. The choice to grow and evolve is not an easy path, for it means that we need to open up to the vibrant and rich tapestry that life has to offer in order to re-connect to the true essence of life in order to feel Whole. To grow and evolve means not keeping one’s head down, sleepwalking through life.

In my latest newsletter, I used this quote:

‘Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens’. Carl Jung

We do limit ourselves by the extent of our vision. When it is contained, small and restricted, how can we become more? Yet when it is colourful, free and energetic, it feels infinite and we can feel like life is expanding and blossoming. Our visions do define us, so why do we limit them? Human nature, realism, and conditioning are all a factor, but when we go beneath them to our core, we let all of these go as the magic, power and energy are as strong as ever.

It seems clear that the more we connect to the Whole and to ourselves, the closer we step towards Heaven on Earth, for life moves from shades of grey to magnificent colour. Each of us has a choice as we journey through life, and it seems that by simply being open to there being ‘more to life’, that we can expand our visions, awaken fully and live a rich, vibrant and blissful life.

Begin by giving thanks for all that we have including the small things; and the energy begins to shift. This is a powerful time to create change and to embrace a brand new way of living and being.

As I thanked blackbird for the morning welcome, I felt the energy rising up within me like the sap rising, and I knew that my intention for today was a good one. Even if my day does present challenges, it is how I face them that matters…