Consciousness Rising

Last night I went on a journey. I moved beyond myself, beyond lifetimes, beyond time, beyond space and beyond words. I became pure energy and pure consciousness. I felt no restriction, and instead I felt infinite possibility; I became infinite possibility.

In this space I moved beyond day or night, light or dark, joy or sadness. It felt blissful but empty at the same time; but this felt perfect and right. In this space I felt like the Universe was within me and part of me; and I was part of it at the same time.

As I travelled beyond consciousness, beyond language and beyond comprehension I realised that every moment is endless, for there are no limits. The only limits we face are the ones that we put there.

The need to embrace Truth and to follow Destiny seemed so important for these are the keys to becoming whole, and becoming One with all there is. Of course, we are already whole and One, but few of us ever realise this.

Becoming pure energy moved me beyond the human mind and beyond the restrictions of being in physical form. It made me think about what truly makes my heart sing and it was amazing to feel awoken and connected.

As energy, the myriad of colours weaved up and down my ‘body’, I felt peaceful, energised and tranquil at the same time. The energy flow was like a river constantly moving and the currents shifting created a beautiful dance; a cosmic and celestial dance, which was amazing and incredible, beautiful and vibrant.

As I returned to physical form, life has somehow moved into sharper focus; every colour is now more vibrant and everything seems more alive and energised. Perhaps this is purely my perception, but perhaps not.


Cosmically and Universally there is so much occurring (the Solstice on the 22nd, the New Moon on the 24th, Jupiter moving Direct on the 25th as well as a myriad of other ‘shifts’ happening on many different levels of awareness). The ebb and flow of the planets and the Universe seems to have taken on a new momentum as each of us continues forward towards self-discovery, enlightenment and bliss.

Life carries its fair share of challenges, but it seems that the more we realise the vastness of our potential and the true nature of the power of our intent, then we can begin to handle such challenges and build a new Heaven on Earth.

This shift begins from the inside, out. In some ways it is passive, for it involves a change in perspective. But, at the same time, it is also hugely energetic and full of potential, for once we have fully surrendered to our own magnificence, then we can begin to use our gifts to transform on every level.

There has been some long dark nights of the soul; nights so long that it seemed the dawn would never come. But the dawn has come, and we need to keep on keeping on with faith in our hearts and the power of intent driving us forward. Obviously, much has been learnt in the process, and with each passing day we become more evolved and more inspired to make the most of every single moment in order to live the best life possible.


It is immense to feel the power of who you truly are. Pause for a moment to connect to this; feel your power, feel your Self awakening fully and living consciously. Remember to live your Truth, to surrender to your own magnificence, to love your Self and to embrace every moment as fully and as consciously as possible. You are an energetic, vibrating, incredible Being; feel the power within and without. You are your own Creator, and your life is in your hands now.

The time has come to fully awaken to your natural state of Being; you are amazing and wonderful – feel this now, believe it!

The time has come to fully use the power of your intent to create Heaven on Earth; to transform the world from the inside, out. This power, this gift, is within each and every one of us, and it seems that once we let go of the restrictions and the shackles of doubt, fear and uncertainty, then Heaven on Earth is not only possible, but it has already arrived…