Dancing with the Universe

What a wonderful phrase…but what does it really mean?

A Physicist may think that it relates to protons, electrons, quarks and other tiny things that make up the Universe. An artist may connect with the gliding paintbrush across canvas. An astronomer might think of the movement of planets. A night-clubber may think of losing themselves in the music. A gardener may see this when they are at one with the earth planting and growing things. Someone in meditation may see this as their connection to the Divine.

Who’s right? Well, in many ways they all are. The Universe is a living, breathing, moving force, full of energy. I make no attempt to acclaim much knowledge of physics and quantum mechanics, but I do suspect that even they wonder at the energy in the Universe, from sub-atomic particles to giant Suns.

One statement I do remember from my university studies is the phrase that ‘energy can neither be created or destroyed’. This (along with Schrodingers Cat!) always stuck in my mind. The main reason for this is that to a new age, bohemian thinker like myself, this (albeit simplified) theory gives credence to my own thoughts and beliefs about the power of the collective unconscious, healing energy, past lives and so on.

Energy is a flowing force that creates a myriad of different things from humans, to the Earth, to a beating heart, to a bubbling volcano. Of course energy comes in different forms, but when we consider that energy is all around us and within us, it is all there is. We start to see just how well this correlates with the idea that God or the Divine is energy, and that this energy is within and around us, it is everything.

So is the Divine the same as the quarks and protons of quantum mechanics? I guess that comes down to personal choice and individual beliefs…

I guess for me, contemplating my own Dance with the Universe, I can see just how by seeing the interconnectivity of all things, that it is possible to create change in one’s life. The power of thought is something I often speak of, yet thought is powerful, it is not a whimsical idea or notion, thoughts change the world, thoughts change our reality.

Thoughts are energy, like attracts like, so positive thoughts create a positive celestial dance, whereas negative thoughts create constriction and lack.

So I see that each of us has a clear choice, do we embrace the Universe, Dance with love and joy in our hearts, and enjoy every breath of life we have, or do we withdraw, imprisoned by fear and lack? I have experienced both extremes in my lifetime, as I am sure many of us have; and I now clearly know which side of the fence I am now standing on…

We each have our own unique dance with the Universal energies; this is akin to each of us having a unique note in the orchestra of life. We can choose to keep our instruments (i.e. ourselves – body, mind and soul) well-tuned, or we can allow discord to take over.

Of course life gets in the way, stuff happens. That is just the way of things. BUT, we can choose whether or not to dust ourselves off and keep on going, or to just give up and withdraw.

So it seems that everything comes down to choice…

Coming back to the question ‘who’s right about the meaning of Dancing with the Universe’? Well, there’s no such thing as right or wrong, it’s all about choice. So, ‘who’s right?’ that’s up to you to decide…!