December 2020 Forecast

Message for December 2020

As we prepare to step from one year to the next, there is a sense of a plethora of chaotic energies, thoughts, ideas and beliefs all crashing into each other causing explosions and implosions on every level of our souls. On one hand we continue to shed layers of clutter and detritus, things that we no longer need, but on the other hand we are aware of a deepening of wisdom and knowledge; a sense we are actually becoming more, not less, as a result.

As we seek out peace in a fractured and factious world, when we step back and breathe deeply, we can see a bigger picture of unity and togetherness that can heal those fractures and create a positive future for us all. Yet, so many are caught up in the fractures, entombed by frustration, swathed by pain and overcome with fading hope and this has created counter-ripples to the more positive approach of many.

Of course, this has always been the case as the ebb and flow of life always swings back and forth, back and forth. It’s like the quiet after the storm; things do eventually settle and we can sense more stillness, and whilst this comes after the frenzy of the storm, there is a sense of hope that the current discombobulation we’ve been experiencing represents the final oscillations before we reach a more settled way of living and being. Change is rarely straightforward or easy, yet we each have the courage and resilience needed to find our way through the storms of life; we just have to believe it of ourselves.

Every moment of every day involves change and although it can sometimes be unquestionably hard to wholeheartedly embrace and welcome, it is important to find ways to accept and accommodate change as resistance can see us wither and fade. Of course, there are times when it’s important to stand up and stand firm, but this doesn’t stop change, it just alters the shape of what’s to come. If we try to cling on to what we know because we fear the unknowable of what lies ahead, we run the risk of becoming lost in fear, and then we focus on looking backwards rather than striding forwards. It takes courage, but when we stop trying to resist the ebb and flow we begin to feel a deeper sense of liberation as we find peace with the natural rhythm of life.

We all know that acceptance isn’t the same as giving up, and it certainly isn’t giving in. Whilst there will always be causes to stand firm for or dreams to reach for, it is important that we find peace with the uncertainty and unknowable nature of life as the impermanence and shift happen with each passing moment. Despite the fear and angst all around at the current time, it’s time to breathe deeply in order to see beyond this and not become suspended and paralysed by the intensity of it all. This isn’t a time to be constrained by fear, tethered by lack or overcome by angst, it’s a time to find strength and to trust our intuition to illuminate the way ahead. The more willing we are to consciously ride with the ebb and flow, the closer we get to living a more connected and enriched existence.

We create life one day at a time, and it’s important to stay grounded in the present moment in order to liberate ourselves from fear and extricate ourselves from angst. This is far from easy, but none of us walk this path alone. Even when we feel alone, there are other souls nearby ready to offer a loving smile or gentle support. This isn’t a time to retreat from the world and one another, it’s a time to send a clarion call from the soul to unify, unite and bring harmony.

These are crazy times and it’s easy to get caught up in the storms, losing sight of the bigger picture, but it’s time to breathe deeply and to know that we each have deep roots. Whilst it might be decidedly stormy and chilly in the world at the current time, this can be beautiful and breath-taking when we step back, consciously connect to it and become one with it. It’s important to remember that this is your life, storms (and frosts) come and go, but you have courage and resilience, and your roots are deep and extend forever…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love, Sarah-Jane


As you continue to re-shape the fabric of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to recognise the need for some quality breathing space. You have been on fast forward for so long, you have forgotten what it’s like to pause, rest and reflect; so much so, you have lost sight of some of the true priorities in your life as you have been on autopilot, focusing on keeping on keeping on. It may therefore seem strange to suddenly find yourself presented with space and quiet as you’re so used to the humdrum buzz of daily living. Space may feel slightly alien and you may well find yourself fidgeting awkwardly at first, wondering quite how to fill your time. Yet, this isn’t a time to try to fill the space, it’s a time to sit with it and allow it to expand and breathe. Life isn’t always about things to do, people to see and places to go, sometimes it’s about being at one with the moment, being fully conscious and feeling connected to the bigger picture.

December looks set to be a month for you to reset your priorities and to consider what you truly want from life. You seem ready now to ring the changes and set your life on a new trajectory as your consciousness expands and you begin to think about living more consciously and wholeheartedly in life. Ideas and dreams that faded years ago look set to resurface as you begin to think about what you really want as opposed to what you think you ought to want, and there’s a sense of effervescent excitement and anticipation rising up from your heart and soul as you begin to feel a stronger sense of purpose once again. So, take a deep breath and let your intuition lead the way…


Honouring yourself and your needs continues to remain a central theme in your life throughout December as you think about the things that nourish you and the things that deplete you. Whilst there is inevitably always a mixture of the two, there is a sense that, over time, you have felt it easier to go with the flow than to navigate your own ship, meaning you have lost sight of your ability to continually sift the wheat from the chaff. Of course, all is not lost as you are still more than capable of looking at the bigger picture, the question now though is how willing are you to take a closer look? This might sound like a strange question, but you have been ticking along, minding your own business, carefully trying to keep the apple cart of your life in balance, and the thought of potentially disturbing those apples in a quest to make some choices and decisions feels a little daunting even though you know that things need to change.

So, you find yourself caught in something of a conundrum, wondering how to shift yourself from where you are to where you want to be without creating any ripples. Intuitively you know this isn’t possible, but you’re a determined soul and seem keen not to act unless you know you won’t create too much disturbance in your life. You’ve been holding out hope for this mini miracle for quite some time now, hoping a solution would arise that means you can create powerful and meaningful change in your life that doesn’t involve…change. You are a selfless and giving soul and it’s understandable that you don’t want your choices to impact others, but it’s important to think about honouring yourself as well. Change isn’t easy, but you’re ready now to explore pastures new…


As you continue on your journey of self-discovery, there is a sense that you are beginning to coalesce and feel more wholehearted in life. It’s as though you are less transparent and more able to stand firm in each and every moment. Whilst you still get lost in the vastness of your mind, you are also able to bring yourself back to the moment more readily as you have found a stronger sense of peace with the unknowable nature of being you. You still oscillate between feeling buoyant with clarity and then feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty and noise of everyday life. It’s unquestionably hard at times to be you, but you seem determined to find a greater sense of peace in your heart and soul. Yet, there is still a restlessness stirring in the depths of your being, a need to find answers to the many unanswered questions in your life, a sense that until you know what you feel you need to know then you cannot truly find peace.

In the infinite, boundary-less expanse of your consciousness, intuitively you know that you cannot know all there is to know, as life, by its very nature, is inherently unknowable and uncertain. Whilst you know this, it frustrates you immensely as you want to know why things are the way they are in order to feel more centred and better prepared to take the next steps in life. Yet, however much you may want the answers, you know you cannot possibly know everything and it’s time now to find some peace with the uncertainty in order to live more consciously in each and every moment. You won’t stop pondering the bigger picture, but try to breathe deeply into the moment in order to realise that, in this moment, you already know everything you need to know…


As you continue to seek out joy and contentment in your life, you are beginning to turn towards embracing and accepting all that you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t. Focusing on the gap between where you are and where you think you need to be is a very human trait, but there is a sense that doing this for so long created ripples of lack within your heart and soul which eroded your self-belief and vision. Being you has never been as straightforward as you once hoped; life hasn’t worked out exactly as you planned, and this has frequently thwarted your dreams. Yet, your evolving sense of self has created new pathways to explore that were previously not even on your radar of possibilities. It’s therefore important to stop giving yourself a hard time for the things you haven’t done or the things you cannot do and instead start to feel blessed for the gifts you have and the radiance within your heart and soul. Self-flagellation rarely works as a self-motivator! This isn’t about giving up on your dreams and it’s about not feeling ‘less than’ for not living up to the very high expectations you have for yourself, it’s about embracing joy.

You seem ready now to let go of the dynamic of lack and to adopt a philosophy of self-compassion and self-understanding, allowing yourself to find a stronger sense of balance in your life. This is a time to honour yourself and to listen to your true needs, and to realise that life is made richer by focusing on what you have. Life isn’t a competition or a ‘to do’ list, it’s an opportunity to live wholeheartedly in every single moment. So, feel your feet on the ground and find gratitude for all that you are…


What makes your heart sing? In many ways, this question alone would be more than enough for you in December as only you can know what makes your heart sing and only you can decide to explore this. Yet, asking you what makes your heart sing isn’t straightforward as you are so inter-connected and entwined with those around you that it’s almost impossible for you to extricate your own sense of self from the giant ball of interconnectedness in order for you to even begin exploring the question. So, what makes your heart sing becomes more about re-establishing your sense of self rather than connecting to the dreams that light up your soul.

You certainly have the courage and strength to face your inner depths in order to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into exploring this question further, however you first need to ask yourself if you truly want to know. This might sound strange, after all, surely knowing what makes your heart sing will allow you to live a more vibrant and joyful life? Well, yes, but you know only too well that your life isn’t just about you, it’s also about the many others interconnected and entwined into your essence. You are not unique in this as no one is an island, but it has become a challenge for you as you are worried that by pursuing your own dreams that you are somehow letting others down. You have been their support and leaning post for a very long time; you have given, over given and given some more, and you have given from an empty vessel as your compassion knows virtually no bounds (other than when it comes to showing yourself compassion). Hearing your heart sing doesn’t mean ignoring others, it presents an opportunity to live more wholeheartedly, and you absolutely deserve this now…


As you continue to find ways to open up to your true nature and find joy in the complexity and uncertainty of life, there is a sense that you are also finding new ways to breathe and expand your consciousness. Life is often so busy of things to do and people to see it’s easy for you to hold your breath in as you navigate the many distractions, challenges and responsibilities, meaning there is not much opportunity for you to breathe deeply or connect to your deeper nature. Life has a habit of taking over if you let it; you can feel like a powerless pawn with a massive ‘to do’ list that never gets shorter. It’s time to realise that you have the strength and tenacity to change this dynamic as although there will always be things to do, there are always opportunities to breathe, re-centre and re-focus. When you become lost in distraction it’s because you get lost in the finer details and forget to step back to look at the bigger picture. The more opportunities you find to breathe deeply, the more opportunities you can create as the shape of your life shifts and becomes more pliable and amenable to change.

December looks set to be a pivotal month for you as you start to re-prioritise your life. When the chatter and noise of life becomes too loud, pause for a moment and reconnect to your breath in order to find your centre. There isn’t really anything you need to ‘do’ here, as this is more about your state of being and your willingness to let go a little. The peace you seek is within you already, you just need to let it rise up to the surface now as you open up to the magic and creativity seeking new avenues of expression…


As you continue to find ways to love your vibrant and somewhat chaotic essence, there is a sense that you are beginning to find peace with the maelstrom that swirls within your consciousness. Your mind moves at a million miles an hour and you are often way ahead of those around you as the super-computer in your head just gets more and more powerful. This can be extremely tiring, but it can also be a source of great enrichment for you as it’s the gift of innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Learning how to ride with this maelstrom takes courage, but the more you accept this as a part of your nature, the more able you are to go with the true flow of your life.

You have dampened down your essence for too long now in order to ‘fit in’ but you’re consciousness is simply too vast to be contained or restrained as your soul wants to be free to dance with the waves of life and not be tethered to a very long list of ought’s, must’s and should’s. Whilst these are in place because of a genuine desire to help others and to get life ‘right’, the cost has been a disconnection from your maelstrom as you simply cannot dip your toes in it periodically when you get a free moment, you have to become one with your maelstrom in order to realise your full potential. In short, this is about being yourself and owning your gifts, and not trying to be the person you feel you should be. Life has been a twisty-turvy, unpredictable path for you recently, and although you have, at times, wandered through the wilderness, you have never truly been lost as your roots are deep, your inner light shines brightly, and your beautiful maelstrom guides you home…


As you continue to marvel at your own in-built colour coding system of your soul, you are finding ways to recognise your shifting inner landscapes and are able to discern the ones that nourish you and the faded ones which are a sure sign that you are feeling disconnected or discombobulated. It’s still a work in progress, but the more you get to know your inner world, the more centred you are feeling and the more able you are to think about what you truly want from your life. You seem restless and ready for change, and the last few months have been challenging and full of uncertainty. There is a part of you that longs to run for the hills, to escape the challenges, but you are far stronger and resilient that you give yourself credit for, and in many ways, it’s your ability to handle the challenges that feed the vibrancy and colours of the landscape of your soul.

It’s not that you want challenge, but your ability to handle the ups and downs of life give you confidence and strength. When life throws you lemons, not only have you made lemonade, but you’ve planted lemon trees, developed a plantation, opened a bar and mastered the perfect G & T. You grow as a result of challenges as they feed your soul and help you to realise just how strong you truly are. You spend a great deal of your life doubting your abilities, but when challenge comes your way, you roll up your sleeves and step forth with courage. December looks set to be a time for you to show this level of self-belief in all areas of your life as challenge doesn’t have to be the only scenario for you to thrive; you’re ready now to be amazing all of the time…


December looks set to be a month for expanding your ever-evolving consciousness and exploring some new terrain in your life. You have long seen yourself as one of life’s pioneers; a free spirit, courageously stepping into the unknown, pushing your boundaries and exploring new schools of thought. This vision of yourself fills your heart and soul with joy as you intuitively know that being free is your destiny as it’s where your creativity flows and where your essence flourishes. However, this brings some confusion as this vision often feels contradictory to the life you find yourself living. When the essence of who you are meets the reality of how you’re living, the lack of correlation creates an incongruence within the depths of your being. It may even feel like you are on the outside of your life looking in, wondering where the magic and creative sparkle are residing in your everyday life.

There’s a humdrum nature to your existence at the moment that saps your sparkle as you feel frustrated that you are not able to be the free spirit and dance carefree through the corridors of life. Yet, there’s an inevitability in life that there has to be elements of humdrum as that’s a part of being human. However, this can feel like a tether, so instead of holding you down, you need to find ways to re-shape your relationship to it and realise that there is still room to let your true essence flow. You are a free spirit, and you explore new dimensions of thought and awareness; this is your birth right and a gift. You are only lost if you feel lost. So, stop being so hard on yourself and start finding solutions to living the best life you can live. You are an innovator, so take a deep breath and let yourself expand into the world of infinite possibility…


As you continue to contemplate the concept of happiness there is a sense that you are beginning to see beyond the constructs and beliefs of what creates happiness and instead opening up to new ideas and ways of thinking. Happiness isn’t just the absence of unhappiness, it’s a force to cultivate, tend and grow in its own right. It seems that the more you think about what truly makes you happy, the more you are realising that happiness isn’t about the things you have or the things you achieve, it’s about how you feel and how you live. Happiness isn’t measurable by doing things, it’s a state of being and you now seem ready to open up to embracing this more in your life. You have spent a long-time chasing dreams in order to find happiness, and whilst you have achieved a great deal there is still a sense of lack, a sense that you haven’t quite attained the true essence of happiness.

In part this is because you haven’t really spent the time defining what happiness actually means to you; you have gone with the flow and assumed it to be about the perfect home, job, family, relationship etc. Whilst all of these can bring happiness, you have now looked further and deeper, realising that it’s more about your approach to life, your priorities and how you live that ultimately defines happiness. Over recent months you have realised just how out of balance your world has become; you have spent so long giving so much of yourself that you have forgotten the value of being in the moment and living wholeheartedly. Embracing happiness may feel like a risk as there is the inevitable counterbalance of unhappiness to content with, but rather than avoiding the potential of happiness to try to prevent this, you seem ready to take a chance and believe…


You have done a great deal of soul-searching over recent weeks and months as you have realised just how hard you try to be everything to everyone, and you’ve discovered the price you pay for this in terms of your own dreams and goals. Although you’re driven by the desire to help and support others, you have realised how your own essence has faded a little with the over-giving and self-sacrificing. You have tentatively started to acknowledge the brightness of your soul and the plethora of gifts you have, and you can see the need to let these flow freely in order for you to live a more enriching life. Yet, there is still some hesitation within you that opening up to your own dreams somehow feels wrong as it feels self-indulgent and self-focused. Yet, surely the more you can be yourself, the more your inner light will naturally illuminate the way for others? Could it be that by being yourself you can actually be more to others?

There is a saying that goes ‘if you are but a grain of sand, then the beach is incomplete without you’. There are many such sayings and each one reaches into your consciousness to remind you of the interconnectivity of life and reaffirms the expansive nature of your being. Intuitively you know this to be true, but until you can wholeheartedly feel this interconnectedness then it will be hard for you to believe that by being yourself you will naturally enhance the lives of others. So what’s holding you back? What stops you from believing that you are an intuitive, creative, vibrant, wise and wonderful soul? Only you can answer these questions, and it isn’t about ego, as intuitively you know it’s fact. It’s time to own your gifts and to let your light shine brightly…


As you continue to seek out the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life, there is a sense that the recently muted colours of your inner kaleidoscope are beginning to change shape and form; some are becoming lighter and others are growing darker as the whole energy shifts to a new vibration. As yet, it’s still too early to know exactly what’s happening, but you can feel a sense of anticipation rising up from the core of your being as your intuition and creativity are beginning to fidget and wriggle in your consciousness. For quite a while now, your mind has taken centre stage as you have been focused on keeping on keeping on, trying to be everything to everyone and trying to keep a gazillion different batons up in the air at once. You are multi-skilled and extremely giving, but even you have your limits. Your soul longs for the opportunity to dance freely once again as you reset the pace of your life and start asserting your own needs more. You are at the centre of your life and you need to prioritise yourself for a change.

There can be no denying that life has felt heavy and cumbersome for you lately, yet, the winds of change do seem to be gathering momentum affording you the opportunity to re-write the rule book. It’s time to stop focusing so hard on trying to do everything for everyone and on trying to be everything to everyone, instead find the joy in the quiet moments and the simpler things in life. Feel the power of saying ‘No!’ when you need to and find the joy in reaching out to others for love and support. December looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life; what happens next is in your hands…