Don’t Stop Believing – Jupiter Into Aries

On the 22nd January, Jupiter entered Aries. Jupiter, the mighty planet of growth, expansion, wisdom and abundance combines with the hot-headed, fiery, creative ram to create a huge wave of positive new energy rushing into our lives.

In many ways, this feels like the true start to 2011 (yes, another beginning!) as the energy levels are beginning to reflect the passion and vision that 2011 holds for each of us. This year of manifestation and liberation, starts now, as we begin to grab hold of the vim and vigour of Aries and the wisdom and power of Jupiter.

This marks the beginning of a period of rapid change and growth in our lives, it is a time to honour our gifts and to grab onto the courage of the Arien ram to step into pastures new. This is a highly invigorating and energising time…

We all have dreams and goals. Some of us manage to achieve these, many of us do not. It is time now to ask ourselves why we haven’t achieved out dreams? What is stopping us? Are the fates conspiring against us? Or do we simply not believe that we have what it takes to succeed?

For many of us, the latter is a hard pill to swallow, but the reality is that, for most of us, we do not believe in ourselves enough and we are the main reason that we are not living our dreams. When we doubt, we chip away at the dream, and after a while, it becomes unstable and collapses underneath us. Yet, it is not too late to re-build our foundations and to know that if we can believe in ourselves (and I mean, TRULY believe) then we can take new steps towards these dreams and make them happen.

We are truly the masters of our destiny now. It is time to take that leap of faith into the unknown and to know that whilst the outcome can never be guaranteed, our lives will be the richer for the experience and our souls will feel truly alive for we have finally believed and had a go. Life is for living after all.

Jupiter does not stay in Aries for long, but this is a welcome fire bolt to stir up our lives to fill us with hope, passion and focus. When Jupiter moves into Taurus in June, it will literally be time to grab that bull by the horns and set ourselves free…