Embracing The Extraordinary

As the path of awakening continues, and as sleepwalkers stir all around, there is a sense that the new wave of consciousness is now filtering into all aspects of life. As we take a moment to look around at All that we Are, it seems clear that everything is changing; we are just not the same as we were yesterday or the day before. Whilst some of these shifts are subtle, others are far from this as they catapult us forward (and sometimes backward) in life. Such big shifts tend to happen for a reason; perhaps we have been choosing not to see something or opting to dig our heels in? Whatever the reason, it can sometimes be hard to rationalise such major ebbs and flow in the tides of life.

As this consciousness continues to weave its way into the hearts and souls of us all, it seems clear that some are open to this process but many are not. Some fight or resist it, but most are simply not aware of it as they walk through life with their eyes firmly closed to the true possibilities that life has to offer.

For those of us who are open to this process, it is hard not to feel pushed and pulled in many different directions. On one hand is the desire to evolve and step consciously into the moment, but on the other hand is the need to keep on keeping on with life, work and everything else. We often see these as mutually exclusive aspects of life, and, as a result, we often lose sight of living consciously, for ‘stuff’ just gets in the way. As a result, we frequently touch living consciously, but don’t quite manage to live consciously for life (duties, ought’s and ‘should’s’) pulls us away.

However, as the wave of consciousness intensifies, and as we open up more to the true magnificence of what this represents, it seems clear that we need to find ways of merging together all of the different facets of our Selves and our lives in order to find a true sense of balance. It seems time now to bring together All that we Are, in order to live the best lives possible. Such a step is not simply for self-gratification, but it is part of the path to Self, and part of the path to living consciously and vibrantly in every single moment; this takes faith, courage and strength, and it takes confidence and belief, in both the Self and the Universe, to take us beyond the pressured and stressful pedestrian-ness of life to a place of balance, knowing and trust.

Embracing the new consciousness is a choice; we can try to resist, block or walk away, but once we have opened up to it, it becomes so hard to deny, for it filters into everything we do, everything we see and everything we are. Once we step through that doorway, we cannot step back or forget, nor should we want to.

Once we re-ignite our connection to consciousness, we begin to feel like an integral part of the Universal Whole. We move through life with our eyes wide open; seeing and feeling the Divine in all aspects of our lives. We see the vastness of the Universe and the limitless potential waiting to be embraced as we contemplate the infinite possibilities both within and all around.

There is a need now to step deeply within in order to open fully to the new consciousness and willingly allow it to filter into every facet, every nook and cranny of our lives and our Selves. Of course, there is truly nothing ‘new’ about this consciousness, for it has been around forever, but it is new in the sense that we are awakening to it and giving it more presence in our lives.

If we can open up and allow this consciousness to merge, both within and without, we can begin to feel a part of the Universal Whole. From here we can begin to sense the Truth of our lives, our paths and our destinies. It is only by taking such a big step that we can begin to move beyond the fears, worries and angst of daily living and begin to feel the joy of living consciously in the present moment. This is not to say that we will step away from daily life, but as our perspectives shift, how we view daily life will change, for we can begin to shape and form Heaven on Earth, and such a vision invokes a powerful shift in everything we do, everything we see and in everything we are.

In essence, as we embrace Truth, we step beyond the ordinary and enter the world of the extraordinary. It has always been extraordinary of course; it’s just that life has distracted us, until now…