February 2024 Forecast

Message for February 2024

Despite a somewhat energetically bumpy start to the year, there is a growing sense of calm emerging as we each begin to find a deeper sense of peace within. The ebb and flow of life is always changing, always moving, and although we each intuitively know this, it can be hard at times when we feel lost and weary and all we want is to rest and be still. When life feels too heavy or too challenging, we can lose sight of perspective and the bigger picture, feeling trapped in the chaos, pressure, and stress. Over time, this can feel suffocating and tiring, as though we are constantly pushing against the currents. Of course, there definitely are times when we are pushing against the currents, but there are many other moments when we’re calmly going with the flow, but these can fade away as the chaos so often takes centre stage. This is only natural, but it seems important that we each try to find ways to step into the peace that resides within us, as the more we get lost in the external stress, the less connected we become to our hearts and souls.

In many ways, finding peace comes from a willingness to embrace the concept of ‘not knowing’, of welcoming uncertainty and realising that it’s ‘not knowing’ that can become a true source of joy, inspiration, and creativity as it’s a sign that despite the inherently unknowable nature of life, the more we let go of trying to gather certainty and guarantees, the more we realise the need to live as fully as possible in each and every moment. So, instead of being a barrier to living, not knowing has the power to set us free from conditional and linear living. There is power in embracing the moment and choosing to live as wholeheartedly as possible. When we sit on the periphery and wait for a better moment, we can have a very long wait.

In essence, it’s time to realise that the more we can live in the moment, the more we can channel our gifts into living the best life possible. We can never know what lies around the next corner, so instead of living in fear of uncertainty, when we befriend it, those self-imposed prison walls of doubt and procrastination fall away leaving us to fly free. It doesn’t matter how much we want certainty or guarantees, it just isn’t possible, we can struggle, fight and resist, but it doesn’t change things, so coming to terms with the impermanence of a shifting world can bring us grace and serenity.

Finding peace and acceptance in an ever-changing landscape takes courage and wisdom, but we are evolving and creative souls and it’s time now to seek out new ways of living and being. This is easier said than done when we find ourselves being tossed around by the storms of life, but when we turn towards the storms and allow our intuition to guide us, we find ways to flourish and thrive. It’s hard to articulate this shift, but the more we let go, the more peace we find.

Embracing uncertainty is not an easy concept, but denying it only holds us in a state of resistance and this creates friction, leaving us struggling to express our gifts and creativity. This isn’t the same as giving up, it’s a willingness to accept the uncertainty of life but still choosing to live life to the full. We cannot avoid challenges, nor can we ‘fix’ all of our pain and suffering, but we can begin to find more balance in life, and this can help us to navigate the challenges with more wisdom and peace.

Living wholeheartedly means taking a chance on life, exploring new terrain, and opening up to the unknown. So many of us hover on the periphery, doubting our gifts or waiting for a better moment, and so many of us never get the chance to grab hold of life with both hands. Of course, grabbing life with both hands means opening up to some good experiences and some not so good experiences, but that’s an inevitable part of life. We cannot outrun challenges, but we can learn and evolve from them. Life is for living, not for trying to anaesthetise ourselves from the struggles. We can build brick walls around our hearts and souls, but surely all this achieves is to further numb ourselves from living a rich and full life?

It’s time to embrace our strengths, resilience, and gifts, and instead of feeling broken, alone, or disconnected, to seek out ways to find connection once again. There sadly isn’t an instruction manual for life, so we each need to find our own way. Even though we may feel alone, there are always like-minded souls connected to us by a unity of vision. When we pause and take a deep breath, we can re-centre once again.

Life is an adventure and an opportunity to flourish and thrive. Happiness is less about the things we do, the people we see, the places we go or the things we achieve, but more about how we feel and our state of being. It’s about how we breathe into life and how we let life breathe into us…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As the light within your heart and soul continues to shine brightly, there is a sense that you are beginning to see in more detail the nooks and crannies within you that have been in the shadows for so long. These nooks and crannies represent aspects of your hopes and dreams, many of which you parked some time ago in order to do more and be more for those around you. Yet, although you have given of yourself willingly, your hopes and dreams never completely faded away and now you are seeking out more balance and harmony on all levels of your life. Your inner light is illuminating your true priorities, reminding you that your dreams are still ready to be explored. As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self, you are beginning to understand yourself, and your motivations, on a much deeper level, therefore intuitively you know how important it is to acknowledge your hopes and dreams as they represent a vibrant expression of your true essence.

Whilst you will always be there for others, it’s time to be more present for yourself as you start to understand why you do the things you do and explore new ways to live your life. Of course, it’s not easy when you’re caught up in repeating cycles, habits, or conditioning, but intuitively you know that you have the spark, creativity, and tenacity to break free from the cycles that have shaped and defined your life for so long. Let go of any frustration you may feel though as this creates friction on your path ahead, instead find the wisdom and knowledge in your experiences and learn from the choices you’ve previously made. This is a time for focusing on the present moment rather than looking back and berating yourself for choices made or not made. February is a month to create a new intent and to let your dreams fly free…


As you continue to explore the concept of happiness in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense as to the tweaks and adjustments you need to make in order to establish more clarity when it comes to living the life you were born to live. Although you often come across as a passive soul, the fire in your belly burns brightly and rigorously, giving you strength, courage, and determination when it comes to standing in your own truth and acknowledging your own needs and priorities. Yet, happiness is more than this, happiness is not just about eliminating what makes you unhappy, it’s a force in its own right that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Happiness is a state of being that comes from living your life more wholeheartedly as you create your own boundaries and listen more intently to your own heart and soul. In short, happiness isn’t something to go and get, it’s something to be, it’s a willingness to live in each and every moment with openness and compassion.

It’s hard for you as you bend and flex to accommodate the needs and wants of others, but intuitively you know that it’s time now to create a new storyline that brings more balance to all areas of your life. Take some time to live more consciously and listen to your inner self more instead of charging ahead trying to be everything to everyone. Take some time to breathe deeply and regain your perspective as you step beyond the ‘to do’ list and instead think about what makes your heart sing. February is a time to re-connect to the creativity and magic of your life as you look at the bigger picture and contemplate the paths you’ve walked, the path you’re walking and the paths you’d like to walk. Let your intuition guide you…


As you seek out new ways to navigate the storms of life with grace and calmness, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise the importance of stepping more consciously into the present moment. You are a dreamer and a thinker, and your creative spark allows you to drift into the vast expanse of consciousness in order to try to make sense as to why things are the way they are. However, there are times when drifting doesn’t bring you clarity, but only more uncertainty, and these are the times when stepping into the present moment could help you to find your anchor and connect to the peace within your heart and soul. This peace isn’t always overly obvious, particularly when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but it’s there; it’s always there. Of course, there are times when you feel so discombobulated that you just can’t see a way to connect to the peace within, but these are the times when you need it the most.

Try not to see it as an added distraction, but as a way of being that can help to transport you from chaos to grace. This is something of an over-simplification, but intuitively you can sense the distinctions. You are a wise being, and you are now realising that the challenges you’ve faced have enabled you to transform into something far greater than you ever imagined; you have become more than the sum of your experiences. Every experience matters, even the ones that don’t make sense have deeper meaning, but it’s time to look at these with fresh perspective in order to find a new path ahead. Stop over-thinking and over-analysing absolutely everything! You already know you can’t always find the answers to the many questions you have; sometimes, letting go and letting flow is the only way. Believe in yourself and let grace be your guide…


As the energy within your heart and soul continues to lift and shine, there is a sense that you are beginning to see the bigger picture of your life once again. For a long time now, you have spent your time keeping on keeping on, trying to get from where you are to where you’re heading, without really having a clear goal or expectation in mind, just an urge to keep on keeping on. In many ways, you have shifted into autopilot in order to navigate the daily humdrum of life, yet running on the hamster wheel has never suited you, so there is a deep sense of lack and imbalance right at the core of your being as intuitively you want more from life. You are creative and vibrant, and the energy within you is yearning for new avenues of expression and new ways of living and being. Life isn’t just about keeping on keeping on is it? Intuitively you know this isn’t the case, but you seem stuck in a rut with this belief, and you have been finding it really hard to see how you can extricate yourself from the situation.

Sometimes, the harder you look, the less you see. Similarly, the more you keep on keeping on, the less you feel, sense or notice. February looks set to bring you an opportunity for some much-needed breathing space and whilst this might allow you to escape from the rut for a while, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to contemplate how you want to live your life from this moment on. When you feel bogged down, it’s easy to see challenges and brick walls, but when you let your vibrant intuition and creativity illuminate your heart and soul, you can start to see a new light rising over the horizon offering hope, adventure and a new way of living and being…


As you continue to look beyond the busy-ness of your ‘to do’ list and towards the essence of how you want to live your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to cultivate a deeper understanding of the difference between doing and being. Of course, logically you are well aware of the difference, but you are so often caught up in the lives of others that it can be hard to step beyond the busy-ness and towards achieving clarity when it comes to how you want to feel. Although this may sound confusing, the idea is to melt away the confusion, so you are less pulled about by the needs, wants, and wishes of others, and less influenced by your never-ending ‘to do’ list. Instead you are becoming content to feel your way through life, allowing your intuition to guide you. Life is so often measured by the things you do and achieve, and it can be hard to let go of this and instead focus on cultivating the warmth within your heart and soul as your passion, creativity and inspiration rise up and take centre stage.

As one of life’s ‘do-ers’ this is likely to feel quite challenging, but although you like to be busy, you are naturally deeply intuitive and extremely creative as well, and this side of your nature is longing for some freedom now. February brings an opportunity for you to re-set the balance in order to acknowledge your true priorities and connect more consciously to acknowledging what you truly want in life. Only you can know the answer, but it’s important to acknowledge as it’s a sign that you are re-connecting to your intuition as you re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. There isn’t anything for you to do, this is about ‘not doing’, as you step beyond logic and towards balance and joy…


As you continue on your journey of self-discovery, there is a sense that you are beginning to dive deeply within in order to try to understand what makes you tick and why you do the things that you do. Although you are a contemplative, intuitive soul, there are times when you feel a sense of bewilderment when it comes to the choices you make and the paths you walk. Whilst this could be said for just about anyone, for you it’s more profound and distinct as there are times when intuitively you know you need to go one way, but you choose to go in the opposite direction. This is partly due to the influence of those around you, but mostly due to a layer of doubt within you that likes to question your intuition and be a bit rebellious. Of course, even when you’ve gone against your intuition, you’ve had some amazing experiences and wonderful insights, but it seems important that you start to explore the reasons why you seem to doubt yourself.

Whilst there is nothing wrong in ignoring your intuition, you are a wise and intuitive being, so it seems odd not to listen to your inner voice? This discord often throws a spanner in the works when it comes to being yourself and acknowledging all that you are, as it’s hard to capture a glimpse of your essence when you tend to ignore your inner world. Yet, without a deeper correlation between all aspects of your being, how can you be your true self? It’s time to embrace all that you are and to learn to trust your intuition as you are a vibrant and wise soul; in many ways you are a being of intuition as you have no edges – your soul reaches beyond infinity. Let go of the doubt with tenderness as it’s time to believe in yourself and set yourself free…


As you continue to gaze into the window of your soul, your realisation that happiness comes from a willingness to live your life as fully as possible has been something of a revelation for you. You have spent so much of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be. Your beliefs and storylines have shaped the essence of your experience and there is a sense that you’ve felt an enormous pressure to do more, be more and achieve more, yet, all the while, longing for quiet, simplicity and being willing to accept the perfection of imperfection. The pressure you’ve placed on your own shoulders to ‘be better’ has mostly left you with a sense of lack, and this has undermined your creativity, passion, and spark, leaving you doubting your gifts and pushing away self-love and self-compassion as you’ve somehow felt ‘undeserving’. You are a complex soul and it’s impossible to untangle the complexity in a few lines here, but there is a need to let go of the ‘ought’s’ and ‘must’s’ now, changing your inner dialogue to one of more understanding and less judgement.

Of course, you have goals and aspirations, but don’t weaponise these as a way to beat yourself up for not doing more. It’s time to shift the focus away from what you haven’t done to towards the things you have, it’s time to shine the light of self-compassion and acknowledge that each day is ‘day one’ – what you did or didn’t do yesterday should not be a tool to judge yourself with. Let go a little, love yourself more and stop those ‘must’s’! You are a vibrant and beautiful soul, and it’s time to re-calibrate your inner scales away from self-judgement and towards self-love. Life isn’t just about what you achieve and the quest for perfection, it’s more about how you live and how you feel. It’s time for your soul to radiate brightly as you let your gifts flow free…


As you continue to explore new ways to expand your consciousness and live your life more wholeheartedly, there is a sense that you have been listening more intently to the music of your soul. Everyone has music, we each have our own tune that plays throughout the story of our lives. Mostly, this music goes unnoticed, but occasionally we catch a glimmer when we are feeling vibrant and connected. However, there is a sense that you have been longing for a deeper connection to your inner world, so finding ways to listen to the music of your soul has been a way to capture your true essence and explore your creative, spiritual, and energetic edges. Of course, intuitively you know you have no edges as you are an infinite being, but there is a risk of drifting off into infinity and losing your focus, so this is more about getting to know your true self and acknowledging what you truly want in your life, as you seem ready now to explore new landscape and re-define your purpose and sense of direction.

It’s time to breathe deeply and let the music of your soul rise up within you filling your heart with creativity and passion. Although every song is unique, there are commonalities, so whilst it’s important to celebrate your uniqueness, it’s also important to acknowledge the interconnectedness of life. Whilst you are still aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be, the more you find peace with the music of your soul, the more you will realise that life isn’t linear, it’s not only about getting from a to b, it’s about living fully, willingly, and finding ways to thrive despite the uncertainty. February looks set to shift your focus towards the difference between living and thriving as you step beyond the treadmill and seek out a more conscious way of being…


February looks set to be a month of opening up even more to living your life as wholeheartedly as possible. You are a vibrant and effervescent soul, over-brimming with ideas, possibilities, and enthusiasm; in essence you are like a bottle of fizz that’s been shaken a little and your energy is shooting off in many different directions. This might sound like fun, and it certainly brings you a plethora of different experiences in life, but it can also be exhausting as you rarely have time to pause to take a breath or re-centre. Whilst you certainly have the energy to live life on fast-forward, it seems important to discern between times to fizz and bubble, and times to be calmer and more reflective. Of course, you thrive on being busy and you love having a smorgasbord of pathways to discover at any one moment in time. However, maybe you need to ask yourself just how much of your ‘to do’ list is truly, absolutely necessary?

Less is more seems to be the focus now as you’ve been so used to being caught up in distractions and busy-ness that you’ve not taken any time to rest, reflect, and replenish. It’s rarely easy to sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what’s important and what isn’t, but there’s a need to let go of clutter in your life as the free spirit within you wants the room to spread their wings and fly free. It’s hard to fly free with boxes and boxes of stuff (physical and metaphorical) being carried along. So, this is a time to let go, to know that creating balance will help you to navigate your path ahead. Whilst you will always fizz, bubble, and bounce, try to ensure that you are always using your phenomenal intuition and magnificent creativity as these will be your true guides…


You have been on something of a journey over recent weeks, months (even years); you have been aware of changes occurring on every level of your being, but they have, on the whole, been nebulous and beyond understanding. However, despite this nebulousness, you have sensed the need to continue on this journey as the winds of change have been gathering momentum for a long time. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be, trying to be everything to everyone around you and often sacrificing your own needs and dreams in the process. Although you have done this willingly, over time you have realised the cost of this as your heart and soul have felt a sense of lack and this has brought you a layer of melancholy, a sense of what could have been…

Whilst you are wise enough to know that you could never truly know what could have been, intuitively you know that this nebulous shift is a result of you making some conscious changes when it comes to drawing boundaries, honouring your own needs, and listening to your intuition to guide you. You might not be one to upset the apple cart, but you also know the importance of listening to your inner world as this is the true source of happiness and joy. It’s therefore time to shift your focus towards living the best life possible, to shine the light of compassion within and to have the courage to explore unchartered terrain. It’s important to acknowledge that your dreams have never been lost, they’ve just been gathering dust as you’ve not had the time, or focus, to bring them to life. Until now! Although still nebulous, the winds of change have brought some momentum and courage, so pull back the curtains, grab the duster and let your dreams shine brightly once again…


As you continue to ponder and reflect on the life you’ve lived, the life you’re living and the life you’d like to live, there is a sense that you have made some big discoveries, connecting more consciously to the meaning of life, and gaining a clearer connection to your true essence. You have spent a great deal of time trying to make sense of life, your path, and your purpose, and although you are a visionary, there is a sense that your focus has often been on the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be. Whilst this is natural, it has often put you under immense pressure as you’ve felt scattered in many different directions at the same time making it hard for you to focus. As a result, you’ve sometimes felt lost, misunderstood, and overwhelmed with your gifts as you’ve not been able to work out how best to flourish and thrive.

In addition, there have always been things to see, do, be and achieve, and although you are naturally inquisitive, this has often brought you further confusion and left you in a spin. Yet, despite this confusion, deep within the core of your being, you have always had a sense of the greater purpose of your life; it’s been woolly and nebulous at times, but you’ve always felt the inklings of ‘something more’ and it’s time to turn towards this more wholeheartedly now in order to seek out a clearer sense of direction. You are nearing a new chapter, a time to shed some of the clutter on all levels of your life, and a time to think about what you truly want. What makes you happy? What energises you? What depletes you? Take some time to look at the bigger picture and the finer details of your life and let your intuition lead the way…


You have spent a great deal of your life trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are. You have explored the world within you and gazed deeply into your heart and soul as you’ve opened up to your strengths and gifts. This hasn’t been easy for you as you often see yourself as a passive force that drifts along with the currents of other people’s lives. However, intuitively you know that this perspective isn’t an accurate reflection of your exceptional wisdom, courage, and power, but it’s somehow easier to defer to the default setting of ‘drifting’ as it makes for an easier life! Or does it? More recently you have found yourself on new terrain as you have discovered more about yourself and your gifts than ever before, making it hard to deny or resist your phenomenal presence. This has left you in something of a conundrum as intuitively you know that true balance and joy comes from embracing your gifts, so denying them is denying yourself an opportunity for a more enriching life.

It seems important to ask yourself why you’re holding back from exploring unchartered terrain and embracing a new way of living and being. You are a vibrant, creative, and intuitive soul, your inner light shines brightly and just about every cell of your being is generous, loving, and compassionate. February looks set to invite you to begin the process of shedding the load of misplaced self-beliefs and to instead embrace your true essence as you contemplate what you truly want from your life. Such a process takes courage and vision, but you’re ready now to set yourself free in order to find more balance, harmony, and joy in every nook and cranny of your soul. As you cross this new threshold, take some time out to rest as this will help to re-ignite your passion and creativity as you redefine your life from the inside, out…