Flight of the Hummingbird

Hummingbird’s have been featuring very highly in my dreams and meditations recently. Whilst they may be one of the smallest birds (if not the smallest) in the world, they are vibrant and energetic, and completely unforgettable.

In many ways, the hummingbird reminds me of the energy of the planet Mercury – buzzing, rushing, communications. There is also a sense of joy connected to hummingbirds, for they have an ability to make most people smile.

Hummingbirds represent the elixir of life (they feed on nectar), they help us to see the joy in our lives. They also help us to keep going, even when the going gets tough, becuase hummingbird can help us to see the possible in the impossible. They give us the courage and the beleif to keep going, even when things seem uncertain and full of doubt.

These beautiful birds also have an impact on the emotional level for they can help us to purify and cleanse ourselves of trauma and blocks that may be holding us back in life. Of course, hummingbirds have the ability to fly backwards, and so this bird can help us to look backwards and to let go of past pain, hurt and grief.

After the ups and downs of 2008, hummingbird can not only help us to be free spirits, but this tiny little bundle of vibrancy and vitality can inspire us to move into 2009 with love and joy in our hearts.