Getting Into The Christmas Spirit…

…And no, I don’t mean the whiskey (that’s for Santa!).

I always like to take a little time out to write on Christmas morning. It is quiet energetically as so many people are either in bed, opening presents with the family, in spiritual contemplation, at Church, or drinking and partying (and not necessarily in that order…).

I like to take the time to meditate and send out healing to all those individuals who – for whatever reason – are alone, sad, in pain or in need of love. I also like to cross spiritual boundaries, and offer healing to those who do not celebrate Christmas.

For many people, Christmas is all about expensive presents, over-indulging and family arguments. For others, it is a truly religious day, a celebration. There are many though who will spend this day alone, without any contact with the outside world, without a conversation, without a friendly smile – some have no home, no family, and no place to go. For others, today is a day of work – for armed services, doctors, nurses, police, firemen, care workers etc – they will spend at least some of this day away from family and friends, away from the celebrations.

Christmas in the modern world is very commercialised and I wonder if the true meaning of Christmas even floats into many people’s consciousness. How many of us reach out to an elderly neighbour living alone? How many of us take some time to contact those we know to be alone or sad? How many of us say a prayer for those who are away from their families – the armed forces, the homeless etc.

I celebrate Christmas with my family, and each year that family gets bigger and bigger – as well as various random elderly neighbours who live alone coming along, we now also do a ‘meals on wheels’ Christmas dinner for an elderly chap who is almost blind. For me, this is what Christmas is about. I guess it just seems natural to reach out to others.

Of course, not everyone wants to be with others at Christmas, but to at least try makes such a difference. To see a smile on someone’s face and to know that you might have contributed (at least in part to that smile) is a wonderful Christmas present.

So, my wish as always:

All I want for Christmas is for everyone’s hearts to be filled with love and joy, and this is my way of sending out healing thoughts to everyone, to acknowledge those who are often forgotten, and to ask that we all come together to celebrate the true Spirit of Christmas – love.