Go Slowly

As the winds of change continue to gather momentum, and as the cosmic roller coaster ride continues in earnest, there is a sense of exuberant energy shifts and deep changes occurring on just about every level of our beings. Whilst it would be all too easy to get carried along with these currents like a leaf being taken by the wind, there is a sense that whilst we do need to step into the flow and become One with it, we need to be sure that we do not lose ourselves at the same time. In other words, we need to remain open to the process of change, but we need to avoid becoming caught up in the ‘rush’ of the adrenalin ride.

It seems that as we journey through the shifting sands of life, and as we open up to the new consciousness that is rising up like the sap in the trees, there is a need for us to remain centred and balanced. Not easy when clinging on to the safety bar on a cosmic roller coaster ride of epic proportion, but important, in order to remain conscious and fully present in the experience.

Of course, we are human, and this means that we react to stimuli from a perspective of survival; it is our natural instinct to sometimes resist or seek understanding. This is not ‘wrong’, it is simply part of being human. Yet, in order to make the most of this incredible time of shift, it seems that we need to open up to a deeper understanding of the transience that we are all experiencing. In other words, we need to stop feeling lost in the process, but to instead become mindful and fully conscious, so that we can find ourselves.

Once we can be wholeheartedly mindful, we can begin to let go of the ‘rush’, the fear and the chaos, for we realise that it no longer defines us or shapes our lives. Whilst we cannot ‘escape’ from the trials and tribulations of everyday life (and why would we want to, for they make life all the more interesting?), we can begin to shift our awareness away from the fear of clinging onto that safety bar and instead embrace a deep sense of knowing which helps us to let go of fear in order to live a more conscious, but more peaceful existence.

In a way, we are standing in the eye of a hurricane; the chaos swirling all around, and we can either step into the winds and lose ourselves in the rush, or we can remain centred, still, mindful and fully conscious. It seems that by stepping into the wind, we are stepping away from our true nature, for whilst we become One with the hurricane of life, the hurricane will eventually pass and we will find ourselves stuck in a material world of consumerism, power and ego; un-centred and struggling to find our way home. The winds seem to be distractions, taking us away from our inner worlds as we seek external fixes to soothe and heal, inspire and empower.

Standing in the eye of the hurricane is not easy, nor is it for the feint hearted, for it takes courage and strength to stand resolute and centred in the midst of so much shift and change. Of course, part of the journey to Self involves surrendering to the flow of life and becoming One with all there is, so it might be easy to see the flow as the winds; yet it seems clear that it is the stillness and the peace that are our guiding lights now as we continue to awaken and open up to our true divinity.

Some might say that in order to become Whole, we need to blend with both the wind and the stillness, and in a way, this is true, but it seems that in order to make progress on the journey to Self, we need to become less drawn by external forces (the winds) and more awakened from within (the stillness). There is an air of paradox or conundrum here, for we need these external forces in order to interact and grow in life, but they are not the focus now; for it is only once we have truly centred, awakened and become conscious, that we can begin to open up and live a more balanced life.

In other words, we have to find stillness within before we can find stillness without, for without stillness within, we struggle to become centred or Whole…