Good Vibrations

The Divine Soul continued…

The Sacred Union of Chiron and Neptune continues and many of us still find ourselves lost in the haze trying to find our True Selves. Each of us are Golden Buddha’s (see previous post!), and each of us now has the chance to shine. It is time to chisel through the clay and conditioning of our lives, and to re-connect to the purity and stillness within. Once in that space we are able to honour the Divinity of our souls and love.

Remember that love emanates light, joy, positivity and abundance – it is a state of Being. Each of us has the chance to follow our own lights within to guide us and to witness first-hand the expansive nature of our Souls.

We are all made of energy, our cells vibrate. Everything around us is energy and so everything vibrates. We are each incredible and wondrous beings that contain the whole Universe in each and every one of the trillions of atoms that make up our being. However, not everything vibrates at the same level, and sometimes life experiences can affect our vibrational ‘note’ and we become out of sync with our vibration leaving us feeling lethargic, out of sorts or just a bit lost.

By re-connecting to the core of our Beings and emanating love, joy and light we can each find our ‘notes’ once again in the vast orchestra of ‘all there is’.

Each of us has an instrument to play – our gifts and talents – and together with like-minded spirits playing our ‘song’ we come together to form a perfectly tuned orchestra. When such soul groups play all their ‘notes’ together their resonance or vibration is joyous.

This song keeps us nourished, happy and healthy. If we let ourselves move out of sync, we go out of tune and become a noise, discordant and very hard on the ears.

For many sensitive or intuitive souls they can hear both the beautiful songs and the discordance resonating around the world, and the Chiron/Neptune conjunction is enabling more and more of us to become aware of this in order to re-tune ourselves to resonate harmony, joy and love.

Remember this is a state of Being. Life carries on, but it is our state of Being that helps us to deal with the challenges that life brings.