Grasping The Nettle

In this time of change, shift and movement, it is all too easy to become lost in the chaos and feel powerless drifting with the currents of life. We can, at times, lose our momentum and flow for the currents are strong and can pull us off course. We may try to fight the currents, but they are powerful, and resistance can be exhausting, and perhaps a little futile. The constant struggle can see our inner light subside as the passion and spark gets sucked out like a vacuum cleaner on full power.

This is a challenging time, but it is a breakthrough time as well. How we think, feel and act now looks set to shape the rest of our lives; a scary thought perhaps, but this has been a long time coming. It therefore seems that the more consumed we become in this tidal battle of fighting the currents or going with the flow, that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. We can get so focused on the intricate patterns of the bark, that we stop seeing the tree let alone the forest!

Human nature gives us tunnel vision when life gets challenging, we have to focus on what’s important in order to survive. Yet, when we take a step back we can begin to see solutions where previously all we saw was brick walls; we can see light where there was dark, and hope where there was none.

Stepping back is hard when life demands our full and unbending attention, but sometimes we just have to if we are to regain our perspective and re-focus. If we become too lost in the stormy seas of shift, we can disconnect with our essence and then all sense of clarity wanes for we have lost sight of our Truth and purpose. Yet, remaining connected to our essence should not be a battle; it should not have to be fought for in stormy seas, for it is always within us. It seems that by becoming so focused on the chaos and the storm that we can forget this and allow confusion and fear to take over, but when we pause even for a fleeting moment, we can sense our essence as strongly as ever.

It is important to know that our essence is always there; it does not leave us, but we can ‘lose it’ by becoming lost in the storms of life. Yet, all we need to do is to take a deep breath and feel it close once again like a comforting blanket on a cold, dark night. Once we have re-connected, we can then see life differently, for we can then walk in Truth and knowing towards a new dawn. The storms and the chaos wash over us and no longer consume us, for the journey to Self is complete. It takes practice, dedication, determination and faith, but these are all a part of life!

‘Grasping the nettle’ may be a somewhat strange heading, for the nettle stings! Yet, it only stings if we brush past it; for if we grab it boldly and firmly we avoid being stung! Moving beyond metaphors, it seems that the stronger and more firmly we grab hold of life and connect to our essence or Truth that we can begin to let go of the chaos and walk a new path of knowing, freedom and bliss…

This is a time to break the cycles in life in order to become free from conditioning and stagnancy. In part, this is connected to taking more responsibility, owning our choices, and embracing our true power, for the more consciously we walk the earth, the more we grasp that nettle and allow our full magnificence to shine. This is a time to love ourselves (every single aspect), to regain our perspectives and to reconnect to our essence; for as our inner warriors stir and awaken, we are preparing to let go of confusion and uncertainty in order to embrace clarity and vision which are beginning to surface with inspiration, strength and passion…