Heaven Sent

As the Sun and the Moon prepare for a beautiful celestial dance, each of us can expect to feel the beginning of some powerful and profound shifts within. This process has already begun in earnest as we can feel buoyant and full of optimism one moment, but lost and despondent the next. Some may call this ascension syndrome, others call it evolution; either way, we can each expect to feel euphoric, empty, blissful, hollow and peaceful all at the same time.

As our consciousness rises and we awaken, we touch life more deeply and we can begin to see the true inter-connectedness of the Whole. During such an intense experience, we feel such a plethora of emotional peaks and troughs as we seek out balance and understanding. Of course, sometimes we are not meant to understand, we are meant to trust, but as human beings, we need to understand for that is our way.

Standing on the precipice between where we once were and where we want to be, we can feel too scared to breathe; too scared to move. We can feel excited but terrified in the same nano-second. Our senses intensify and we begin to feel so much more than we ever thought possible; like having no skin or no filter, and this can feel awe-inspiring, but it can feel overwhelmingly profound at the same time.

These are confusing times, and we find ourselves surrounded by sleepwalkers yet to awaken or stir; this can feel isolating and it can feel frustrating, but we have to trust that, as individuals, we each have our own path of awakening (or not). This happens in our own time and in our own way; all we can do is to become conduits or channels for love, bliss and joy, and inspire and empower others to do the same.

Even for those of us around the world who will not see the forthcoming Solar Eclipse, the shifts are significant and not to be ignored, for on an energetic and spiritual level, this age old dance between the Sun and the Moon has a powerful impact on the Earth and on each of us, both individually and collectively. We are all energy, and we are all entwined and part of the Universal Whole. During a Solar Eclipse, the energy flow is tweaked and changed akin to someone turning up the voltage on an amp box. Such powerful shifts can feel like electricity coursing through our veins as it is so intense and profound.

As the light of the Sun fades during an eclipse, much comes to the surface to be healed and renewed. Like a mini Dark Night of the Soul, we have to go within to face the depths, the darkness and be without fear. We have to experience the true depth of feeling as our filters fade and we open up to the amazing and incredible light of a new day of consciousness awareness.

This is a time of awakening; a time to embrace the darkness in order to move beyond polarities to a place of centeredness and balance. Of course, we all know that just as the light fades, it soon returns, but we can work with this powerful time to shift our focus, energy, thoughts and intentions towards a new way of living and being, not just for ourselves as individuals, but collectively as well. At the same time, we can extend this to the Earth, her other residents and the Universe – we are all part of the One after all.

This forthcoming Eclipse helps us to embrace the darkness and to realise that there is nothing to fear within. Once we can truly be free of fear, we stop seeing the world and life in terms of stark polarity (dark and light), for we see the fuller picture. We can then begin to embrace our true power and our true essence in order to move beyond definition in order to re-shape and re-create the very fabric of our existence.

This is a powerful time to pause, meditate, heal and release as we prepare to ride the wave through a myriad of cosmic events over the days, weeks, months and years to come…