Insights from the Newsletter

We are in the midst of an interesting and somewhat intense cosmic climate. Whilst the overwhelming feeling is positive and life affirming, the energies are chaotic and bewildering; unsettling and unnerving even the strongest among us.

Already in 2011 we have witnessed Jupiter and Uranus move in Aries, and Neptune move into Pisces. We have had a super moon, and Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde. Individually these events are significant and life changing, but cumulatively they add up to far more than the parts alone.

Jupiter is on a mission to re-ignite the creative fires within, and Uranus is encouraging us to be individuals. Aries intensifies both of these immensely. Ethereal and mystical Neptune in ethereal and mystical Pisces is linked to our spiritual strength, our belief, and the power of our intent. Saturn in retrograde is encouraging us to take responsibility for our lives and for the choices that we make. Pluto retrograde acts as a catalyst to help us to shed the clutter from our lives, to break repeating patterns and to surrender to the flow of our lives.

We are going through a quickening now, a time of profound and immeasurable change, both within and without. Yet this is a time for stillness, not a time to thrash against the currents. Stillness comes from mindfulness, and mindfulness comes from an ability to change our perspectives and our intent, to move to a place of knowing rather than a place of fear in our lives.

It seems that through intent, we can change the power or the energy of our thoughts, and this can help us to change the energy of our lives. What we think, we create. This may sound a little simplistic, but when it comes down to it, life is simple; we just love to complicate it.

By being mindful, we can move beyond the chatter in our minds and access the knowledge and wisdom that lies beyond this. In this place, we can begin to see our lives from a whole new vantage point, and things suddenly make sense. Of course it is not easy being mindful, as life tends to get in the way, but practice makes perfect.

In many ways this intense energy is being pushed together tighter and tighter like the coils of a spring, and very soon the spring will uncoil and burst forth with a huge amount of vim and vigour. As the summer approaches, it is important to focus on our true goals and priorities, and to find clarity in our lives, for when the spring uncoils we can expect to be catapulted forwards with huge intensity. It is therefore important that we are ready for the ride!

An important link in this cosmic chain is Pluto. Powerful little Pluto was sadly demoted to ‘dwarf planet’ and many may think that his impact has dwindled as a result. Yet it is Pluto that is the driving force behind much of the change and transformation that we are experiencing.