Inspired Thoughts

Now is the time to learn to fly. Life is not simply about finding a way through the unknown (the void); it is not about getting to the other side unscathed and in one piece. It is about jumping into the unknown feet first, without hesitation; knowing that if we believe, we can ‘fly’; and we can do anything.

Life in many ways is about service to a higher power – helping, healing and inspiring. Yet we must not forget that we are all One – therefore serving the higher power is also serving ourselves. We must therefore honour ourselves and each other.

We are all One with the Universe; and with this knowledge, comes the realisation that anything IS possible. The rules are simple: intend it, believe it and it will be so. There is no room for doubt. The power of intent is a wonderful thing.

This is not about greed, power or the material, yet intent is often used for these. This is about the inner world and the abundance that we all have within.

The feelings of oneness and of losing the Self through surrendering into the sea of consciousness, helps each of us to become whole. From this wholeness comes stillness, from the stillness comes joy.

So, contentment and joy come from within that stillness, and when we are truly content in the moment, feelings of lack and longing dissipate; and instead feelings of true wealth flood through. It is in those moments that we can feel truly inspired, motivated and empowered. In these moments, we feel connected to our paths of destiny, and the path ahead is clear and well lit.

The lesson is simple. Keep life simple. Keep beliefs simple. Let go of baggage on all levels – travel lightly. Keep intentions clear, trust your intuition and stay true to your Self.

A new day has dawned, and a new awareness is emerging…