It’s Time for Change

Now I am not using this slogan in allegiance to any particular political party with the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the UK, but it’s interesting how this phrase has caught on as everyone feels that it most certainly is time for change – not necessarily politically, but socially, morally, spiritually and emotionally.

The winds of change have been gathering momentum for some weeks now, there has been much resistance to the idea of going more with the flow of life (an example would be the recent volcanic ash from Iceland that grounded flights across Europe; was there really a choice but to go with the flow, waiting for airspace to re-open?).

Mercury has been retrograde this past couple of weeks (since the 18th) and he will remain there until the 11th, and he is continuing to be something of a mischief maker when it comes to plans, communications and legal matters. This is also a case of ‘going with the flow’ until the cosmic climate changes.

The combination of Pluto and Ceres joining Mercury, Saturn and Pallas Athene all in retrograde is highlighting a great deal of inner work and reflection. This is a time for taking responsibility for our choices, honouring the wholeness within, nurturing ourselves, having the courage of our convictions and at the same time not allowing Mercury to create any confusion, misgivings or misunderstandings.

Over the coming weeks, there are more celestial events which will continue to build on this theme of change. Of course, much of this is connected to the change within, but it is only with inner change that true outer change can happen. So, at the moment we need to ‘go with the flow’ and whilst this is confusing and unsettling for a great many people, it is simply preparing us for the next wave of cosmic events…

…I will go into more detail over the coming weeks, but Neptune will also move retrograde, whilst Uranus followed by Jupiter are moving into the feisty Aries. They are moving towards a very powerful conjunction, and this is truly the start of something big…