It’s Time To Dance

Everything has its time in life. There are moments to smile, moments to cry, moments to reflect and moments to stand up and be strong; there have always been such moments and there will always be, as this is a part of life.  Of course, for many of us, such moments often collide together bringing us a collaboration of feelings and experiences in the blink of an eye. Then there are those seemingly endless moments where we feel almost devoid of anything; those gaps or spaces in-between the spaces of life that somehow seem empty and without meaning. No one ever said being human was easy…

In a single moment we can feel as though we are at the epicentre of a whirlwind so strong, we can hardly stand up; we struggle to stay upright, battling to go on. And then, just like those few moments after a storm has passed, we find the stillness and the quiet before the world wakes up and becomes itself once again, and this moment brings us insight, wisdom and clarity, helping us to carry on and inspiring us to live our lives as richly and as fully as possible. Of course, both states of being are a part of the bigger whole as we cannot have one without the other. Like the day that follows the night, storms come and go in life, moments pass and, as Heraclitus once declared, ‘you can never step into the same river; for new waters are always flowing on to you’.

Change is a part of life and the more conscious of change we become, the more aware we are of the millions of moments that come together to make up the whole. Life is not about the number of moments we have but about the quality of those moments. We can never know what lies around the next corner in life, and why would we want to as surely such knowledge will keep us even more acutely focused on the future and away from the present moment? The best gift we have in life is the present, and rather than define ourselves by the past or by aspirations or hope for the future, when we live in the present moment, life becomes richer, fuller and more energised as we stop living conditionally and start getting on with the business of making the most of each and every moment.

When we stand on the edge of the boundaries that we imagine and perceive in life, we realise that those boundaries are only there because we allow them to be. When we take a deep breath and re-align, the boundaries fall away as we once again feel centred and unrestrained as we step consciously towards the true infinity of life. Life is, by and large, what we make of it. Stuff happens, change happens, shift happens (often without the f) and although we are not always in control of this, we are in control of how we perceive and respond to such situations.

Life is a precious gift, and when we begin to truly appreciate this, we realise that there is no room for harbouring anger or bitterness, or clinging on to resentment or pain. When we do, the only person that truly suffers is the one that stares back at us when we gaze in the mirror. Whilst all of our experiences shape and define the paths we walk in life, we do not become them unless we choose to. When we step beyond the boundaries, we begin to feel the freedom of never stepping into the same river twice, not as a way to avoid responsibility or accountability, but the opposite: to consciously and wholeheartedly come alive once again.

The river flows whether we want it to or not. Life happens. Stuff happens. And yes, some of it isn’t nice; some of it is hideous, painful and beyond reason. Yet, at the same time, life is for living, and the more we embrace this, the more we will realise that it’s not just us that suffers and struggles, in fact, we see that suffering, pain and struggle goes beyond social standing, wealth or intelligence; life is difficult for everyone. It’s not about us personally; never has been, never will be. Of course, knowing this doesn’t actually change anything, but it does lift our heads up away from isolation and disconnection towards realising our own strength and acknowledging that we can either remain victims or we can embrace life once again.

Everything has its time in life and we have a choice: embrace each moment (leaning into any discomfort) to become free, or we can keep on keeping on. When we choose to embrace each moment, we fully appreciate the value of life and we become more aware of the preciousness of life. Such a realisation wakes us up and inspires us to dance more consciously with all that life has to offer; we become integral parts of the Whole and feel the life force flowing freely within.

As the river of life continues to flow and the currents chop and change, it is time now to find the strength within to let go and to become One with the flow, opening up to living authentically, joyfully and consciously. In essence, it seems that this is the time to dance…