January 2023 Forecast

Message for January 2023

January looks set to be a month to re-focus and re-align our hearts and souls as we connect to a growing sense of awareness on all levels of our being. After a chaotic and rambunctious 2022, it’s almost hard to believe we have entered a new year, and January may feel very quiet and reflective, but this is a quiet to be savoured and celebrated as we can each make the most of this opportunity to naturally come back to centre.

Although we intuitively accept the need for the chaos as a part of the process of change and evolution, it is hard to ignore the somewhat frenetic and confusing turmoil around us. It’s as though our eyes and hearts have been prised fully open which means we are each feeling and sensing so much more than we ever imagined possible. This can be overwhelming due to the tsunami of thoughts, emotions and energies swirling around, some of them are very intense and profound, but when we pause and breathe, we find our centres once again and the storms seem to abate.

When we acknowledge that nothing feels the same as it once did, this can also help each of us to centre as we begin to realise just how much we need to go with the flow. It’s when we try to resist or fight the inevitability of the shifting currents that we can feel disconnected and exhausted. This isn’t about giving up or giving in, nor is it about letting go of injustice or inequality, it’s simply a willingness to stop trying to carry all of this within. It’s time to travel more lightly in order to let more light in. The lighter we become, the more able we are to take a more balanced approach to life.

Whether we like it or not, the path of evolution continues in earnest; this is not a process we can stop. It’s like the night turning into the dawn or the shift of the tectonic plates, it’s a force that continues whether we are willing participants or not. The more willing we become to acknowledge our evolution, the more we connect to the bigger picture and the less isolated we feel. Although we may be physically alone, spiritually, and energetically there are always others walking by our sides.

This is a time to open up to the beauty and strength within in order to re-shape and re-define the very essence of life itself, to re-discover the spirit of humanity and to seek out new ways to live our best lives. January looks set to be a rare opportunity to declare a new intent, to stand firm in stormy seas and to speak truth. We have all spent a great deal of time trying to get life right and trying to be everything to those around us, judging ourselves for not doing enough or being enough. We would never allow someone to speak to us so harshly, but we feel it’s ok if our inner dialogue is unforgiving and unsympathetic. It’s not!

It’s time to embrace the true spirit of self-compassion and self-love, and both of these will shape our goals, dreams and hopes. This is more of a New Year Revolution rather than a resolution, as it’s time to up-end the rulebook and find compassion and love wherever we can.

So, we each need to find some time over the weeks ahead to go within in order to re-connect to the things that makes our hearts sing. This is unique for each soul but there is a common over-arching theme: compassion. It’s time to let go of judgement, self-criticism, and disconnection, and acknowledgement that we each form a vital part of the jigsaw puzzle of life. We each have roles to play and it cannot be complete without us.

It’s time to step forward with love in our hearts and to know it’s ok to seek out respite from the storms of life. At the same time, we need to let go of living conditionally and open up to self-compassion. Life isn’t about trying to ‘fix’ ourselves, it’s about living and being alive. We each need to find joy in the now, to live life wholeheartedly and to measure our happiness by all that we are, not by all that we’re not. It’s time to cultivate joy and happiness, to seek these out and create space in our lives for them to flourish and thrive. The more we can love and respect ourselves, the brighter our light becomes and the more this radiates into the world. The sooner we can let go of judgement and criticism (mostly of ourselves), the more we are set free.

The world may feel polarised, and we may feel disjointed, but the more we go within to find our centres, the less disconnected we feel and the more we are able to calm the stormy seas. It’s important to find the time to switch off, to reach for the off button on the constant ‘noise’ of life – phones, tv, chatter, busy-ness. It’s time to know it’s ok to sit and listen to the bird in song, or to watch the waves. without needing to check our emails or catch up on social media. It’s time to focus on what’s truly important in life.

Just remember that we are all in this together, so it’s important to focus on the aspects of life that unite us rather than on those things that divide us. As we each continue on our journey of evolution, the more deeply we can breathe into life, the more our souls expand with love and tenderness. There is nothing to do here, this is a state of being, a state of knowing that we are intuitively aware of in every single cell…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



It seems that your inner voice continues to make itself heard as January looks set to be a month of contemplation, inner consolidation, and resolution, as you find new ways to look at the bigger picture of your life. As you continue to bring together many of the different facets of your being, there is a sense that you are ready to step beyond thinking about your goals and dreams, towards living them. You have spent a great deal of time thinking about where you are in your life and where you would like to be. In addition, you have started to see the difference between what you truly want from life and what you feel you ought to want. It’s been hard for you as you try so hard to be the person you feel everyone else wants you to be, but your passion and strong-mindedness can leave you feeling frustrated that you are not being true to yourself.

As an intuitive and sensitive soul, it’s so easy for you to pick up on the needs, dreams and wants of others and this can leave you confused as to where you end and others begin. Whilst this side of your nature inspires your connectivity and creativity, it’s important to draw boundaries in your life in order to connect to your own needs more. As a result, it seems the more time you take to re-centre and re-balance, the more you will see new ways to live a richer and more fulfilling life. Although you are an ambitious and driven soul, there is a more passive and sedate air around you throughout January as you stop contemplating what you feel you need to do with your life and instead focus on how you want to live. The difference may seem insignificant on the surface, but intuitively you know it’s time focus on your own dreams now as this is your time to shine…


As you continue to focus on your true priorities, there is a sense that you are beginning to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. Throughout January your inner strength and vision shines brightly as you start to contemplate what happens next in your life. In many ways you have been in an in-between stage for quite some time, not quite where you were and not where you want to be either. Yet, when you look into that in-between state more closely, this seems to be more related to how you’re feeling than to where you actually are in life. It’s as though you are ready to welcome change in your life, but you haven’t quite decided what shape or form you would like this change to take. In essence, you’re not quite sure where you’re heading next and why. Of course, you don’t always have the luxury of knowing the ‘why’, as life isn’t always so accommodating, but it seems important to establish this now as you need to have a sense of purpose once again.

Knowing your ‘why’ is the power that drives you forward, and it lets you know that you are on the right path in life. In addition, the more you focus on your true priorities, the less you will feel the need to be more, do more and achieve more in life. This may sound counter-intuitive, but relaxing more consciously into your essence brings strength, wisdom, and courage, and these are the forces you have in abundance that have the power to steady the ship of your life. January looks set to begin a new journey for you, one that involves living a more awakened and self-aware life. This isn’t self-indulgent or self-focused, it’s simply a reflection of the need to honour yourself more now. Just remember you are a creative, passionate, and beautiful soul…


Defining your truth looks set to take on a whole new level in January as you take some time to pause and reflect on the life you have lived, the life you’re living and the life you’d like to live. You have spent a great deal of time looking back on your past experiences in order to understand them and bring insight into the present moment. Sometimes this reflection can be so intense that you forget to take notice of where you are now, let alone where you’re heading. You are a gentle soul and you so frequently put the needs of others above your own, and whilst this brings you great reward, there is also a layer of sadness intermingled amongst the positive in connection to you not making more of each and every moment. Understanding the past is important, but it’s behind you. Unless you wholeheartedly live in the moment and think about what you truly want in life then it is hard for you to find a way forwards. Yet, being stuck and uncertain isn’t a natural way of being for you as it can leave you feeling listless and disconnected, so it’s really important for you to find a way to step beyond linear time and towards living a more conscious and creative life.

You are a vibrant being and you have so many gifts and talents yet to discover or acknowledge. Just remember that your true reference point for self-understanding is to live your life as consciously and intuitively as possible. True understanding comes from an acknowledgement that it’s the whole journey of your life that matters and that the path ahead of you is filled with possibility and potential. The key to embracing this is to not only live as wholeheartedly as possible, but to let go of your perfectionist tendencies and know that you are not only enough exactly as you are, but you are incredible as well…


You have been on a rollercoaster of a journey over recent months as you have found a new way to reconcile and understand why you are the way you are. For so long you have felt on the edge of life, sensing you are so different to those around you, but you have now started to accept that it’s these differences that bring you unique insight and wisdom. It’s unquestionably hard to feel connected when you feel on the edge, but you are finally starting to let go of the burden you’ve been carrying to keep on keeping on. Seeking out freedom takes courage, and it also takes a willingness to acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses, it also has the potential to bring you new layers of insight as to why you do the things you do.

The path to Self is never straightforward, but your willingness to face the mirror of your soul has the potential to bring you a more enriching and rewarding way of living and being. January looks set to see you leaving behind certain aspects of yourself in 2022, as though you are shedding your skin of the old and stepping forward refreshed and renewed. This might sound a little vague, but the details are nebulous as this is more about how you feel not what you do. It’s time to start acknowledging your feelings and emotions, and to realise that they have the power to guide you forwards in life. You are a phenomenally intuitive and creative soul and it’s so important that you embrace these gifts now. Although you are not one to jump for joy at change, you seem ready to walk a new path in life and be open to adventure and expansion on the road ahead. It’s time for you to have the freedom to be yourself and to love yourself for it…


As you continue to embrace the twists and turns of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to actively seek out opportunities to go ‘off road’ and explore pastures new. You have left many doubts behind you and found new ways to embrace your courage and determination, inspiring you to live your best life. As a result, there is a strong sense of empowerment lighting up your life as you step into January. Your heart and mind are more open than ever before as you acknowledge your true priorities, as well as your willingness to draw boundaries when you need to say ‘No’. For such a long time, ‘No’ was almost a dirty word for you as you felt so much guilt at the idea you might be letting others down, but you have found the courage to reconcile these feelings and to instead acknowledge the need to be self-compassionate and self-loving.

Sometimes saying no is actually the best choice for everyone and this realisation has set you free; it’s been quite a seed change for you as you spend so much time trying to be everything to everyone, and whilst you still over-give of your time and energy, you are beginning to find ways to balance this more with your own needs and dreams.  As a result, there is more passion and energy flowing through your heart and soul as your creativity surges and your self-belief soars. For so long you have tried to live the life you felt you needed to live, but you are now embracing the idea that it’s time to live the life you were born to live. The details of this and what it exactly means to you are still being resolved in your heart and soul, but do remember that you are in the driving seat of your life, and this is your time to discover pastures new…


Cultivating happiness and embracing space both look set to continue throughout January as you harness the energy of the new year with strength and vision. For a long time now, you have been stood at a crossroads in your life, pondering the best way to move forwards, and you are now beginning to look beyond the signposts and maps towards allowing your intuition to guide you. You have always been open to walking the path less travelled, and you are realising that the more you let your intuition lead the way, the more your creativity flows freely. Of course, what lies ahead of you is unknowable as that’s the nature of life, and you can’t help but feel excited as the air feels bursting with possibilities and potential. The key to harnessing this fully is to engage wholeheartedly with the process and to start acknowledging your gifts and talents more willingly. It’s not that you aren’t aware of your gifts, but you often ‘park’ them because you defer your own wisdom for the sake of others.

It’s important for you to listen to yourself more and to know that your intuition has the potential to illuminate the path ahead, however the only way to tap into this potential is to believe in yourself. Self-belief has always felt a little too elusive for you as you have often felt it somewhat self-indulgent to acknowledge your own strengths. Yet it isn’t indulgence or ego, it’s just a willingness to know that it’s perfectly okay to listen to your inner world to guide you. It’s also completely acceptable to know that you are an intuitive, creative, and wise soul, as these are facts! This isn’t a time to get lost in the inner wranglings and struggles of not wanting to own your gifts as they are yours and that’s another fact. It’s time to be yourself and to find the joy in being you…


January looks set to be something of a breakthrough month for you, as you let go of a great many doubts and fears in your life allowing your spirit to finally dance in the sunshine with carefree abandon. At the same time, you feel free to dance in the storms of life. It would be nice to just focus on the sunshine, but life is an ebb and flow of change and although we often try to avoid storms, it can be fun sometimes to dance in the rain. In essence this is all about embracing each and every moment and taking life in your stride. There is a sense of an emerging freedom rising up from deep within the core of your being; this freedom seems on a mission to inspire you to think about the bigger picture of your life once again. You have spent so long on fast forward, trying to keep moving, getting things done, and it seems you have started to lose sight of your phenomenal intuition to guide you.

It’s time to give yourself permission to rest for a while in order to re-centre and re-focus in order to allow the stillness within your heart and soul to find some solid ground upon which to rest.  This stillness resides at the epicentre of the whirlwind of thoughts, ideas and dreams that swirl around within you at a million miles an hour, and although it can be hard to find a way through this, intuitively you sense the need to connect more deeply to your core in order to rest in the spaces in-between the spaces in life. In fact, it seems that the more you can rest in the stillness, the more you will realise that life doesn’t have to be on fast forward as you set the pace. It’s time to honour your own needs more and to master the art of saying: ‘I matter’…


The need for you to establish balance looks set to continue throughout January as you seek out new ways to manage and re-define your life. Although you may often feel as though you are being tossed around like a piece of driftwood on the tides of life, you are beginning to realise that this is your perception and it’s this belief of yourself that has been shaping your journey. It’s easy to see why you feel like driftwood as life has felt so stormy and uncertain over recent times. Yet, intuitively, you know you are not driftwood; you know that you have the potential to not only ride the current with grace, but also that you have the innovation to transform that driftwood into the sailing vessel of your choice. In other words, you are for more astute and connected than you often believe. Sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow, particularly when those around you can be so demanding and needy.

Yet, at the core of your being is a little voice, wanting to be heard and needing to be acknowledged, hoping that you will listen to yourself and reconnect to your gifts, and to your strength. Whilst it is understandable to go with the flow, you have reached a stage of your life where you need to create a new way of living and being that wholeheartedly embraces your gifts. You are a wise and passionate soul, and feeling as though you are drifting through life takes away your courage, your skill, and your vibrancy. Of course, there will always be those around you that you want to support, but it’s important that you start to believe in yourself much more. You are not driftwood; you never have been and never will be. How you journey through life is a conscious choice, and this is your time to shine brightly now in the light of self-belief…


January looks set to be a month of renewed inspiration for you as you continue to open up to the freedom within and let go of those storylines that have been shaping your life for so long. For a long time now, you have found yourself feeling torn between living the life you feel you ought to live and wanting to set yourself free to follow your dreams. As a result, there has been a lot of unrest within your heart and soul as you have struggled to find a way forward that appeases both your head and your heart. When you start to peel back the complexities of your life, it seems a simpler life is something you yearn for; a life where you can follow your joy and where you have the space to breathe deeply. This is more about how you feel rather than what you do.

Although you thrive in the fast pace of modern life, your soul longs for a quieter and more sedate journey for a while in order to find a deeper sense of wholeness again. You have spent so long doubting your gifts and feeling like you need to do more and achieve more to find happiness, but you are now realising that true happiness comes from how you feel, not from what you do. Just to confuse things slightly, at the same time, you also know it’s important that you start wholeheartedly embracing your gifts and following your dreams, giving yourself both the time and space you need to step back off the treadmill of life in order to find your true path. So, what you do does matter, but you need to focus on quality over quantity. In other words, less is more! Let your intuition guide you and stop trying so hard – take a deep breath, let go and be the rainbow…


As you continue to de-clutter all areas of your life, January looks set to be a month of renewed focus and vision for you as you open up to a brand-new direction. Although you have been standing on the periphery of change for quite some time, you haven’t quite been able to sense where you were heading or why and this has held you back somewhat as you do like to be as sure as possible before you take a step. Such caution is understandable, but it can also keep you locked in doubt which undermines your belief in yourself and your gifts. Sometimes the only way to break this inertia is to take a step into the unknown and know that you have what it takes to ride the waves of life with courage and strength. Hovering on the edge of change can create a deep level of unrest within you leading to confusion and disconnection.

Keeping hold of what you have now may feel safer, but resisting change cannot work longer term, as change is inevitable, so it’s important to find ways of making peace with this; to know that change is the path of evolution and growth. It’s time to breathe into your dreams and to find ways of bringing them to life. Restriction and doubt do not have to be the defining forces in your life unless you want them to be. Instead open up your heart and soul towards freedom as you allow your gifts to flow freely, pushing back boundaries and seeking out new possibilities. It’s time now to step beyond the periphery and to let go of any residual resistance as you look towards a more enriching space of acceptance and acknowledgement. This new chapter of change feels life affirming and rewarding so it seems wise to turn towards it wholeheartedly in order to set yourself free…


As you continue to listen to the whispers of your soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to re-centre and re-align your true priorities in life. For a long time now, you have been aware of the bigger picture of your life, but there has been a degree of nebulousness about this because the picture is out of focus. It’s as though you have a good idea as to the bigger picture, but you have changed so much over the months and years, and the bigger picture that once seemed important, has now drifted away. The new picture is still forming and needs some more conscious input from you to add shape and form. In essence, it seems time to set a new direction in life, to stop treading water and to start navigating the currents towards pastures new. After so many years of keeping on keeping on, you feel lighter and brighter, and more able to glide on the thermals as you rise about the daily grind of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve.

This feels both exciting and liberating but you seem cautious to avoid taking anything for granted as you want to make the most of this opportunity and not miss it because you are distracted with the chitter-chatter of life. January looks set to inspire you to reclaim your sense of self, to declare your true priorities and to wholeheartedly acknowledge just how much your own vision matters. It’s time to turn towards your inner world to guide you now as your intuition and creativity both look set to shine brightly over the weeks and months ahead. Try not to place any pressure on your shoulders, don’t feel like you need to perform some kind of meteoric shift, just trust those thermals in life and go with the currents. Let those whispers in your soul (your intuition) be your guide…


Finding new ways to cultivate joy, acceptance and happiness continues to take centre stage as you step into January. There is an overwhelming sense of strength and vision rising up from within you, bringing you fresh insight and helping you to acknowledge your own needs more. Your tendency to give so much of yourself to others has long been under the microscope as you often give, over give and then give a bit more leaving you feeling depleted and out of sync. Yet, it’s the need to acknowledge that you (mostly) give and over-give freely that is perhaps more important here as it’s time to ask yourself why you do it. Why do you keep on giving to the point of depletion?

Of course, you are generous and compassionate, and these drive your giving nature, but it goes deeper than this towards a need to find value in yourself through giving to others. This is understandable, but it’s also important to know that your value doesn’t solely come from what you give, it’s also connected to who you are. It seems somewhere along the line this message became blurred and it’s time now for you to reconnect to your wisdom in order to acknowledge that giving and over-giving are not the only ways to find value in yourself. It’s time to realise that you are a wonderful, creative, and beautiful soul, and your ‘value’ isn’t just about how much you give to others, it’s actually more about how much you give to yourself in order to live your best life possible. This is a time to stop keeping on keeping on and to instead let your wisdom guide you forwards; have the courage to take a deep breath of life and exhale fully as you listen to the whispers of your soul. Seek out some quiet time to replenish and re-centre, and seek out a new way to live more in balance and in joy…