July 2018 Forecast

Message for July 2018

In many ways, life is a collection of random, incongruent and incomprehensible moments; a jigsaw puzzle of ever-changing images and designs. If we step back to look at the bigger picture of our lives, we may be lucky enough to see some common threads weaving their way through the space and time that makes us individuals, but these often get lost in the mêlée and chaos of the ebbing and flowing tides.

It is therefore no surprise that so many of us feel discombobulated and disconnected at such a deep level, as the world seems to be spinning at a much faster pace. It’s as though time has sped up but, individually, we have slowed down. Of course, it could be that the converse is true, but either way, there is a clear and distinct shearing of time and space between our inner and outer worlds. It is hard to be absolutely sure as to the reasons for this, but it’s most likely connected to the over-arching sense of discontentment with the established ‘way of living’.

There is still so much focus on fitting in and being a part of the flock, but individuals are pulling against this now and seeking to become free-spirits and untethered souls. However, there is still so much intolerance in the world which creates anger and hatred, division and pain, making an individual’s charge towards the brightness of individuality more challenging and arduous. Yet, maybe without the struggle we wouldn’t evolve or grow? Maybe we need the extreme ends of the spectrum to exist to create the space for evolution?

From a personal perspective, it has been the challenges in my life that has made me stronger and wiser, and, in many ways, I am thankful for them as they have enabled me to shatter the glass walls of illusion I’d placed around me trying to create a perfect, happy life but, all the time, denying the truth of who I am. Yes, this truth is something I am still discovering, but it’s a life’s work. I am a free-spirit and I do try to think outside of the box, but there is always that magnetic pull of normality tugging away, trying to be heard.

Despite this, I’ve long outgrown the desire to be ‘normal’ as I truly believe there’s no such thing. I think ‘normal’ creates division, intolerance and a lack of acceptance. Normal crushes diversity and destroys the true vibrancy of humanity. We may try to normalise those different to ourselves, but they’re no less normal than we are. It’s time to stop seeing ‘different’ as a problem to be fixed but something to celebrate.  After all, we are all human beings and this needs to be the thread that unites us.

The Black-Eyed Peas got it right with ‘Where is the Love?’ but we need to go one better now to ‘Here is the love’. We need to stop looking for it and start being it…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Life is on a continual rollercoaster of change; sometimes the thrill of the ride is exhilarating and inspiring, other times it’s more nauseating and arduous, but the ride keeps on, day in, day out. As you continue to navigate the twists, turns, ups, and downs with poise and grace, courage and confidence, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more in touch with the rhythms and currents than ever before. It’s as though you have awakened to the deeper rhythms in life and you can feel them running through your veins, tickling your consciousness and inspiring you to breathe more deeply. As a result, your response has shifted as you are now more able to live in a wholehearted and open way. Of course, in many ways this shift is unlikely to immediately change the direction, ebb or flow of the path you are walking, but, over time, it’s likely that you will begin to see yourself and your life from a new perspective inspiring you to contemplate your true priorities and goals.

At the same time, the more you continue to think about why you do what you do in life, and how much you do because you should rather than because you choose to, the more you will realise that the balance of your life is shifting onto a new axis as the planets align and inspire you to make some pivotal changes. July looks set to bring you the opportunity to re-shape and re-define the shape of your life from an awakened and inspired perspective, so take some time to go within in order to gain a stronger and truer sense of your inner passion and spark. You are a creative, passionate and visionary soul; feel this rising up within you now and enjoy the ride…


Over the last few months you have become increasingly aware of some rumblings deep within your heart and soul (that are not a result of last night’s curry!). These rumblings have been nudging at your consciousness, stirring your thoughts, tickling your awareness and peeling back layers of beliefs. In short, you are being transformed from the inside, out, and you are beginning to feel the results of this reaching into every nook and cranny of your life. There is a sense that you have long been ready to see some change in your life as things have grown a little stale and tired, as you have tried so hard to keep on keeping on. You have given so much of yourself to so many for so long that is has become second nature to ignore, deny or resist any rumblings of change that could upset the apple cart. Whilst this is understandable, with your consciousness waving frantically in your direction to take notice, it seems important for you to ask yourself why you think it’s a good idea to carry on regardless?

Change doesn’t necessarily mean the whole apple cart is going to be up-ended, but even if it does, maybe this is something that’s been a long time coming? The rut you have felt stuck in for so long runs the risk of turning into a cavernous cave, and whilst it’s cosy in there, it’s important for you to choose this consciously and wholeheartedly. There is nothing wrong with cavernous caves, as long as it’s where you want to be. July looks set to embolden and inspire you to go deeper within to think about what you truly want from life in order to encourage you to listen to those rumblings, and to re-shape and re-define your way of living and being…


The power of your imagination is truly a force of great majesty and it has often been the guiding light in your life over the years. You have always had a vivid imagination and there have been times when you have become lost in the moment as your creativity has taken you towards new dimensions. Of course, sometimes being lost in your head is a great thing, but it can sometimes get in the way of day to day living and you have often found yourself feeling slightly dazed and confused as you have drifted away from the pedestrian, mundane aspects of life and suddenly come back to the room wondering where on earth you are! Your vibrant inner spark has long had the freedom to dance within your heart and soul, but there have been challenges when it comes to giving this the room to manoeuvre in more open ways. It’s not that you hide your flair and spark, but you have not always felt able to be your true self as you have wondered quite how you fit into the world. Well, things are changing!

July looks set to re-ignite a sense of confidence within you which will encourage you to let go of those doubts and fears connected to allowing your essence the room to flow freely. It’s time to stop thinking about how you fit in and to start being you, exactly as you are. Bending and flexing yourself out of shape may make for an easier life but it has left you feeling out of sorts. Anyway, who defines what fits and what doesn’t? Surely being truly happy is the real goal to aim for? Let your imagination illuminate your life and stop over-thinking things! You seem ready now to be yourself and to love yourself for it…


As you continue to acquaint yourself with your inner world and natural essence, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more in balance with yourself and your life. As a result, you are more accepting of the continual and perpetual cycle of change occurring in every corner of your existence. Change can be frustrating, but it can also be inspiring and enlivening; change is a constant in life and your willingness to be more accepting of this heaving mass of unknowable and undefinable consciousness is opening up your heart and soul towards living in a more enriching way. It’s a little out of character for you to be so relaxed about such a pivotal period of change, but this is part of the change process as you are allowing yourself to actively feel the shifts and face any discomfort rather than fidgeting and wriggling on the spot in order to avoid it. It’s important that you don’t start to see this swirling mass of change that resides in your inner world as a force separate to the rest of you as it’s very much a part of you. Maybe this explains why you are so much more than the sum of your parts!

July looks set to be a month where the pace of these shifts intensifies enabling you to step even more consciously into your heart and soul in order contemplate what you truly want from your life. Change happens every moment of every day, and the more willing you are to consciously ride with the flow of this, the more you will evolve and grow with each passing moment. This is an exciting chapter of your life and one that looks set to re-shape and re-define the course of your life for a long time to come…


As a vibrant, intuitive and passionate soul, you are often guided in life by how you feel rather than what logically makes sense. Your gut instinct roars with fire and sparkle when you are on the right path as it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that acts as your internal navigation system. In many ways, it’s like the game of ‘hot/cold’ as you can tell by the warmth within when you are heading in the right direction. If things get chilly on the inner front, then you know you need to review things. Of course, if this was the only force that guided your life then things would be simple, but you are a fluid being and the needs of others, as well as those many ought’s, must’s and should’s often build little dams that prevent you from accessing ‘the fuzzy within’. As a result, you can sometimes feel a tad lost as you find yourself trying to navigate without your in-built compass, but it’s important to remember that your compass is still within you, it just needs you to dust it off and give it some love.

You may wonder how to do such a thing but close your eyes, take a deep breath and you will have achieved that re-connection! Yes, it is really that simple. Life doesn’t always have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the better, as there is less room for uncertainty and ambiguity. July looks set to inject some much-needed energy into your inner fuzzy in order to inspire you to think about where you are in life and to guide you if you need to make any changes to the path you are walking. These are exciting times, and although you may feel rather daunted at exploring unknown terrain, trust your intuition to light up your inner fuzzy in order to lead the way…


July looks set to be a month of deep contemplation and reflection as you take some time to ponder the life you are living and the life you intuitively sense you should be living. It’s easy to see the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, but it’s important not to spend too much time focused on the gap itself as it’s neither here nor there. The gap can become a huge chasm if you let it and it can take you away from where you are now as your focus remains firmly on the horizon, as it can feel as though happiness and contentment can only be found once you’ve achieved all of those steps first. Being more conscious in the present moment is a potent way for you to shift your focus away from what you don’t have towards what you do, and you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Undoubtedly during this period of contemplation, you may spin off into some existential ponderings as you think about the bigger picture of your life, but try not to get lost in the haze, instead try to channel the energy towards living more consciously in each and every moment. Of course, this is easy to put down in words, but far harder to put into practice, so, try to look beyond the logic of this and instead try to feel your way forward. If you can dive deeply into the contemplation and reflection, you may sense some unrest and disquiet within, but this is not something to fear, it’s just a part of this current chapter of shift and change. Finding inspiration from the inner unrest will lead you to the source of your essence deep within your heart and soul, so trust your instincts, stop focusing on the gap and instead open up to this moment to bring you all you need…


It’s easy to get lost in the flow of life, particularly when you always seem to be in the midst of a whirlwind of things to do, people to see, places to go, things to think about and other things to re-think about. You are used to your inner world being such a maelstrom as you’ve always been the same. For a long time, you struggled with your maelstrom, feeling it wasn’t right as so few others had one. You tried to ‘fit in’ but you quickly realised you’re not a sheep and fitting in became more of an existential question as you often wondered what you were supposed to be fitting in to. Over time, your perception has shifted as you’ve grown wiser and, as a result, you’ve stopped trying to be what you’re not and instead allowed your beautiful maelstrom the freedom to flow more freely in your consciousness.

Of course, living with such a seemingly chaotic flow at the core of your being may not seem like an obvious path to inner peace but you are not like everyone else! The more you have opened up to the swirling mass within, the more you have stopped trying to quieten it down and you have started to channel this energy in more creative and innovative ways. You are a wise and passionate soul, and you seem ready now to climb a new mountain in your life and to begin a new challenge that stretches your mind and pushes your boundaries. In many ways, the world is your oyster, so listen to your inner maelstrom and see where it takes you. On your way to the summit, don’t forget to stop every so often to enjoy the view and to take a big, deep breath of mountain air to cleanse your soul. In other words, don’t rush, take your time and enjoy the ride…


As you continue to ponder and cogitate the wild landscape within your heart and soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to find comfort and meaning from your mysterious depths. For a long time now, you have applied some resistance to loving your wild terrain as it somehow felt at a tangent to the different areas of your life. You have worked hard to reduce the turbulence in order to live a more stable existence, but you have realised that it’s this turbulence that actually fires up your heart and soul, giving you your creativity and passion, wisdom and drive. It’s therefore understandable that you feel a little conflicted as, on one hand you want to meander through the rolling hills and valleys within as this means a quieter life, but intuitively you know it’s the wild mountains, volcanoes, oceans and rapids where you truly come to life as it brings you a profound sense of expansive connection that lights up your soul from the inside, out.

So, you may feel as though you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, wanting mountains and rapids, but knowing it’s the rolling hills where life ticks along more sedately. However, why can’t you have it all? You may have been conditioned through your life that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’, but who says you can’t? After all, you write the rule book of your soul, so surely you can find ways to embrace all aspects of your essence in order to live a richer, fuller and more enriching life? It seems time to let go of the conditioning that has shaped and defined your life for so long in order to find new ways of living the life you were born to live…


You have been charging along at full steam ahead for quite some time now, pushing on, keeping on keeping on, and doing your best to get it all done. Quite what ‘it’ is has yet to be clearly defined as your ‘to do’ list is so long and nebulous, it’s hard for even the most organised soul to keep on top of. It’s not that you’re disorganised or muddled, it’s just that your mind works in a fluid way which inevitably seems a bit higgledy-piggledy to most as there is very little structure or order. So, you often seem to be very busy, but doing what is less clear! Of course, in many ways this doesn’t matter for as long as you know what’s happening then there’s no issue, but there is a sense that you are not always sure as you have grown so used to being busy that busy-ness has become your ‘go to’ state most of the time. As a result, your focus has shifted towards a ‘must be busy’ attitude rather than simply focusing on the tasks at hand.

In essence, this could mean a desire to distract yourself from the quiet or from stillness, possibly as a way to avoid facing your true essence and living the life you intuitively know you were born to live, but, more likely this is simply a habit that has formed over the years and you are now so used to being busy you work on a kind of auto-pilot where anything but busy feels slightly odd. Constantly running on the spot may suit your effervescent and buoyant energy, but it can end up being draining, particularly when you’re not achieving the things important to you. It’s time now to stop ‘all steam ahead’ mode as your default setting in order to pause, reflect and re-define your path ahead…


Life is full of questions. In any given moment, you have a whole host of questions floating around your head. This is an inevitable part of being human as questioning is how you evolve, grow and flourish, but there is also a sense that you take this further than most by questioning the very root of existence and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out the answers. Whilst you have, on some level, accepted the reality that not all questions have answers, there is a part of you coddling an almost smug-like sense of knowing that you can outwit the process. This isn’t a judgement, just an observation. Your determination is unrivalled and it’s admirable, and your grit to seek out answers to life’s questions has seen you discover so much about yourself and your life. Yet, there is also a sense that you can sometimes end up metaphorically banging your head against a brick wall trying to find answers to questions that just don’t have answers.

Sometimes, it’s the not knowing that brings you learning, and getting lost in the frustration of pushing so hard for the answers can take you away from the moment and into a state of perpetual lack as you can feel that you can’t move on until you know. Is knowing everything about everything really the only way to progress? Intuitively you know this not to be the case, so why push? It seems time to ask yourself this now in order to set yourself free from the pattern you’ve found yourself in as you are ready to break free from this cycle in order to embrace a new chapter of acceptance, inner strength and wisdom. The more you let go, the more likely you are to find the answers you’ve been seeking enabling you to define a new way of living and being…


You are well-known for having a plethora of different things to do, people to see, places to go and ideas to contemplate at any one point in time. Your mind thrives when busy, and you love to explore the depths and heights of your consciousness. You are an intuitive, creative and innovative soul and this can bring you a great source of enrichment and nourishment in life. Yet, there are times when more focus would serve you well in order to channel your energy in clearer and more defined ways. As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life, and you continue to contemplate your path ahead, the ways in which you use your energy look set to come under scrutiny in July as you realise how much of your phenomenal power gets dissipated and lost when you scatter yourself too far. This isn’t to say you should stop being yourself, as variety feeds your soul, it is simply a gentle nudge to remind you that you have all the tools and gifts you need in order to live the life you were born to live, you just need to use them in the right way.

It’s not that having lots to do is a bad thing, it’s just that too many foci can diminish the power and force of your energy. It seems that the more you stand centred, calm and still, stepping beyond the noise of being so busy, the more you will sense the subtler forces in the winds of change in order to make some well-informed choices and decisions about what you truly want from your life moving forward. So, letting go of some of the distractions will help you to quieten down the somewhat frenetic nature of your life in order to listen to the subtler forces at play to guide, inspire and empower you…


For a long time now, you have found yourself scattered through space and time, trying to be so much to so many, and trying to push yourself hard in order to live up the somewhat lofty expectations you have of yourself. It’s not that you are ‘too big for your boots’, far from it in fact as you seek little more than to be everything to everyone. Little more?! However, you have failed to realise that this simply isn’t possible as trying to spread yourself so thinly leaves you depleted and drained. You cannot indefinitely sustain such a pace of over-giving, and it is over-giving as you leave little or nothing for yourself. At the same time, why would you want to? What propels you to push yourself so hard? Is it a desire to help others at any cost or is it a distraction technique to avoid looking deeply within to your own heart and soul? Only you can answer this question, but it seems likely you already know the answer.

Sometimes, you need to let others find their own way. You need to let go and stop trying so hard. Instead, think about stepping back and letting go for a while as you may be underestimating just how much others can do for themselves. In the free time you create, rather than wriggling and fidgeting in an awkward silence, take the time to consider why you feel so compelled to be this way? You are a vibrant, loving, gentle and compassionate soul, and the more you accept this, the more you will realise that you have nothing to fear within your heart and soul; what resides within are your dreams and desires, your creativity and your passion. This is your moment to re-define the shape of your life and to boldly go where you’ve never been before…