June 2024 Forecast

Message for June 2024

June looks set to be a month that shines a light on recent experiences, enabling each of us to better understand the bigger pictures of our lives. At the same time, we can start to look forward to some much-needed breathing space in order to take stock of the ongoing confusing cacophony of shifts, jolts, leaps and stumbles occurring on every level of our lives. It’s hard to articulate as it’s almost like a fairground ride we cannot get off, but it’s also quite exhilarating and uplifting as there is much to look forward to. It’s difficult to try to distil and condense these experiences into a few words as it’s like trying to squeeze the universe into a matchbox. Of course, not having the words is frustrating, but it’s also a gift as it means we can’t over-think or over-analyse the process.

There is no doubt that we are each experiencing some profound and challenging times, pushing us beyond our boundaries, and inspiring us to try to make the most of every moment. Yet, it can be hard to find centre ground when life feels so contrary, confusing and overwhelming. Not much makes sense, but intuitively we know that we need to trust the process and carry on as best as we can.

As much as this period of shift and change is universal, it’s also deeply personal at the same time. Although we are all entwined and woven together as part of the tapestry of life, we all have our own thoughts, ideas, ideals and beliefs, and therefore need to find our own paths towards acceptance, awareness and understanding. It’s so easy to become lost and discombobulated when nothing seems to make sense, but when we pause and take a deep breath, intuitively we can sense more clarity.

This therefore seems to be time for acknowledging our uniqueness, but also embracing connection. We may walk alone through life, but every thought, breath, action and non-action sends out ripples through space and time. As one soul breathes out, another breathes in, and this is the flow of life. So, although there isn’t much that makes sense at the moment, this is predominantly connected to the world around us. Even though the inner world may feel mysterious and out of reach, it’s important that we each find ways to connect more wholeheartedly to the world within as this is the source of our wisdom, inspiration and intuition.

Life is a jigsaw puzzle that constantly changes its design, making it almost impossible to piece everything together. Although as human beings, we feel we need to fit things together and make sense of life, the more we let go of this belief and instead embrace the perfection of imperfection, the closer we get to true happiness. Chasing the horizon and trying to complete the puzzle can leave us with a sense of lack, feeling as though we are not enough, yet once we let go of the quest to do more, be more, and achieve more, the space and peace that’s left can bring us true wisdom and inspiration. The more we look the less we find.

It’s important to see the threads that make us bright and unique weaving into a more universal picture, one that connects us, but one that also celebrates our uniqueness. Many of us try so hard to ‘fit in’, but when we accept that ‘normal’ doesn’t exist, we set ourselves free and untether our souls. The concept of ‘normal’ is divisive and it can destroy the vibrancy of being human. Of course, it can be hard to stand up and stand out in a world where there is still so much judgement, ignorance, and hate, but surely we owe it to ourselves to try?

It’s time to stand firm, to shine brightly, and to become a more willing part of the flow of life. Whether the sun is shining, or the skies become dark and stormy, the more of us that can stand firm, centred and strong, the more we can work together to find a peaceful and joyful way of living and being. It takes courage to embrace such a role, but now is the time to live in a more connected and awakened way.

For those of us who can, we need to breathe deeply into the world. For those struggling, know you are not alone, and know that there are many souls willing to surround you with love; just take a deep breath in and ask the universe…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to contemplate the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you are actively seeking out new ways to enrich and enliven your path ahead. There is no doubt that you have invested a vast amount of your energy and focus on creating the best life possible, but there is a sense that despite this hard work, you are not yet feeling as though you are living the best life possible. Perhaps this is more about perception than reality, but it seems important to take some time this month to assess and re-assess your true priorities. Living the best life possible is not just about fulfilling your dreams, it’s about making the most of every day, and finding peace and acceptance, even with those aspects of your life that are perhaps not ideal. Everyone has challenges, that’s just a part of being human, it’s how you handle those challenges that really makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your tenacity, wisdom, and creativity enable you to look beyond the four walls of life and create a more wholehearted perspective that allows you to step beyond the everyday noise and towards a more balanced and peaceful way of living and being. Of course, life is a continual rollercoaster, sometimes the thrill of the ride is exhilarating and life affirming, but other times it’s more nauseating and challenging. However, the ride keeps on, day in, day out. In many ways, this rollercoaster is a good reflection of the rhythms and currents of your life, but it’s important to acknowledge that you are able to navigate the twists and turns with grace, courage, and confidence; even when times are challenging, you always unearth the inner resources to navigate a path through. It’s time now to look beyond the twists and turns, towards the bigger picture as this will shine a light on your path ahead, and also re-ignite your gifts and dreams…


As you continue to explore the concept of breathing space, there is a sense that you are beginning to look at your life and your path with fresh perspective. It’s as though your willingness to explore what breathing space means to you has opened up your life in many different ways. Although you may feel that you have not, as yet, embraced breathing space, even just acknowledging the need for it can create a shift. You have reached a turning point where you are no longer content to try to take up less space in life in order to navigate your way through the inevitable ups and downs. Instead, you want to reach your arms out wide, take a deep breath and say: ‘I’m me’. In essence, it seems important for you to acknowledge your own self-worth as you spend so much of your time trying to do so much for everyone else. As a result, allowing yourself the time to breathe deeply has shifted out of focus, as it has felt more like a luxury than a necessity. However, intuitively you know that it’s time to create change as your needs matter, and the more willing you are to take some time for yourself, the more you will realise just how out of kilter you have become.

Of course, you have become increasingly aware of some rumblings deep within your heart and soul, nudging you and tickling your awareness, trying to get you to acknowledge the need to re-affirm your true essence and to seek out new ways to live your life as balanced and wholeheartedly as possible. It’s time to explore the nooks and crannies within, as you seem ready now to go deeper in order to gain more clarity as to your true priorities. Take some time out this month to breathe deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into you…


There is a sense that you often feel as though you are in the middle of a whirlwind of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to think about. There are times when this whirlwind feels productive and fruitful, but there are many other times when it feels more of an encumbrance and a hassle. Of course, your inner world is a swirling, often chaotic, cacophony of thoughts, ideas and experiences, and although this is your normal, there are times when you just want some peace. It’s therefore easy to see why the whirlwind of things to do can feel overwhelming as you are longing for some space. It seems important to acknowledge that most of your inner whirlwind is of your own making as you have the tendency to think, re-think and over-think just about everything. It’s not that you are indecisive, it’s more driven by a need to understand and make sense of life. This drive is to be celebrated, but it also needs to be managed as it can take over and consume you with layer upon layer of thoughts and ideas. For many years, you weren’t really sure how to handle the swirling whirlwind within your head, heart and soul, and now you are more accepting of this, intuitively you have an awareness that the act of embracing this whirlwind is bringing you peace. For so long, you resisted it, but you have realised that the resistance was causing you stress and angst.

June looks set to be a month where you step back a little from the whirlwind in order to regain some perspective. It’s time now to explore new pathways in life; your beautiful swirling inner whirlwind may be a source of frustration for you, but try to love it and to love yourself for being the amazing and talented soul that you know yourself to be…


There has been something of a fundamental shift within your heart and soul over recent weeks and this has enabled you to let go of so much and on so many levels. Although letting go means something different to each individual, in essence letting go is part of the process of allowing yourself space to breathe and the room to be your true self. It’s about letting go of those aspects of your life that cause constant niggling and tugging within you, and allowing your intuition to guide you as to the best way forward. As a result, you are beginning to feel more in balance, and at the same time, you seem more accepting of the continual cycle of change. At the end of the day, you are unlikely to ever be a huge fan of change, but you realise it’s inevitability in life and know that accepting change will allow you to look at the bigger picture with more clarity than ever before. Of course, change can be frustrating, but it’s also inspiring and enlivening, and you seem more willing now to embrace the uncertainty of change and to channel all of your gifts into making the most of every single moment.

You often defer your hopes and dreams for the sake of keeping on keeping on, although this determination has seen you achieve a great deal, there is also a sense of lack that echoes within you, a longing for more purpose and meaning. You are a vibrant, gifted and creative soul, and it seems time now for you to use these gifts more consciously in order to live the life you were born to live. This isn’t random, luxurious, wishful thinking, this is your life. Use this opportunity to explore your inner world, to discover what makes you tick, and to find the confidence to live your very best life…


You are an intuitive and creative soul, often guided through life by how you feel and what you sense, rather than applying logic. Your gut instinct often leads the way and guides you during challenging times, and it’s your willingness to listen to your inner world to guide you that has seen you navigate the inevitable twists and turns of life with grace and poise. Yet, there is a sense that you often feel as though you are the ball in a pinball machine being pinged around by the wants, needs, wishes and whims of those around you. You give so much of yourself to others, it’s easy to see why you would feel so powerless, but it’s important to realise that you give your power away. It’s time now to explore this a little deeper in order to understand why you do what you do. Yes, you are a fluid being, and your generosity reaches far and wide, but giving your power away takes this to a whole new level as it can leave you feeling like the ball in the pinball machine on every level of your life. Whilst it might be fun for a while, intuitively you know that things need to change. Life isn’t about trying to be someone you’re not; it’s also not about trying to spread yourself so thinly that all you’re left with is vapour. You matter!

It’s time now for you to honour yourself more as you contemplate the possibility of stepping into the infinite space beyond the boundaries of your mind, heart and soul. It’s time to stop defining yourself by all that you’re not and it’s time to stop feeling as though you have to give everything to those around you. You matter! Maybe those two words should be your mantra for the weeks ahead as there is unlikely going to be a better moment than now to make a heartfelt commitment to yourself for change…


As you continue to make the shift away from your ‘to do’ list in life and towards more of an ‘I am’ state of being, it seems that you are beginning to sense the power of this shift. Rather than feeling as though ticking off that ‘to do’ list will bring you what you seek, you are realising that the more you focus on embracing the concept of ‘I am’, the more balanced you are feeling. It’s quite hard to articulate the reasons for this, as this is about shifting from a state of doing to a state of being, and a state of being is hard to define. However, intuitively you sense the distinction and can acknowledge the need for this shift as it takes you away from feeling ‘less than’ until you have achieved everything on your list, and towards more peace and balance on all levels of your life. You have spent a long time waiting for better moments to thrive or to take a chance, even though intuitively you know that nothing is set in stone as everything changes, there is a part of you that has been waiting for more certainty in order to embark on a journey towards pastures new.

It seems that the ‘I am’ state of being, is much more about being your true self and exploring your gifts, rather than trying to do more or achieve more. Of course, you are likely to do both, but the dynamic is shifting, and it feels very inspirational and empowering. There is no doubt that you have spent a lot of time waiting for the right moments in life, but intuitively you know that this has caused a layer of stagnation within you. So, this is your moment to take a deep breath as you let your inner light shine, in order to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


As you continue to explore your inner world, looking deeply within your heart and soul, there is a growing sense that you are listening more wholeheartedly to the whispers within, the ones that have been trying to get your attention for quite some time. Intuitively, you sense that your life is out of balance, but logically it has been hard to work out quite what to do about it. However, it’s important to realise that your intuition is just as powerful a tool as your logic, and the more you can find balance between the two, the more you will find the space to explore the true power of your imagination. You are a visionary, and your ability to weave together the different threads of life enable you to create flows of imagination that are truly unique and special. The power of your imagination is so vast that you can easily become lost in the moment as you drift into new dimensions and explore the spaces beyond the spaces. You often try to contain and control the flow of your imagination in order to keep on keeping on, trying to be the person you feel you need to be in life. Yet is the person you feel you need to be, truly the person you want to be?

You have spent so long trying to fit in, trying to get life ‘right’, surely it’s time now to let the vibrant inner spark within you dance free once again? Whilst this won’t stop life’s inevitable challenges, it will help you to navigate your way along a new path, one that feels inspiring, empowering and deeply rewarding. June looks set to re-ignite a rising confidence within you which will encourage you to let go of doubts and fears, inspiring you to embrace your true essence and to live the life you intuitively know you were born to live…


June looks set to be a time for some honest self-reflection and contemplation as you ponder the gap between the life you are living and the life you intuitively sense you want to be living. It’s easy to see the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and it’s true that the gap can become a source of inspiration and motivation, encouraging you to get closer to your destination. Yet, the gap can also become a source of over-focus, a huge chasm of emptiness and frustration, bringing up feelings of ‘less than’ until you close the gap and get to where you feel you need to be. It therefore seems important for you to take some time this month to contemplate ‘the gap’ and to see if it inspires you or frustrates you. There has always been a gap as this is how you grow and evolve, but maybe you have reached a stage of your life when the gap is no longer a help but a hindrance?

Of course, deciding to let go of the gap doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect and wonderful, it will simply be a step along a pathway towards more acceptance and wholehearted living. Instead of keeping your focus on the horizon on the other side of the gap, you can begin to find your feet in the here and now, and become more conscious in the present moment. So, this shift isn’t about giving up, it’s more about letting go of the pressure you place on yourself to do more, be more, and achieve more. Stop focusing on what you haven’t done and what you’re not, instead celebrate all that you are, and open up to this moment to bring you everything that you need. This takes courage and strength, but it’s time now to harness these gifts in order to re-shape and re-define the very essence of your life…


You have spent a great deal of time exploring the boundaries of your life, you have discovered the wild landscape within your heart and soul, and you have found delight in uncovering your hidden depths. Yet, as much as you have revelled in the delight of exploring your inner world, you have also felt a layer of resistance as you have found it hard to truly embrace this magical terrain as it has somehow felt at a tangent to your everyday life. Although you have worked hard to reduce the turbulence, and you have sought out ways to find more peace, there is a sense that you are finally beginning to realise that you need a degree of turbulence and uncertainty in order to truly thrive. It’s the uncertainty that fires up your creativity, passion, and wisdom, and inspires your spontaneity and sense of adventure. Of course, this realisation has sparked some conflict, as on one hand you want to gently meander through the rolling hills of life, but on the other you want wild mountains, vast forests, oceans and wilderness. It’s the latter that gives you an expansive connection that lights up your soul, but the former that brings you ‘home’ and more balance.

Perhaps the biggest lesson comes from realising that life isn’t one or the other, it’s both. You have the skill, tenacity, and foresight to bring together these threads of your existence into a magical and exhilarating whole, and the time has come to believe this and to make it so. Yet, how can you have it all? Intuitively you already know the answer, but it somehow seems easier for you to hover on the edge rather than diving in and soaring to new heights. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest is self-doubt. It’s time to start believing in yourself; this is your life, so why not live it well with every single cell of your being…


As you continue to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things/people that nourish you and the ones that don’t, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a deeper sense of urgency to address the imbalances within your life. You have given so much of yourself to others for so long, it will be hard to prioritise your own needs and to acknowledge your dreams. However, intuitively you know it’s time to make some changes as you are feeling depleted on many different levels; it’s not that you want to stop, walk away and never be a support to others, but you need some breathing space to re-balance and to replenish your heart and soul. As you embark on a new chapter, you have realised that it’s time to stop shaping your life through the wants, needs, dreams, and wishes of those around you and to instead acknowledge that your own needs matter.

You have always had a sense of the different pathways you’ve yearned to explore in life, and although you have often ignored opportunities to explore them further, there is a calling within you now to turn within in order to re-connect to your true priorities. Knowing your priorities might take a little time as you have ignored them for so long, but let your intuition guide you and have faith in yourself and your gifts. You are a wise and creative soul, and acknowledging your power, as well as your need to find balance on all levels of your life, are important steps along a new pathway to a brighter and more enriching life. Try not to let doubt erode your confidence and try not to get lost in asking questions after questions as you try to make sense of why things are the way they are. This is a time to believe, trust and fly free…


June looks set to be a month to begin the process of unravelling and unfurling some of the more complex conundrums that have been tucked away within your heart and soul for so long. You have always been one to question your choices, gifts and decisions, wanting to explore the reasons why you do the things you do, and although this can help you to see both the bigger picture and the finer details at the same time, there is also a sense that it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated when it comes to seeing the woods for the trees. You are one of life’s thinkers, so thinking, exploring, and questioning are a part of how you live, but sometimes you drift into the realm of over-thinking, and this is where you can feel like a boat without a rudder. The concept of over-thinking has long been a source of puzzlement to you, as logically you know that you can only think to the full capacity of your brain. Yet, over-thinking also makes perfect sense as you often find yourself tied up in a kaleidoscope of questions about questions about questions.

Your ability to think and over-think are actually gifts, as they have the potential to bring you both insight and wisdom, it’s knowing when to turn down the volume a little in order to give your intuition a voice that seems more important. Your brain may move at a million miles an hour, but so does your intuition; you function in a space so few could ever truly comprehend. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could combine your head with your intuition? Well, newsflash, of course you can, they are both a part of you after all! It’s time now to shift your awareness once again as you celebrate your gifts and bring them together into a wonderful and unique whole…


You have always been one to open up to the ebb and flow of the currents of life, allowing the currents to carry you towards pastures new, trusting the process and sensing that everything will be as it’s meant to be. Yet, although you have been quite happy to drift along, there is a sense that you have been longing to grab an oar and steer yourself towards pastures new. In many ways, the currents represent the ebb and flow of the lives of those close to you, and although you are generous and giving, you can sometimes feel as though your life is not your own. As a result, you seem ready for something more, whether that’s a new pathway to explore or a new way to manage those around you. There is a tendency for you to give and others to take; it’s always been this way, and although you do this willingly, you have reached a stage of your life when you want to stand up and shout ‘No more!’. Yet, you hold back because you don’t want to upset the status quo; so instead, you sit and wait for the moment when the planets suddenly align, and everything becomes clear and precise. Intuitively you know that such a moment doesn’t exist, but it still seems easier to wait for it!

It’s time to ask yourself why this is? What holds you back from standing your ground, listening to the whispers of your soul, and finding a new way to live your life? Only you can answer these questions, but do take some time to contemplate the bigger picture of your life, as the only way the ebb and flow of the currents will start to change is if you start to make some changes. Let go of self-doubt and listen to your intuition to guide you, as this is a perfect moment to stop drifting and to start thriving…