June Horoscopes


Life has been something of an uphill struggle for you over recent weeks. You have been working hard, but as yet have not seen the results you might be hoping for. The good news is that June heralds the end of this struggle, and you will finally be able to see just how much progress you have made, and just how much fruit there is to harvest now in your life.

This is not a time to rest on your laurels though, as a new chapter is opening in your life and your confidence is re-awakening as a result. You have managed to build yourself a firm and stable foundation through all your hard work, and now you can enjoy exploring some new interests and directions as a result. A word of caution though – don’t try to run before you can walk – bide your time until the moment is right…

It’s not all work, work, work though and you will find the time for a little rest and relaxation. Spend some quality time with those close to you, and above all, find some time for you. In fact, you would be wise to find a regular space in your life for some ‘you time’, as life looks set to get a whole lot busier for you as the year progresses.


You are one of the most giving, generous and self-sacrificing people around. You will help anyone close to you who is in need, and you think nothing of giving your time to others, even if you need it for yourself. This is a part of your genetic cosmic make-up, and nothing is likely to change this about you. However, there are some people close to you who know this about you, who are taking advantage of your good nature and warm heart.

June is a month where you need to indulge yourself a little – and take some quality time out for yourself. Those grateful souls around you will welcome this and allow you to embrace this quality time. However, those – shall we say demanding – types who do take advantage are likely to stamp their feet and get angry that you are not at their beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By the end of the month, you will have a very clear idea of whom the culprits are that drain you. It is ultimately up to you how to deal with this, but learning to say ‘No!’ would help. In fact, the more assertive you become (practise makes perfect!), the easier this will get. This does not mean you are being selfish – just human. Don’t feel guilty either, it’s not your stuff, it’s theirs!


You have been feeling a little confined and restricted recently, and this has been having quite a stifling effect on your creativity. This has left you feeling frustrated, self-doubting and quite lethargic (particularly intellectually and creatively). You are one of life’s free thinkers, and need space to explore and create. You have struggled to find the source of this restriction, but it seems that you have been digging a little too deeply and stopped seeing the wood for the trees.

You are often so focused on the detail, that you lose sight of the bigger picture, and you seem to have missed a more obvious drain on your energy, which is staring you right in the face! You! Yes, you are the one holding yourself back, doubting your potential and fearing that you are not good enough. That perfectionist side of you is paralysing your life through fear, and the result is inaction. It’s time to let this go now, and to face your fears and embrace your life. You have so much to offer, shame you are the only one who can’t see it.

June is also a month to spread your wings and to explore some new horizons. Try to find a retreat where you can re-charge your batteries and get your life back into perspective once again…


Well here we are, the high-energy point of the year – the Summer Solstice. This is the moment when the Sun enters Cancer. This year, June looks set to be a month of growth and expansion for Cancerians. You have been plodding along with your life for a while now, holding your head bowed low, just keeping on keeping on. It’s almost as though you have retreated back into your safe space, and don’t want to come out again for fear of what you might have to face.

June is your time – your moment to assert your dreams and ambitions, and to let go of all of your uncertainties and doubts. Life carries risks, of course it does, but to avoid living life to the full just to avoid the pitfalls isn’t serving you that well as you seem a little empty, lost and unfulfilled. You are a talented, gifted individual, with so much to offer – don’t you owe it to yourself to shine?

The cosmic winds are blowing favourably in your direction, and life looks set to be plain sailing in June. So why not make the most of this opportunity to shed your cautious, negative – even pessimistic – edge and to embrace life, your gifts and the unknown. Only you can decide, but listen to your intuition and believe in yourself. Good luck.


Lee Marvin once sang about being ‘born under a wandrin’ star’, quite how these lyrics could just appear in anyone’s mind is puzzling, even stranger for someone who has never seen ‘Paint your Wagon’! Yet, in June, you are likely to be feeling quite nomadic, so maybe this soulful muse does make sense. There is a strong sense that whilst you will be busy, you will also be looking for distractions and ways to escape the routines in your life. Life feels free and easy, and you will be keen to go with your ‘self-directed’ flow as much as possible.

At the same time though, your wandering experience this month has a deeper and more significant meaning, as it seems that you are at some level looking for your ‘home’. This is not to say you will be moving, or are looking for your ancestral roots, but this is more connected to you finding a space within you and your environment where you feel truly at peace and at one with yourself. This is not something you can go hunting for, but you will know it when you get there. You will feel calm, and be able to take a deep breath and feel content. So, look out for the subtle signs and you could end the month in a very special place in your life.


June is a month to take care of ‘number one’ – that is, you! Maybe you have been neglecting yourself a little or not taking care of health matters? If so, now is the time to address this and to get your self back on top form. A driving force in this matter is connected to how busy you have been lately; when did you last stop and have a true rest? Hmmmm…

So, try to prioritise some ‘you time’, switch off the phone (ok, leave it on silent if you must!), turn off the computer and do something just for you. When you do get a chance for some reflection, you will see just how much you have been running around after others. But to what avail? Is this really serving a positive purpose in your life? This is not to say just drop all your commitments and promises to others, but rather have a good think about your motivations. Once you get things into a little more perspective, you will begin to sort the wheat from the chaff, and get your life back on track once again.

An amazing opportunity is coming your way this month, and in order to take advantage of it, you need to have ‘space’ in your life – blink and you’ll miss it, so be prepared.


Hopefully by now last month’s forecast of Taoist philosophies and letting go of worry will be making far more sense to you, and you seem much more centred and calm as a result. In addition, your calmness is allowing you to access your deep inner well of creativity this month as you start to explore just how far your talents can take you. This is not a month to charge ahead, but the perfect time to subtly network and mingle, and know that you will meet just the right people at just the right time.

As a Libran you have mastered the fine art of weighing up all the pro’s and con’s of just about every situation in your life. You are not really indecisive, just thorough. The downside of this is that you like to calculate the likely outcomes of a situation, and you can hold back unless you are sure it will work out. This can result in inaction through the fear of uncertainty, and it will get you nowhere fast.

Sometimes though, however much you analyse a situation, the answer doesn’t get any clearer and you need to act on instinct alone. This is easier said than done for you, but trust that you are being guided, and that if you listen and believe, your intuition will let you know when the time is right.


You are very good at observation, and are usually aware of just how well (or how badly) those around you are doing. As a result, you often compare your own progress to this, and can sometimes feel hard done by when others seem to be storming ahead. Well, if you put as much energy into moving your own life forwards as you put into your observational ‘sport’, then you would be miles ahead of the crowd. In other words, focus on yourself a little more this month, who cares how well others are doing anyway? There is no need for you to keep trying to prove yourself or to ‘get ahead’ – what does this achieve at the end of the day? Surely for once you can concentrate on yourself?

If you can channel all your energy into your own life, you will see that you are on the doorstep on a wonderful new phase of your life, and success is yours for the taking. This is not a success to compare to others, but success in your own right. Life doesn’t always have to be about where you ‘fit’ in with others or how well you are doing compared to others. So try to relax, let others have the stress if they want it, and enjoy the ride. You have earned it, so try to enjoy it.


You seem to function best when life is frenetic and a little chaotic. You thrive on the challenge and the thrill of the ride. Others may find it tiring to merely watch such highly tuned action, but not you, it actually seems to energise you! June brings another such phase in your life, but this time the fruits of your labour are within your grasp, so you are extremely motivated to work hard to achieve your desired result.

The only possible fly in the ointment is connected to those close to you expecting more of your time than usual. This is likely to leave you feeling rather frustrated and possibly even a little neurotic that there is a sub-plot to undermine all your dedication and hard work. Before you spin off wildly rebelling against this outside influence, calm down, and try to think about this rationally. The likelihood that others are trying to sabotage your dreams is very unlikely; it’s just that they would like a tiny piece of your attention once in a while.

And of all the people you know, you are the one who can handle this and still achieve your dreams. You are multi-talented and able to multi-task for a reason. So, you can still please yourself and those around you at the same time. Have fun!


There is a lot to be said for you Capricorns, you are realists and very worldly aware. Little, if anything really shocks you, as you are so prepared for most eventualities. You are quite cautious as you move through life, thinking, planning, assessing. There is a downside to this though: where is your spontaneity, your sparkle, and your enthusiasm? Life seems to have become a little too routine and planned recently, and as a result you have been full of nagging doubts about once again taking a chance on life and following your instincts.

You will never be able to truly let go of your realism and caution, but at the same time, you need to be able to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and to push your boundaries. If life stays too routine and ordinary, your energy retreats and you lose your sense of purpose in life. You have been through a long period of indecision, but June brings with it a wonderful chance to be spontaneous, creative and assertive, and to let go of the indecision and replace it with certainty, focus and determination. Sometimes life gives you opportunities within opportunities, and whilst on the surface you may not feel excited, try to see the bigger picture. You are on a roll – go for it!


The celestial party continues in Aquarius this month, with Jupiter moving retrograde on the 15th of the month. This is likely to stir up some significant and powerful inspirational ideas within you as you start to think more creatively about what you want to do with your life. You are a great one for lateral thinking and thinking ‘outside of the box’ – so make the most of this to find the perfect solution for taking your work forwards.

Luck is on your side, but this doesn’t simply mean that success will just drop into your lap. Luck is something you create yourself, so make the most of this opportunity to meet new people, explore your potential and to be noticed. Your destiny is in your hands, and opportunity will come knocking if you want it to. Just believe in your Self and your potential, and use that wily intuition of yours to make the most of your life.

As you will know, you are going through a fairly rapid transformational phase this year, and the pace of change steps up a gear this month. It will become clear that you need a little more space and freedom to be at one with this process, so if you can escape from the rat race for even a short time, this should be time very well spent.


As a Piscean, you love to be free and fluid in your life, moving along as the flow takes you, trusting your intuition and instinct. Over recent weeks though, you have felt more like a goldfish in a bowl, than a fish in the ocean. There is a sense that you are feeling a little blocked, trapped and running round and round in circles. This has left you feeling quite disenchanted with life and with the people around you. The good news is that June brings with it an escape route from that fish tank, and a clear path back to the open water.

This news is likely to re-ignite your inspiration and passion for life, as you think about moving freely through the currents of life once again. However, do contemplate for a moment the lessons you learnt whilst in the goldfish bowl – sometimes however hard you persevere with something, at best you will only ever end up going round and round in circles. Sometimes, you have to listen to your instinct and know when it’s time to focus on something new or different, or maybe seek an alternative solution. June is one such time, and so go within, trust your inner guide and you will know what to do. This is an amazingly positive and golden opportunity, so make the most of it.