The first couple of months of 2011 have been interesting, illuminating, challenging and extremely discombobulating! Whilst there is an underlying sense of forwards movements, there is an undeniable feeling of restriction and pressure as well. The result is an inability to clearly see the wood for the trees, and a sense that life as we know it (personally, collectively and globally) is changing.

On a personal level, it has been hard for each of us to access that part of us deep within where the answers, our Truth, resides. We can try to think or feel our way forwards, but we still know that we are not quite in the space that we need to be in to gain that pure sense of clarity that we so badly need now. At the same time, with the pressures of day to day life bearing down upon our shoulders it can be hard to even find the time, space or energy to look for that sense of Truth.

However, we need now to take a moment to listen. We need to hear our own unique note and music in the Universe and then listen (really listen). When we are truly connected to our Truth, our note blends into a fantastic orchestra full of life, energy and joy. We feel part of something, connected. Our hearts sing.

It is time for each of us to find a peaceful spot, a place to listen in order for us to get a new perspective on life. Things are changing, we are changing, and in order to make the most of this shift, we need to memorise our ‘note’ and stay true to this. It is time to let go of the baggage and clutter that we all carry so that we can be free to take part in the most fantastic orchestra there is.

Life may take us in a new direction, or it might lead us into a game of brinkmanship where we have to rely on our faith to keep us going as we let go of attachment after attachment which we no longer need. At the same time, stepping into the unknown can be frightening as we can never truly know the outcome.

Yet it seems that we have to take a chance now if we want to keep playing in this fantastic orchestra. If we want our hearts to keep singing, we need to follow the most rewarding, life affirming and enriching path possible. Inevitably this means stepping onto a path less travelled, and one where things like financial stability or peace of mind might not exist in the present moment; yet with belief, faith and focus, we need to believe that we can create abundance when we allow our hearts to sing…

So, find that peaceful spot, listen to your note and get ready to join the most beautiful and incredible orchestra ever. Once we can step beyond the confusion and the pressures, life will become much clearer and joyful…