Living Magically…

I have recently seen the best and worst in human behaviour. I have been well and truly lodged in the mundane. I have felt saddened that we seem to live in such a judgemental world – the media guides opinions and prejudices, and individuals seem so entrenched in keeping up appearances and following the masses, that free thinking and individual colour is disappearing.

I choose to see the good in people, as I believe that good thoughts feed good things. Negative beliefs, feed the negative.

The recent shift of Jupiter to a forward flowing energy has created a need to find meaning in my life, and it seems to have left me wanting to live magically once again. I have been wedged in the mundane for so long, that the magic and joy around me has been passing me by.

I have always seen auras, yet this past few days since I decided to ‘live magically’, I can see the auras and energy of everything around me. I have noticed just how many people take the energy of others, some give it freely of course, but how much is returned? Energy is power, and it feeds the desire for more power. It is addictive, and this is why people crave it so much, and sadly if it’s not freely forthcoming there are many who are happy to simply take it.

As both Chiron and Neptune prepare to move direct in the Sacred Dance, there is a sense that we each need to make a choice. That choice is connected to how we choose to live.

Personally, I choose to see the magic, to be at one with the Divine and to live a more contemplative, joyful and fulfilling life. Of course I want to reach out and ‘make a difference’ but I want to do this from a state of joy, not pain.

Many of us are standing at the crossroads now – it is hard to know which path to take – there might be signs or indications as to the ‘better’ path, but to be sure for your own peace of mind, try pausing for a moment, soften your focus and let the light guide you.

Be in nature, see the energy around you and feel it within you. Transmute this into joy and love, and trust your instincts.

Remember there is no right or wrong path – just be content with the path you choose. Live life to the fullest, embrace your true potential and don’t be afraid to try something different. Life is for living after all. As the next few weeks unfold, the need to choose will get stronger – and remember that it is possible to live magically in the real world, it is simply a question of intent.

Carpe diem!