Magnificence Rising

The time has come to stop procrastinating, and to start doing! Thinking about life is NOT the same as living it. Life is not a rehearsal, it is the real deal! We may like to think that we are preparing ourselves for the ultimate Nirvana and enlightenment, and this may be true, but what matters most is the present moment. In this moment we are neither controlled by the past or the future, we are in the now and this is where we need to consciously remain if we are to live more mindfully.

Planning for some future that may or may not happen, or waiting for that perfect moment or opportunity to come up and tap you on the shoulder is a good way to fritter away energy and focus. It is disempowering and disenchanting at the very least.

If you take a moment, stop and spend some time pondering the following:

If today were your last day on Earth, would you want to be doing what you are doing now? Would you be happy that you have lived your life to the full? Would you feel that you have made the most of every second to live in bliss? Have you lived the best life that you can live? Have you at least stepped towards your dreams? Have you played it safe or taken a chance on happiness? Have you listened to your heart and given it the freedom to sing? Have you honoured your Self?

So many questions, but where are the answers? The fact is of course, that we can all sit and think about these questions, but there comes a time when thinking simply is not enough anymore. Thinking or even feeling can give us clarity and vision, but it cannot drive us forward; we have to do that ourselves.

Making a choice or a decision can be so hard. Our heads and our hearts are so often in conflict. Our hearts may call us toward one path or dream but our heads are more concerned with paying the bills, surviving and getting through each day. Yet, surely too much head stuff can clutter and overwhelm the heart and can prove just as disruptive as no thinking at all! Balance is the name of the game.

Easy peasy then. If only!

How do we move through the fear and the worry in order to connect with what truly makes our hearts sing? How can we move from a place of fear to a place of knowing, wisdom and confidence?

It seems to boil down to attitude and belief.

Firstly, is the belief that ‘I am worth it’, an intent so strong when we truly believe it, that it oozes from our auras and from every cell of our Being. This is a belief that never waivers; it is a knowing, a power.

Secondly is the belief that ‘I have the power’. Another intent; a simple one, but one that creates freedom and opportunity. it empowers, enlightens and inspires us to realise the magnificence of who we are.

Thirdly is the belief that ‘my thoughts shape my life’, this is more of a realisation, but an important one, for once we realise that we have the power to shape and transform our lives simply by through our attitude, things get considerably more interesting! This is not about getting lost in thought though, it is about having a clear focus and vision, and having clear and well-defined thoughts. We need to know ourselves and we need clarity; for if we do not know ourselves, our dreams or our goals, then how are we to manifest them?!

Finally is the belief that ‘I am wonderful, I am magnificent’. Somewhat harder to say with belief or conviction, but why? We are all magnificent and incredible, and it is time to celebrate that.

Drifting along in life, scrimping and scraping is a choice. We can see money, prosperity and wealth as something ‘always out of our reach’ or we can realise our own value and begin to transform our lives from the inside out. Through knowing that we are worth it, that we do have the power and by accepting that our thoughts do shape our lives, we can begin to take back the controls and re-connect to our Selves.

It is time to cut out the worry and the fear, for these attract more of the same. It is time now to celebrate what we do have, and to know that with belief and determination, we can make every day magnificent and blissful. We can look in the mirror and not feel empty, hollow or lacking; we can look in the mirror and know that we are living and have lived the best life possible.

Life is not about reaching the end destination in pristine condition, unscathed, and without scars. Out of suffering, strength emerges, and whilst many of us have suffered and struggled, it is important to realise that this is a part of life and we can either feel like a victim or accept what’s done is done, the past is in the past. What matters now is the present!

It is time to celebrate these scars, to know that this is what makes us incredible. We are the sum of all of our components, warts and all, and it is time to embrace our Selves fully, openly, honestly and with love.

Khalil Gibran: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” (thanks Amanda!)

So, no more sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen, instead we need to have the courage and self-belief to step into the unknown, to let go of our fears and doubts, to believe and to realise that we have the power to make things happen. Life carries no guarantees, there is no ‘money back’ guarantee if things fall short of our hopes or expectations. We can suffer from buyers remorse or we can get up, dust ourselves off and get back on the horse once again.

Perhaps the most important thing to embrace is clarity. Without clarity we move along in a blur, in a haze of confusion and discombobulation. Yet clarity is quite hard to clarify, for we are human, and our hearts and our heads often have different agendas. Heart often strives for dreams and joy, the head seeks security and practicality.

The way to win this inner battle is to encourage the heart and the head to make peace, and to work together. Battles are exhausting, and what purpose do they serve other than to throw up more questions and turmoil? If we can get our heads and our hearts working together, then we can finally begin to de-clutter our lives, to focus and to embrace that all elusive clarity!

The key to life seems to be connected to inner harmony, if we are to re-awaken our souls’ full potential we need to step into the tranquillity within. This pool of tranquillity is where wisdom, belief, intent and abundance all reside. We now need to shift our perspective and realisation that this tranquillity is already within us and around us, we just have to use it now.

Take a breath and clear your mind. Connect to the power within you, let go of the clutter and allow your true purpose to be revealed. It is time for your heart to sing now; loudly and vibrantly from the roof tops with mirth, joy and bliss…