March 2024 Forecast

Message for March 2024

There has been a confusing and bewildering array of conflicting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs all surfacing recently, often all at the same time. This has left so many of us feeling as though we are being pulled in many different directions, making it hard to feel centred or balanced. Although we intuitively know the need to step back from the chaos, it can be hard when the busy-ness of life keeps us distracted and caught up in the chaotic twists and turns.

Of course, we each continue to find new ways to navigate the maze of life, but the towering walls of the maze have made it difficult to gain clarity as to which direction we’re heading in and why. It’s hard not to feel lost and alone, confused and disconnected, but there is a need to trust the process and allow our intuition to lead the way through. In many ways, the maze has become our home as it feels so familiar, and the more entrenched we become, the less connected we feel. It’s hard to articulate, but although we intuitively sense life beyond the maze, energetically many of us feel restrained or tethered in place, unable to reach deeply within, struggling to connect to our gifts or true essence. As a result, many have retreated even deeper within, trying to understand as to why things are the way they are. Reflection and contemplation has brought about insight, but there is still a sense of bewilderment as to what’s happening and why.

At the same time, these tethers have caused many of us to lower our heads and push ahead, trying to keep on keeping on, even though we may feel out of kilter and aware of a soul-level fatigue.  Some of this fatigue is caused by a collective angst and uncertainty as the waves upon waves of change keep flooding into our hearts and souls. There are moments when it feels hard to take a breath, but there are also moments of incredible clarity and peace, and it’s the latter moments that we need to cultivate and tend now. Of course, it can be hard to allow peace and clarity to rise up when a kaleidoscope of chaos is all around, permeating every pore, but there is always chaos: always has been, always will be. The more we embrace this, the quicker we realise that in order to find peace with the shifting sands, we need to stop trying so hard to do more, be more, or achieve more. Sometimes, less is more, and when we pause, breathe, and regain our balance, everything shifts. Whilst this doesn’t fix anything, it can help each of us to find calm in the stormy seas of life.

Throughout this time, there is a need to continue to let go of the thoughts, beliefs, ideals, and ideas that no longer serve us. It’s also important to take on the inner critic and stop giving it so much power in our lives. Instead of thinking of everything that we’re not, we need to embrace everything that we are. It’s time to feel lighter and brighter as we regain some perspective and begin to see new ways to traverse the maze. The towering wall of the maze is just a perception, after all, isn’t a maze still a maze if the walls are rows of daffodils or snowdrops?

When we pause and breathe deeply, we can start to see life differently and the intensity of the chaos fades. It’s important that we each take some time to create more space in all areas of our lives and then allow ourselves to breathe deeply into the space we’ve created. Rather than rushing to fill any space with more clutter and things to do, instead we should try to rest comfortably in the space and see where it takes us.

As we each find ways to re-shape and re-define our true priorities, things that once seemed so important will start to fade away as the simpler things in life take centre stage. Rather than focusing on the external gathering of ‘stuff’, we realise that the true riches of life come from within. We all know how easy it is to become lost in the busy-ness of life, but when we seek riches from within, the pace slows and our priorities change. Many of us have lost our connection to our inter-connectedness because we’ve become caught up in life, yet when we pause and breathe deeply, we can see the power of a smile, feel the warmth of a hug, hear the joy of birdsong or the peace of watching a sunset. Life doesn’t have to be complicated and whilst it’s an inherently human thing to do to create complication, intuitively we know we need to pause, slow down, and turn towards the new dawn as we allow the tendrils of hope to take root and flourish.

As we continue to awaken and connect to wholeheartedly living, we can make some significant realisations about our true priorities. After all, is living to work or working to live more important? Is striving for perfection better than finding joy in the imperfection of being human? Living a balanced life allows us to seek out harmony and connection as we consciously become a part of the ecosystem of life, a knowing cog in the wheel that has the ability to connect more vibrantly with every other cog. In essence, although a spiritual life might feel like a lonely life, we are all a part of the same bigger picture and it’s time now to reach out our hands and come together into a beautiful and cohesive whole.

So, take some time to pause, to breathe deeply, to reflect, and to notice. It’s time to wholeheartedly reconnect to the inspiration, creativity, and spirituality that resides within us all. After all, the more willingly we breathe into life, the more life will breathe into us. Life truly is an adventure; it’s an opportunity to flourish and thrive, grow, and evolve. Joy and happiness come from living wholeheartedly and breathing deeply…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As more of your undiscovered self continues to step into the light from the nooks and crannies of your soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to look beyond the boundaries of your life in order to find more balance and harmony. You have made some important realisations in connection to your true priorities, acknowledging what makes your heart sing and what depletes or drains you. Of course, knowing what depletes you is all well and good, but there are times when it’s hard to step back from some of the responsibilities as you’re such a giving and generous soul. Yet, you have spent so much of your life trying to be everything to everyone, and trying to carry those responsibilities, as well as the ought’s, must’s and should’s with as much grace as possible. You do this so well, but the more you have re-connected to your inner world, the more you have realised the importance of finding balance in all areas of your life which suggests a need to either re-structure or re-frame those responsibilities so they are less draining.

Whilst this is easier said than done, it’s important to find ways to bring more balance into your life so you are able to wholeheartedly embrace a new way of living and being that embraces your true priorities. March is a time for you to ask some important questions of yourself: what do you truly want? What really matters? How can you live your best life? These are big questions to ponder, but the more clarity you can find, the more you can set yourself free from the self-beliefs that hold you back. This is a time to re-establish an even deeper connection to your heart and soul as you welcome more of your undiscovered self back into your life. Let the fire within you burn brightly as you explore your creativity with more open heartedness than ever before….


As you continue to create a new storyline that brings more balance to your life, there is a sense that you have started to re-think the next chapter. For a long time now, your dreams and goals have been etched in stone, a sign of the commitment you’ve made to bring them into fruition. However, you’re not the same person you were a few weeks ago, let alone a few years ago as you’ve evolved and blossomed in so many different ways. As a result, there’s a good chance that those long-held dreams might not be quite as important as you once thought. Yet, you are so focused, it’s been hard to step back and regain some perspective, so you’ve been keeping on keeping on without really questioning whether or not you are still on the right path. Until now! This opportunity to write a new storyline has injected some new energy into your life and it’s inspiring you to look at your dreams with fresh perspective, making this an important time to contemplate the path you’ve walked, the path you’re walking and the path you’d like to walk, as you are in a position, if you so choose, to make the changes needed to shift the direction of your life.

You have been hovering on the brink of change for so long, and it might feel strange as you feel the winds of change gathering momentum, but trust the process and let your intuition and creativity guide you. This is a time for inspiration, innovation, and inventiveness; a time for excitement and for new opportunities to come knocking, so keep your awareness in the present moment and have the self-belief to go with the flow of change. As your energies continue to rise, let the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be, transform into a bridge as you prepare to step towards pastures new…


As you continue to seek out steadiness in the inevitable ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that you have started to explore new ways to flourish and thrive. Part of this process has involved letting go of perceptions and beliefs, some of which have defined you for years. You have also realised that although the person you used to be still informs the person you are now, you are ready to let go a little in order to travel more freely in life. It can be hard for a thinker and philosopher like you, but carrying around every layer of your own evolution has become more of a burden than a source of wisdom, and it has left you often looking back rather than being present, let alone looking ahead. Intuitively you know this, but it’s hard to let go when every experience you’ve had feels so relevant to the person you are today. Whilst this is true, there is a risk that you could expend so much energy trying to carry your past experiences which could prevent you from wholeheartedly living in the present moment.

It takes courage to let go and it takes strength and wisdom to realise that you are now ready to build some foundations for a new chapter of your life. Try not to overthink this or over-question every step of the process, let your intuition guide you and find peace in the knowledge that not every question has an answer; sometimes going with the flow and setting yourself free is the answer. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are, and you have faced your depths and poked about in your inner workings, wanting to unearth your shiny, glittering soul. It’s time now to stop reflecting, to let go of the self-doubt and to shine brightly…


The need for some breathing space takes centre stage throughout March as you realise just how consumed you’ve become with keeping on keeping on. It’s as though your life has been on fast forward for so long, you’ve forgotten how to find stillness and balance. It’s easy to become caught up in the busy-ness of life, particularly when you’re such a giving and caring soul, but there’s a real risk of ‘burn out’ if you keep pushing ahead without seeking some breathing space, as you cannot give from an empty vessel. Taking some time out for yourself seems important for all levels of your being as the more you give, the more others take. At the same time, the busier you are, the less you think about your own needs and dreams, and this can leave you feeling disconnected, restless, and edgy. Yet, although you intuitively know this, it’s hard to step out of the mêlée of your life, as you are so used to being the one that others depend upon.

It’s therefore time to step back a little, to let others find their own way in order for you to focus on what you truly need – space. Living on fast forward might get things done, but your soul is yearning for peace, quiet, and time to breathe deeply in order to let go of the chatter of life. Of course, when you do find some space, this might highlight just how out of balance you are which might feel inconvenient on many levels, but try to go with this and see where it takes you as your needs matter, your well-being matters, and your dreams matter. Breathing space brings an opportunity to think about what you truly want from your life, so gently let go of any inner resistance and open up to breathing more deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe more deeply into you…


As you continue to connect more wholeheartedly to your intuition and creativity, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a surge of inspiration rising up from deep within your heart and soul. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be, but have now realised how much energy this has taken as it has stopped you from being the person you truly are. Although you’ve always intuitively sensed this, you have tried to ignore it as it’s made for an easier life. Yet, ignoring your inner world has left you feeling a bit blurred around the edges as you’ve lost clarity when it comes to knowing where you end and where others begin. Of course, being so intuitive and empathic does mean an inevitable blurring of edges, as you are energetically so immersed in the lives of others, but this doesn’t have to mean that you lose sight of yourself in the process. You have faced more than your fair share of challenges recently, but the spark within you still burns brightly as intuitively you know that you’re ready to live more consciously and creatively once again.

As you expand the boundaries of your life you may enter unchartered terrain, but this feels exciting and liberating as you have an opportunity to re-write the rulebook of your life. Being your true self takes courage and wisdom, but you seem ready now to live a more vibrant and joyful life. March looks set to be a month for self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-gentleness as you begin to contemplate how you truly want to live your life. In other words, stop being so hard on yourself and start loving yourself as this is a pivotal time for you to shift your life from where you are, to where you intuitively know you need to be…


You are very good at stepping back enough in order to see the bigger picture of your life and you excel at exploring the finer details as well. As a result, you often spend a lot of time trying to seek answers to the many questions that surface in your quest to make sense of it all. Understanding why you do the things you do takes centre stage throughout March as you shift your focus towards where you are now, rather than on where you are not. It’s easy to see the gaps in life: those places where your focus is on the horizon rather than on where you are now, but this only creates feelings of ‘less than’ as you can feel as though your inner critic is judging you for not achieving your goals. It’s therefore really important for you to find ways to shift your awareness away from the gaps, and towards acknowledging your achievements in the here and now.

Although you will always have goals and dreams, joy doesn’t come only when you achieve them all, it’s with you now, you just have to embrace it. Of course, joy is a force that needs to be cultivated and nurtured, acknowledged and welcomed, so take some time to find things to be grateful for every day. This isn’t about pushing yourself even harder, it’s quite the opposite, as you realise that joy is often found in the quiet moments, in those ‘in between’ times. Seeking out gratitude opens up your heart and soul to the positives in life and even on more challenging days, the more you can turn towards the things to be grateful for, the less your inner critic will lead the way. This is a time to love yourself more wholeheartedly and to let go of the phenomenal pressure you place on your own shoulders. In essence, it’s time to live your very best life…


You have been on quite a revelatory journey over recent weeks and months as your awareness has shifted and expanded in many different directions at the same time. It’s as though the speed of your personal evolution has amplified and quickened, bringing you more insight and wisdom than ever before. Whilst this has been a gift, it has also been a tad overwhelming as it can be hard to know where you are, where you’re going or why. Yet, intuitively you have sensed the need to go with this process and to stop trying so hard to over-think it all. You have spent so long pushing yourself to do more, be more, see more and achieve more, so slowing down may feel counter intuitive, but you seem ready to embrace more stillness into your life as you yearn for some balance. Part of this shift involves a need to re-evaluate your goals and dreams, and to look at yourself and your life with compassion and tenderness.

You are very good at cracking the whip when it comes to pushing yourself, but is this the way you truly want to live? Sometimes, letting go is the only option, it’s the path towards acceptance and balance. Letting go isn’t giving up, it’s a willingness to step into each moment more consciously than ever before. As you feel the tingles of transformation within every one of the trillions of cells of your being, try to allow this process to unfold naturally and let your intuition guide you. Believe in yourself and take notice of the fleeting glimpses of stillness and quiet that contain insight and inspiration, as these will help you to navigate the ebb and flow of the currents as you continue the process of personal shift and expansion. March looks set to be a time to embrace your true nature, to honour your gifts and to finally give your vibrant inner landscape the room to flow freely…


As you continue to find new ways to listen to the music of your soul, you have realised just how much the busy-ness of life so often gets in the way of you feeling centred and balanced. It’s as though the more you connect to your inner world, the less important your outer world becomes. Obviously, your outer world is still important, but it has less power and intensity, so the busy-ness of life can pass you by rather than consume you. Your capacity to see beyond the ordinary of the everyday can leave you feeling as though you see life through a kaleidoscope of thoughts, feelings, senses, and experiences, very often all at the same time. Whilst this can be overwhelming at times, it enables you to create a deeper connection to your true essence (the music of your soul) as your intuition, creativity and awareness all expand and thrive. This may sound whimsical, but intuitively you’ve always sensed the music, as it’s quietly playing in the depths of your soul waiting to be acknowledged and heard.

It can be hard at times when the lives of those around you push and pull on all levels of your life, but when you listen to your soul, you can step beyond the chaos and towards more peace and balance. You are a resilient and courageous being, but you so often doubt yourself and hold back from shining brightly. The reasons for this are complex, and although self-doubt often plays a part, it seems more likely that it’s your energetic entanglements with others that stop you from living your best life. Of course, you are an interconnected soul, so you will always be entwined with those around you, but there are times when this takes over and stops you from being you. It’s therefore time to redefine your boundaries and to acknowledge the need to let the music of your soul flow freely…


The theme of change continues to take centre stage in your life throughout March as you step back a little from the everyday busy-ness and instead shift your focus towards the quieter, unseen side of your life. This side of your life represents those aspects of yourself that you often hold back or doubt, mostly your gifts and creativity. There are many reasons for this, but mostly you seem to struggle with self-belief even though you intuitively know that your gifts and your creativity are vibrant and valuable. As you dive deeper into change, you have realised that you are currently standing between two distinct chapters of your life. In some ways they are clear and distinct, but in other ways they are smudgy and nebulous. Yet, despite this, you sense a need to embrace a new chapter even though you are not quite sure what that will bring. Of course, everyone would like guarantees when they step into the unknown, but that simply isn’t possible.

However, your heart and soul are both yearning for something more and this is becoming increasingly hard to ignore as even logically you know it’s time for change. What seems important here is the realisation that there is no single right answer or wrong answer; you are standing at a crossroads, and you can go left, right, forwards, backwards, upwards, or even down. Try not to overthink this process, trust your intuition, and let it guide you, as travelling off-road and into unchartered terrain looks set to expand your horizons on every level of your being. So, let go of doubt and nurture your courage, as what happens next is very much in your hands; you have a choice of directions, including staying where you are. This is an exciting and life-affirming opportunity to move your dreams into focus as you pick up the pen and start writing a brand-new chapter of your life…


Honouring your own needs and shining a light on self-compassion both continue to take important roles throughout the weeks ahead. You have been on quite a rollercoaster ride over recent months and this has left you feeling discombobulated on many levels, but this energetic dishevelment has also brought you an opportunity to focus on your true priorities. You have spent so long doing so much for those around you, but you know it’s time now to shift the balance of your life in order to accommodate your own needs and dreams. Honouring your own needs isn’t selfish, it’s life affirming, and self-compassion isn’t indulgent, it’s vital for your well-being. You are a vibrant, passionate, and creative soul, and many of your gifts have been gathering dust in the cupboards within, as you have given so much of yourself to others. Whilst this has brought you a great deal, you cannot help but feel a sense of sadness because your needs and dreams matter too, so pushing them aside has a cost in the longer term.

Yet, all is not lost as your awareness of the bigger picture of this situation gives you a perfect opportunity to create some much-needed change as you contemplate different ways to live your life. You have a pioneering spirit, but this often gets lost in the needs, wishes, and plans of others, but it’s time now to change! It seems that the more you align with your true essence, the more clarity you will gain and see new ways to set boundaries and focus on your own well-being for a while. This isn’t indulgent, it’s necessary, as you need some time to re-balance so you can spend some time connecting more wholeheartedly to your heart and soul in order to find new ways to flourish and thrive. You seem ready now to draw back the curtains of your soul and step out into the sunlight once again…


For a long time now, you have been aware of the ebb and flow of energies stirrings deep within your heart and soul, and this ebb and flow has been an indication of a readiness to step towards pastures new. You have been aware of a new chapter unfolding on many different levels of your life, but you have felt a deep sense of frustration as it’s been nebulous and ill-defined, as though you have a taste of what’s happening and then it fades again before you can focus; a bit like the ebb and flow. However, as March progresses, there’s a sense that the currents are beginning to coalesce, and instead of pulling you in different directions at the same time, they are starting to move you forth with more courage and conviction than ever before. This crescendo of energy looks set to bring you insight and wisdom when it comes to your true priorities. At the same time, many of your self-doubts will start to fade away as you realise that life is for living and you have the intuition and creativity to let go of old storylines that no longer nourish you.

This is a time to up-anchor and set yourself free from the many tethers that shape and define your life. Of course, many of these tethers relate to your own beliefs and doubts, so the more you turn to face these, the more able you will be to set them free. You’re ready now to seek out more balance as you shift the dynamic away from pushing yourself so hard to do more and achieve more, and instead towards living more and being more as you live your life more consciously. Take a breath, pause, and re-connect to your inner power as this is the force that will guide you forwards now. Believe in yourself and know that you absolutely have what it takes to flourish, thrive and blossom…


As you continue to shed the load of misplaced and outdated beliefs, habits, and storylines, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how heavy a load you’ve been carrying over recent months and years. You have always had a sense of the bigger picture, but your bigger picture isn’t solely about your own life, it’s about the lives of everyone that’s interconnected to yours in some way. It’s as though you can sense and intuit the ‘superhighway of everything’, all at once, in the blink of an eye. Although you have always known this, you have often turned away and disconnected your awareness as it has been overwhelming at times. However, more recently you have made an important realisation: it only becomes overwhelming when you resist, as when you step consciously into the ‘superhighway of everything’, the load lifts and you begin to feel comfortable riding the ebb and flow. This is hard to articulate, but you have so often felt awkward with your profound intuition and awareness, and this has left you feeling more comfortable denying your gift rather than embracing it.

Of course, being aware of so much can be a lot to process, but there’s a need for you to look beyond the details and to sense your way through. It’s a bit like a ‘magic eye’ picture, the harder you stare, the less you see, but when you soften your focus, suddenly an image appears. So, instead of staring into this superhighway of everything, soften your focus and go with the flow as this will allow you to feel less weighed down and more enlivened. The more willing you are to connect with your gifts, the less discombobulated you will feel; when you stop trying so hard, insights and awareness come knocking. It’s time now to embrace this superhighway and realise you have the power to transform your life from the inside, out…