Neptune enters Pisces

Neptune enters Pisces today (4th April), for the first time in almost 150 years, Neptune comes to the sign where he feels most at home. This is but a brief visit (he moves back into Aquarius into August whilst retrograde), but Neptune will be back home again from 2012. Albeit brief, this visit by Neptune stirs up a huge well of compassion and emotion within, his watery fluidity combined with the fluidity of Pisces allows for a greater awareness to develop of the interconnectivity that weaves us all together.

In many ways this marks the beginning of a spiritual re-awakening and a raising of the collective consciousness. At the same time, individually we look set to go through something of an inner revolution as we finally let go of all the clutter in our lives in order to live with true meaning, purpose and joy.

This is a time of great change, and we are likely to see lots of ups and downs, personally and collectively. Neptune in Pisces will help each of us stay in tune with our inner Selves and allow the Universe to guide us. So, we need to ‘listen’ and be guided by our intuition or higher selves…

Neptune and Pisces are two dreamers that together can create two paths, one of confusion and illusion, or one of compassion, intuition and empathy. In many ways, both are already present, for many live in confusion and illusion, and many others live compassionately, intuitively and empathically, and even more of us live with a combination of both! Yet, there is a need for clarity and vision to emerge from the confusion in order for the compassion and love to be well-channelled and utilised.

Living with meaning and purpose, sounds good but what does it truly mean? I sense it means living simply, spiritually, holistically and joyfully in a balanced way. Living in accordance to our beliefs, honouring ourselves and everything else (humans, animals, the earth etc) and being at One with Spirit.

I guess this is open to interpretation, but it feels right to me…

…more on this soon.