New Moon & Solar Eclipse Part 2

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse are but a few hours away now…

As I mentioned yesterday, the New Moon is in Cancer (for the second month running). Cancer is a water sign and so strongly connected to the emotions. In addition, when we think about the crab we can see that there is a tough almost impenetrable exterior, with a soft and very vulnerable interior.

This is a time of great inner change and transformation, and this New Moon marks a turning point within each of us to face our vulnerabilities and fears, and to breathe deeply into them as we acknowledge that it is often these fears that are the true source of our strength and resolve.

We are all fallible, that is part of the human condition. But we have a choice whether to give up in defeat or to find strength from these fears and move forwards with more wisdom and knowledge than before.

This New Moon is a time to honour the belief in our gifts, and ourselves and to give thanks for our vulnerabilities and fears for the strength that they can give us. It is time to realise that we all have soft, vulnerable interiors, and each of us has a choice whether or not to embrace these now and allow the transformation process to continue through to completion, to allow the chrysalis to burst open so the butterfly can emerge.

The aim is not to build up an impenetrable, protective shell, but it is to live a life feeling safe to bare all, to strip away the frills and stand in the truth of who we are.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Anais Nin – Risk

New Moon 22nd July at 02.35 GMT (03.35 BST) – this is the time of totality of the Solar Eclipse.