Night Becomes Day

Over the past few weeks there has been a powerful sense of shift and re-emergence. As the inner (and outer!) winds howled and the rain cascaded down in torrents, there has been an undeniable sense of breakthrough as the chrysalis cracked and a new wave of clarity began its slow journey towards the sunlight. For many who walk the earth, such events seem to go unnoticed as life continues to tick along and nothing seems to penetrate the pedestrian-ess of the routine. Yet, there are those of us that seem to feel things far more acutely and intensely, and this most recent storm has been one of fairly monumental size and proportion.

There have been times of clarity and times of confusion, times of insight and revelation, and times of isolation and disconnection. There have been times of light, times of dark, times of day and times of night. There have even been times when night became day and day became night; when the light and the dark were no longer distinct and separate, but entwined and merged in a kind of spinning mass of energy. Of course, light and dark are not really separate forces, but, as human beings, we tend to see them this way as it helps us to find context, depth and definition to life.

Yet, during this storm, our very perception of life altered as we no longer see things as we once did. As a result, the merging of polarities and melting of defined boundaries and beliefs no longer feels confusing, but intuitively it feels right and as it should be. Although there are, as yet, few words to describe this new way of being, the vibration of residing in such a space feels life affirming and right.  It is as though the vibration of life has changed and everything is much more itself once again.

As we open up to this life-affirming vibration, our senses are reaching new levels of sensitivity as we hear every thought and every heartbeat, see sharper colours and feel the true pulse of the universe. In such moments of magic and amazement, we can lose self-definition and clear boundaries to become a fully integrated part of the Whole; it is as though we no longer stand alone and finally feel connected and unified once again. It is in these moments that we feel, see, hear, sense, touch and taste more acutely than ever before.

It is akin to those few moments once the storm has passed; the stillness feels energised and poised to burst back into action with a single breath that triggers a chain reaction of birdsong, insects humming, and everything taking a big stretch as it comes back into full focus once again. Yet, nothing is the same any more as the whole world feels, and looks, different; the trees are stronger, the colours are brighter, the light is somehow more condensed and the whole vibration of life feels more energised and invigorated. It is as though life was holding its breath, trying to get through the storm, but in the stillness, there is no need to struggle, resist or fight any longer.

This moment of breakthrough is a collective experience, but, at the same time, it is also deeply personal. Therefore there is no set moment of breakthrough, but a cascading effect as we each get our time in the stillness to break out of the chrysalis that has served us and protected us for so long. Some may choose to remain in the safety of the chrysalis, and there can be no judgement for such a choice, after all, we are all unique. Yet, many will choose to let go and become One with the experience in order to evolve and let go; there is no ‘right’ way to do this, just an acceptance of the process and a willingness to offer gratitude for the experience.

Although we know that the storm will pass, during its peak, it is hard not to feel disconnected, isolated and alone. Of course, intuitively we know that this is part of the process as it is only by experiencing the disconnection, the isolation and the feelings these states of being invoke, that we can truly appreciate the value of the shifts we are now going through. Like night without day, and light without dark, we need the context in order to truly ‘make sense’ of the experience. Yet, these emotions and experiences do not define us, they are simply a part of us, and once we breathe them in, they re-integrate and become a little part of a much bigger Whole.

Denial of our imperfections, darkness and nuances no longer serves a positive purpose; we can no more eradicate these from our lives than we can stop the day turning into night, but there is nothing to fear about this process as it is a part of the natural cycle of life. The time for total self-acceptance is upon us as we let go of the storylines and beliefs that have shaped and defined us for so long and instead open up to a brand new way of living and being.

We are all a mass of complexities, nuances, eccentricities, quirks and imperfections; this is what makes us unique, incredible and perplexing. At the same time, it is this mass of ‘stuff’ that allows us to find true context in life in order to step beyond the dim light and back into the brilliant sunshine once again; in fact, we step beyond the concept of light and dark completely as we take a big deep breath of life and relax. More storms will come, but when we let go, we realise that each one is an opportunity to grow ever closer to living and being free…