October 2022 Forecast

Message for October 2022

It would be stating the obvious to write that we’re living in turbulent times, but it feels like the right words to begin with as the turbulence is creating a maelstrom of chaotic energy that is felt on every level – energetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, politically, and even morally. The ground beneath our feet keeps shifting, and when we feel as though we’ve reached solid ground, everything stirs up and the process starts again. It feels bewildering and confusing, and we barely have time to catch our breath or steady ourselves before the next challenge begins.

Yet, if we pause for a moment, whilst we can certainly feel this chaos, it’s not an inevitability that it will throw us around like a dingy in stormy seas. In fact, the more we feel like the dingy, the more we will twist and turn, and the collective turmoil will feel as though it’s growing over us and taking over. Yet, when we pause, we can see another way, and it seems important to focus on this now as we each have a role to play in what happens next. Do we jump on the snowball rolling down the hill as it gains momentum, or do we get off, walk, and take our time? Of course, life isn’t always this straightforward, but there certainly seems to be some important choices to make now.

When we pause and make a conscious effort to seek out solid ground, we can find our strength, wisdom, and courage. This inspires us to trust our intuition more, to be guided forwards and to look at the bigger picture of life. It’s so easy to be drawn into the maelstrom, but stepping back allows us to breathe more deeply and regain balance.

Knowing ourselves. Truly knowing ourselves is also important as we can only wholeheartedly stand on solid ground when we are able to say: ‘this is who I am’. It can take a lifetime to work out who we are, but the more we listen to our inner selves, the more clarity we can find. When we feel centred and in tune with our true essence, we are strong, and this enables us to embrace our uniqueness and our gifts. It also brings us the courage to define boundaries and to create balance in life, from the time we spend with others, to the time we spend alone. Time in solitude is just as vital as time connecting, as we each need that time and space in our own company to centre and re-align.

In challenging times it would be easy to want to retreat and turn within, but we still need the interaction with others as it’s this connection that allows our truth to unfold and our gifts to shine. We are not isolated islands, and sometimes it’s the connection with others that not only unites us, but also brings an opportunity to flourish and thrive. Even a smile offered can bring connection. Yet, connection isn’t just physical, it can be spiritual and energetic as well. There are many of us who feel disconnected from the throng of the masses, unable or unwilling to go with the flow of ‘normal’. As a result, the path can feel cold and desolate, but it’s important to know that we are never truly alone; there is always someone somewhere sharing that moment, also open to connecting with others; often souls we’ve never met and who may live thousands of miles away. It’s a willingness to be open to the spirit of connection that takes us away from desolation and towards something much richer.

Of course, we cannot always choose the path we walk in life, sometimes the only choice we have is how to make the journey. It’s important to acknowledge that, wherever we may find ourselves in life, we do have choices and even when these feel restricted and limited, it’s how we choose to take the next step that matters the most. The resilience of the human spirit is so often under-rated, but the passion, strength, wisdom, and courage rising up now has the ability to transform each and every one of us on many levels.
So, rather than close the curtains on life when it all feels too much, having the courage to step out into the sunlight can build bridges, not only with others, but also within our hearts and souls. When we have the courage to let our inner lights shine brightly, we realise that the more we try to deny, resist, or ignore, the more it drags us down. Therefore, when we step into the sunlight, we not only acknowledge ourselves, we acknowledge our true essence and we open up to love…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As the dynamic of your life continues to edge away from busy, busy, busy and towards a more wholehearted and balanced way of living and being, there is a sense that you are gaining a stronger sense of self in the process. It’s easy to get caught up in having things to do, people to see and places to go, and this momentum can sweep you up in a whirlwind of busy, disconnecting you from your true essence. However, now you are seeking out ways to consciously find balance, you are finally able to see yourself and your life with fresh perspective. Of course, you have always been self-aware, but life has so often got in the way, your dreams and passion have faded from view. So, this re-balancing is allowing your dreams and energy to step back out into the sunlight once again. Part of this process seems strongly connected to a reckoning when it comes to just how much you do for so many; you have realised that you simply don’t have the resources or the energy to carry on unless you find ways to replenish and rebuild your reserves.

Your tendency to bend yourself out of shape to ‘do the right thing’ or to keep others happy is admirable, but you have stepped into a different chapter of your life where doing what’s right for you becomes a priority. This isn’t about being selfish or self-focused, it’s simply a desire to honour your own needs and dreams more. Deep within the core of your being there have been whispers of discord growing in shape and form, as you have intuitively sensed the need to make change; this is a change that comes from your heart and soul; it’s your inner voice leading the way. You are a vibrant, colourful, and passionate soul, and the time has now come for you to shine brightly…


As you continue to explore your self-worth and sense of self, it seems you have made some important realisations as to what motivates you in life. You seem to measure your self-worth and happiness by the things you do for others, and whilst this is something you have always done and always will do, it seems time for you to stop trying so hard to be everything to everyone around you and to instead get behind the wheel of your own ‘bus’ and explore pastures new. Of course, the bus is just a metaphor, but being at the helm of your own ship is important as it’s the only way you can shape or define your life from the inside, out. Over the course of your life, you have accumulated so many memories, experiences, and lessons, as well as a great deal of wisdom, and much of this you have kept ‘just in case’ you might need it again at some point in time. Yet, there is a powerful need and drive to let go at the moment in order to travel more lightly and to be open enough to have the capacity to welcome in new experiences, memories, and wisdom. Of course, you can’t just erase your consciousness, but you can start to focus more wholeheartedly on living in the present moment and not gazing back towards what was.

Your inner landscape seems cluttered and busy, and your spirit is yearning for some space to stretch out to breathe deeply once again. ‘Less is more’ would be a good motto for you throughout October as you start to clear out some of those inner closets, recycling many of those boxes marked ‘miscellaneous’ which haven’t been touched for years, and you start to feel lighter and brighter as a result. Take the helm, believe in yourself, and set yourself free…


Finding your ‘truth’ to be yourself has always been a central theme in your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to work out what your truth is, and you have frequently struggled being yourself as the currents of life have thrown you off course when the going has been tough. Perhaps at the core of this is also a smidgeon of confusion, a sense of not having a very clear picture of what being yourself actually means to you. This is partly because you often present a façade to the world; a smiling, happy face that wants to fit in and live the life you feel you ought to be living, yet, inwardly you have longed to shimmy across the dancefloor of life without a care who might be watching!

Pulling in two directions at the same time has created some inner tension which has left you feeling discombobulated and confused as to your true priorities and needs. Your desire to let your true colours shine brightly is strong but you seem to have discounted the possibility that these can still shine even in the seemingly ‘normal’ side of life. In other words, you can have both and there need not be tension, but you just have to acknowledge the idea that it’s possible to be your complete self in everyday life. This may sound simple, and in many ways it is, but it takes courage and confidence to let your truth shine brightly in a world that isn’t always open, tolerant or understanding of anything different to the ‘norm’. Yet, you know that ‘normal’ doesn’t exist as everyone is unique; but the quest to be normal can take over at times. Yes, it’s a mad, topsy-turvy world, but it also has the potential to be a wonderful one. October is your time to dance and to finally let your truth become your reality…


As you continue to seek out ways to live your very best life, there is a sense that there are aspects of your life that feel heavy and cumbersome, burdensome, and unwieldy. It’s a though the kaleidoscope of things to do, people to see, places to go has created too much ‘noise’ in your life and you just want some peace to re-balance and take stock. Although your ‘to do’ is highlighting many priorities and goals you have collected over the years, it seems important that you review it from time to time in order to select your true goals and needs. It’s easy to be carried along with the flow, but this can lead to the cumbersome and heavy feelings you’ve been experiencing – a sense of a lack of control over the snowball of ‘stuff’ that’s been accumulating in your life, your head and all around you. Despite this busy-ness, there is also a sense that you are feeling a little empty and hollow, as though nothing has much meaning for you anymore. Yet, this seems driven by your almost constant need to be busy and to have something to do.

Sitting still, being quiet, doing nothing seems alien to you, but it’s an art you need to re-develop in order to find the peace you seek. Sitting still and being quiet isn’t watching tv whilst scrolling through social media on your phone, it’s being fully conscious in the moment and connecting wholeheartedly to life. You are an intuitive and creative soul, and it’s time for you to explore some new realms of consciousness as you seek out more meaning, purpose, and peace in your life. This isn’t about giving up your ’to do’ list, it’s about focusing on what truly matters, letting go of the clutter and then giving yourself time to breathe. The currents in your life are shifting, so up anchor and set sail…


As the currents in your life continue to ebb and flow, and the landscape shifts and changes with the passing of time, there is a sense that you are beginning to see yourself, and your life, from a new perspective, one that goes beyond linear time and towards the bigger picture. Your longing to create change has tipped the balance in your heart and soul away from keeping on keeping on, towards living your best life and honouring your own needs more. Change is a constant feature and you have reached a point in your evolution where you seem more able to ride these currents with confidence and wisdom. Of course, there are days when it feels overwhelming, but you intuitively know these days will pass and you can turn towards your vast inner pool of resources to guide you. Change is a constant; twists and turns happen, but it’s not necessarily the case that this means challenge and struggle.

The path of your life has never been straightforward, there have been curves, bends, potholes, dead-ends, and unchartered terrain at every step of the way. You often forget just how much you have navigated through over the years, preferring to see the things you haven’t done rather than celebrating the things you have achieved. It’s not that you’re self-deprecating, but you find it hard to stop looking at the horizon at all the things you’ve yet to do. Whilst this can drive motivation, it can also feed a deep sense of lack and it seems important now for you to pause for a while in order to acknowledge just how far you have come. You are a vibrant, creative, innovative, and giving soul, and whilst this can sometimes leave you feeling depleted or overwhelmed, these gifts have the capacity to transform your life from the inside, out. You are ready now to take the next steps: breathe, believe, be free…


As you continue to find ways to accept the unknowable nature of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to find a deeper sense of peace with the inevitable meandering and zig-zagging along your path in life. Although on one level you seem keen to charge ahead to get to your chosen destination as quickly as possible, on another level you enjoy the zigzagging as it not only gives you a chance to think, it also brings you to places you hadn’t really contemplated before and this has been a huge learning curve for you. It may sound slightly counter-intuitive to go off road in order to find what you’ve been looking for, even when the road signs clearly state to keep moving forwards, but you have come to realise that your unique way of thinking takes you into unchartered terrain on a regular basis; therefore, you need to zig-zag in order to truly flourish and thrive.

Of course, this can inevitably create some frustration during those times when you just want to get from where you are to where you want to be, but then you discover a hidden gem tucked away in some nook and cranny in a zigzag and remember why life isn’t as straightforward as you sometimes hope. Yes, it can be confusing being you, but it can also be wonderful and rewarding at the same time. Walking a path less travelled takes courage and vision, but you have both in abundance; believe in yourself and your gifts. It’s time now to let go of the ought’s, must’s and should’s that have shaped and defined your life for so long in order to find a new way to enjoy the journey and to be your true self. Take some time to think about what you truly want and let your intuition lead the way…


As you continue to explore your inner light and seek out ways for it to radiate brightly and illuminate your path ahead, there is a sense that the concept ‘less is more’ is apt for you throughout October. In essence, it seems that the harder you try to create the life you desire, the further away it feels. Sometimes, the least obvious route is the path to follow, and it seems that the less you focus on trying to radiate brightly and create your best life, the more you allow it to find its own flow, and the more you will realise that your inner light already radiates brightly. Your vision of how you’d like your life to be may not equate to the life you’re living, but your perfectionist tendencies often write off anything that isn’t ‘just so’, which has often left you overlooking much of what you have now.

This isn’t to say that your current life is exactly what you want, but it’s important to remember that life is a hotchpotch, random and seemingly incongruent collection of experiences and moments. Although there is a lot of pedestrian and mundane in the day to day, this is essential as it keeps the wheels turning. Whilst seeking out perfection can inspire motivation, it can also inspire a sense of lack at the same time, so keep this in mind when you are looking beyond the present moment, seeking something that is already within your grasp. Of course, there is a part of you that wants more creativity and spiritual meaning, but this comes along the way. The key is in finding peace now and being open to living joyfully and happily, rather than conditionally waiting to achieve more than ‘just so’ before you can find joy. Let your spirit dance in the sunshine, breathe deeply and go with the flow. Let your light shine brightly, it’s a part of you…


As you continue to experience something of a quiet revolution at the core of your being, although the nature of this shift still seems nebulous, at the same time, you are beginning to feel more centred and balanced again. In many ways, this inner rebellion has gone on in the background whilst you have got on with your everyday business, but this is perhaps too simplistic a perspective as you have, on many levels, been aware of inner change, but you have been unable to articulate or explain it. Until now. Well, it would be great to add those words to the sentence, but there is still more that is unknown than is known about your inner transformation. It’s as though on one level you are trying to bring together all of the many different facets of your being, but on another level, you are throwing everything up in the air with carefree abandon. Of course, anyone that knows you well, knows that ‘carefree abandon’ isn’t really a phrase associated with you as you tend to think most things through quite thoroughly before you make a decision about what comes next.

Yet, carefree abandon does seem like the right choice of words for you in October as you seem lighter, brighter, and more focused than ever before; a sense of determinedness to shake free from your everyday life in order to re-assess your true priorities and goals as you seek out ways to live with less baggage and clutter. The free spirit within you thrives when given space to explore spontaneously and without limit, and your creativity flows best when you let thoughts, ideas and feelings flow through you like water running along a brook. You need movement to blossom, but you also need clarity to thrive. It’s time to bring these two facets together now in order to let your inner revolution create a brand-new chapter in your life…


October looks set to be a month for decluttering as there seems to be a lot that you need to let go of on many levels of your life. Whilst this could be said for most people, there is an urgency within your heart and soul to travel more lightly in life so you have more space and freedom to breathe. You have spent a great deal of your life collecting stuff – ideas, possessions, experiences, ‘to do’ lists… whilst some of this still seems apt and relevant, much of it now feels superfluous to your needs. Stuff isn’t always ‘bad’ but even the good stuff can stifle the flow of ideas and creativity if it’s allowed to build up uncontrollably. Whilst you love to have a smattering of possibilities around you in case you might decide you need to tap into any of them at any one moment in time, this can act as a hindrance as it weighs you down. When too much ‘stuff’ builds up it can stifle your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed rather than brimming with possibilities, so it’s important to get the balance right.

Of course, shedding ‘stuff’ isn’t just about possessions or ‘to do’ lists, it’s also energetic and emotional. Your consciousness is vast so your capacity to store ‘stuff’ is immense, but it’s time to ask yourself if you still want to do this. As the storms of life come and go, you are certainly well-prepared to deal with them. Yet, is being a ‘prepper’ for every possible scenario or outcome realistic or practical? Sometimes, you have to trust your phenomenal intuition, innovation, and creativity to navigate you through stormy seas; believe in yourself! You have the resources you need within you already and these gifts can allow you to travel lightly and let your free spirit breathe wholeheartedly and in tune with your true needs…


Forging your own path continues to take centre stage throughout October as you seek out your true needs and priorities. You have spent a great deal of your life doing things as prescribed by those around you, and you have gone with their flow, but you seem ready now to ‘do it your way’. It’s as though you have reached a threshold and, as you cross, this turning point in life, you have shifted your focus away from trying to keep everyone else happy and acknowledged your own needs. This is unquestionably hard for you as you often find yourself immersed in the lives of others as you do like things to be done properly, and most of the time you know that if you don’t do it then you will be the one that has to pick up the pieces and sort it out so you might just as well do it in the first place.

However, this is a belief that seems to have trapped you in a circle that does no one any good; it doesn’t empower those around you to be self-sufficient and it takes you away from doing things your way. This can give you an opportunity to avoid or acknowledge your dreams as you are not keen to upset the proverbial apple cart in life. Yet, it seems time now to accept your role in this dynamic and to decide if you want to continue as you are or if you want to step beyond the cycle and towards increasing self-discovery and self-empowerment. Change can be difficult to manage, but it doesn’t always mean upheaval or forgetting of the old; for example, you might be open-minded about the digital age, but you still see value in pens, paper, books etc. In other words, change isn’t about letting go of everything that went before, it’s about embracing the new and incorporating it all into new ways of living and being…


As an intuitive and wise soul, you know only too well that there is often more than one pathway to the same destination in life. You also know that even a tried a tested pathway doesn’t always bring the same results as life is a moveable object and nothing stays the same. You have always strived so hard to get life ‘right’, and you have imposed a huge amount of pressure on your own shoulders to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. Of course, this has seen you do some amazing things in life, but there is still a sense of lack; a sense that there’s something missing but you just cannot place what it is. Yet, the harder you look for this missing part, the more nebulous and ill-defined it becomes. Perhaps an important lesson here is for you to stop trying so hard to get life ‘right’ and to instead focus on trying to live life well.

Stop judging yourself harshly for ‘mistakes’, see them as learning opportunities, and stop trying so hard to do more, be more and achieve more, as it’s time to realise that life isn’t about what you haven’t done, it’s about where you are now. You are the accumulation of all of your past experiences and it’s time to realise just how rich this makes your soul; you are wise, courageous, creative and a visionary, and although this cannot paper over the challenges you’ve faced, you have come out stronger, brighter, and more wonderful than you could ever have imagined. However, you now need to see this wonder and strength, and feel it, knowing it’s a part of you. It’s time to stop distancing yourself from your amazing and incredible nature; own it, live it, and believe in yourself enough to stop focusing on getting life right and instead start living your life as brightly as you can…


As you continue to work out your true priorities in life you would be forgiven for feeling as though you are in a revolving door that keeps leading you out in the same direction. You pause, reflect, gain a sense of direction, step back into the revolving door, go with it for a few turns, but step back out in the same place. It’s akin to treading water or going for a run on a treadmill and being surprised you haven’t ended up somewhere different. Yet, it doesn’t appear that you are deliberately trying to stick to the same spot as you seem determined to create some positive and lasting change in your life; you just seem confused that, despite your best efforts, you don’t seem to be making much progress. You have spent a great deal of time going with the flow; being so fluid has enabled you to explore so much in life that others so readily dismiss or ignore.

Yet, your fluidity can make it hard to direct the currents whilst drifting along with them; in other words, it’s time to shift from passive to a more intuitively pro-active stance. This might seem out of character, but it’s easy to forget that although you choose to go with the currents, you actually create the currents! Your spiritual, ethereal essence often struggles to grab hold of life with both hands, creating a belief that you are a passive soul drifting through space and time. And whilst on one level this is true, it’s so important to realise just how empowered and majestic you are! The more you believe you drift, then you lose your sense of self, but the more you acknowledge your gifts, the more you will realise that the revolving door is only there because you’ve placed it there. It’s time to move it aside and stride forth with courage and confidence…