Over Should-ing The Self

Embracing the path to Self and living consciously are both central missions on the pathway of life; they twist and turn around one another, for to have one, opens the doorway to the other, and vice versa. Yet, whilst we can feel a connection to both of these, it is somewhat harder to become ‘one’ with them.

Being human tends to complicate matters, for we seek out understanding, and, at the same time, we can become overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Responsibilities, should’s and ought’s can take hold and these can sap the passion and zest from even the most inspirational of souls, for they feel heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy. Of course, this is perception, for if we perceive them to be cumbersome and heavy, then this is what they become!

But life is not as simple as simply shifting perspective, for most of us cannot completely extricate ourselves from the world of duty, and, as we struggle to balance this with embracing Self, living consciously and fully awakening spiritually, we can become a tad overwhelmed with it all. As a result, we can then begin to sink into feeling the duty even more heavily, and, after time, it begins to take over. We can become lost in a maze of duties, responsibilities and ‘should’s, and we can begin to feel totally disempowered as we spiral further away from Self, spirit and balance.

When lost, the duties and ‘should’s’ become even bigger and even heavier and we can begin to lose sight of the joy of life. We can become stuck in a cycle of ‘over should-ing the Self’, placing more and more pressure on our shoulders, and then placing even more pressure on top of that as we struggle to regain centre and balance. We think that by getting on top of life’s ‘to do’ list of duties, and meeting all of our growing list of expectations and demands, that we will come to a natural clearing where we can once again re-group and step back into the blissful world of living consciously. Whilst, this is not beyond the realms of possibility, it is perhaps beyond the realms of probability, for the more we become consumed by the tangle of ‘should’s’, the more disconnected from Self we become.

Duty is a part of life; we all have obligations to meet and roles to fulfil, but it is important to pause every so often in order to ponder the Truth of such duties. Sometimes we can become so lost in trying to keep all the batons up in the air that we lose sight of the reasons for juggling in the first place. Quite often, we get lost in the habit of juggling and keep on simply because we always have. Therefore it seems important to stop and pause in order to regain perspective, for unless we can be honest with ourselves, how can we move beyond to a place of balance, conscious living and harmony with Self?

Such a transformation involves moving beyond the layers of duty and the tangles of ‘should’s’ in order to find a clearer path. Whilst it is unrealistic to simply walk away from these, there is a need to understand our motivations for having them in our lives. If they remain through habit, fear or as a distraction, then perhaps it is time to acknowledge this in order to move forward? If they remain because they have to, then perhaps it is time to shift the perspective from one of heaviness to one of joy, for if we take on duty with joy, the energy shifts, and becomes lighter somehow.

Undoubtedly, there are some ‘should’s’ and ought’s that we cling on to in life because they keep us in our comfort zones; we are reluctant to let them go for they shape and define our lives. Yet, do they enhance our lives or do they diminish? Is ‘comfortable’ always in our best interests?

This is a time to go within with honesty in order to move beyond ‘over should-ing’ and the heaviness. It is time to step beyond the cumbersome nature of duties in order to embrace life more fully and openly. And, it is time to have the courage to let go…