Having spoken to many fellow travellers on the ‘path’ recently, I can’t help but notice a trend. This trend is connected to pulling away from the new age arena, and instead focusing on re-integrating into society. This re-integration seems part of a grand plan to weave threads of healing/raised awareness into everyday life in order to raise the collective consciousness.

Whilst many people are retreating from ‘normal’ society, there seems to be an equal number moving very definitely in the other direction. There is almost a sense of knowing that segregation of ‘new-age’ types makes them/us distinct and separate from the rest of society. Of course, one could argue that we are different, but then again isn’t everyone unique?

This trend seems to be connected to re-integrating so-called Lightworkers into various threads of modern day living in order to be living breathing spiritual beings in an everyday world. Whilst many of us may like to dream about spending our days tucked away from society meditating, healing and connecting with Spirit, there is a need to bring this to the masses, to the world.

It seems to be time to roll up one’s sleeves and get stuck in, to put our money where our mouths are and to truly start to make a difference.

Now Pluto has moved direct, it is a time of intense energy bursting forth bringing about change on a great many levels within each of us. It is time to let go of all those things that no longer serve us so that we can be free and unhindered to get on with the work at hand. We need to be guided by our higher Selves, and trust our intuition.

It does seem that this is a two-way flow as many people step onto the path of spiritual enlightenment and awareness, yet souls more travelled on the path are stepping back into the mainstream now to reach more people and to spread the light into all areas of life.

What a paradoxical world we live in…