Running on Empty Part 3


Abundance is a word that many new age philosophers love to use. Yet aren’t we suffering as a result of too much abundance in our lives, isn’t the earth buckling under the pressure of our human demand for abundance?

Abundance means plenty, and of course we all want to have plenty in our lives, yet in this age of consumerism and materialism, maybe we have lost sight of the real meaning of abundance?

The Oxford dictionary states that abundance is ‘A very large quantity of something’. So when we simply ask for abundance in our lives, are we asking for a lot of everything? Do we need everything? Do we want sorrow in abundance? Do we want pain in abundance? Do we want anger in abundance?

Many of us are guided into seeking abundance in our lives, yet do we really think this through? Maybe joy, happiness, love and contentment in abundance would be more appropriate?

The dictionary also refers to abundances as Plentifulness and Prosperity. Plentifulness seems a more appropriate word as it suggests enough for all to share – there is plenty to go around. Most people equate prosperity to financial security, which narrows the scope. So, maybe we need to focus on plentifulness in our lives?

The sacred dance of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron is a time when dreams come true. All of us are looking for something in our lives, and it is quite a ‘new age’ ideal to seek abundance, yet does the Universe truly understand the meaning of abundance? Does it know that when we ask for abundance, we only mean positive abundance? Of course the Universe, the Divine is all knowing, but surely the idea of prayers and affirmations is to call to us those things that we hold dear?

So, a word of caution in these magical times – be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it.