Spiritual Quicksand

The shape and form of words reveals a great deal about the vibration or power of our inner dialogue. Our language is revealing as it reflects our current state of being. For example, we might feel like we are walking through treacle or stuck in quicksand at the current time, and such insights create powerful images which keep us locked in a storyline of being stuck in quicksand because we perceive that we are. Our perception matters a great deal, and the more aware of this we become, the more we realise that our thoughts shape our lives.

When we consider the quicksand analogy we can immediately feel a sense of contraction within as we energetically connect with the impulse to resist and struggle against the drag of the molten sand beneath our feet. Of course, struggling is the worst thing to do as the more we struggle, the deeper we sink. We know that our best chance lies in doing the one thing that feels counter-intuitive and that is to spread the weight of our bodies by laying down over the surface of the quicksand; we need to get as much contact as possible with the one thing that is threatening our very existence.

Such a philosophy can be applied to many things in our lives such as fear, pain, distress, anxiety etc. The idea of connecting more deeply with these might feel counter-productive, but intuitively we know that by connecting to them more consciously we can step away from being consumed by them as we no longer fear them but become One with them instead. Yet it is the act of direct contact that we often fear the most as we can feel exposed, naked and vulnerable, not knowing if our act of increasing contact will ultimately lead to our rescue or if it will simply leave us even more exposed, naked and vulnerable.

Mindfulness and conscious awareness of the present moment is so important now as we continue to open up our hearts, minds and souls to the bigger picture of our lives. The more we awaken and breathe in the air of the new dawn, the more we realise how integrated and connected we truly are. When we struggle against life or against the situations that we find ourselves in, we can become entrenched and stuck, and although letting go of resistance and surrendering to the moment takes a huge act of faith as we reach into unknown territory, we know that this is exactly what we need to do in order to shift the vibrations of our lives away from life-sapping inner-dialogues and analogies towards something far more life-affirming and enhancing.

Becoming One with our fears takes great courage as it suggests a willingness to stop resisting and to start accepting. This is not the same as ‘giving up’ but a more conscious act of present-moment awareness that re-empowers us as we choose to let go of resistance and become fully aware of all that we fear and all that we are. Whilst this in itself might not change the reality of the situation that we find ourselves in, when we stop struggling we shift our vibrations to a more expansive level of awareness and this can help us to see the ‘bigger picture’ and to step free from the all-consuming panic-state.

Of course, as human beings, we are used to keeping on keeping on and pushing against the currents as this is a part of life, but is it? Is it really the ‘norm’ or is it this way because we expect it to be this way? We could get tied up in knot after knot trying to unravel such a question, but it seems clear that we need to find a way to stop resisting and struggling now as the more we struggle, the tighter the knots become. Life no longer seems to be about keeping our heads above water or trying to stay afloat in quicksand; the analogies are changing and shifting towards something brighter, fresher and more life-affirming.

How we see our own lives is so important for it gives shape, texture and definition to our reality. Life may have its challenges and we may not be where we truly want to be in life, but is resisting our reality going to change this? Or will the resistance simply find us even more deeply entrenched in challenging analogies and vibrations?

The time is now upon us to open up our hearts, minds and souls to the present moment and to become fully conscious of life exactly as it is. We can then stop wallowing in the mire and fearing the quicksand, and instead see the beauty, expanse and infinity of what present moment awareness actually brings into our lives. Once we take such a step we realise that, as energetic and vibrational beings, we have the power within us to raise the vibration away from the struggle to one of joyful acceptance as we choose to dance with this new vibration in life; we can use the power within to re-calibrate the energetic vibration of our reality. This is not the same as pulling away, unravelling the knots, denying them or struggling; it is the ultimate act of fully embracing the moment and in this moment realising that we already are Whole, complete and magnificent.