We seem to be at a time of stand still at the current time; there is a sense of waiting, watching and waiting. Although the anticipation feels positive, there is also a deeper sense of uncertainty weaving its way through our unconsciousness; it is as though we are preparing for a new beginning and whilst we know that such a journey is destined and inevitable, we are, as yet, unable to discern exactly what this means in terms of what happens next.

There is no denying that this is a time of great change, for everything that once seemed so important now seems almost obsolete and outmoded, but at the same time, it is hard to grasp the flow of these changes for they feel intangible and unknowable. Of course, this is the point, for to step fully into the flow means letting go of linear thought and opening up to wave upon wave of new consciousness, but as human beings, we can find it hard to let go of the desire to understand and rationalise our experiences.

Standing still may feel unproductive for some for it presents an image of non-movement and a lack of change, yet it is only by standing still that we realise we are in a state of constant movement and change, for movement is not only about our physical existence and experience, it is also energetic and spiritual at the same time. When we step beyond linear thought and open up to the true expansiveness of the Universe and realise that we are part of the Universal Flow of energy that creates the Whole, our need to understand diminishes as we gain a sense of knowing and trust that all is well.

Of course, for many it is hard to trust this flow for life feels like a relentless train of things to do, people to see and places to go. Such challenges and responsibilities turn into chains that we drag behind us which hinder and deplete us, drain and diminish us. Yet, if we have the courage to step beyond both the mind and linear thought we can see that these chains are there because we choose for them to be there; they are not enforced upon us. Such a realisation is important, for it shifts the vibration and the dynamic of our lives from a space of burden and duty to a more expansive vibration of possibilities and expectations.

So, as we continue to stand still we should celebrate this pause time to remember all that we are and acknowledge that we are all creators and divine sparks. Being human can find us splashing about in the depths, struggling to keep our heads above water, as we try to keep on keeping on, for our beliefs shape and define our reality on so many levels. Our expectations and storylines create our existence for we radiate a vibration that we perceive to be our reality, and this vibration reaches deeply into every level and every cell of our Beings.

Yet, when we lean into the pause, we realise the daily rush and chatter that shapes our world doesn’t have to be what defines us anymore, for once we awaken and acknowledge that the rush and chatter are present because we allow them to be, we can begin to create a new vibration of stillness that brings us far more clarity, vision and strength. In other words, we step beyond linear thought and open up to living more consciously and vibrantly in the present moment.

Present moment awareness is not a new concept, but so many of us forget it when life gets challenging or busy, empty or overloaded. The ‘things to do’ overtake that deep sense of inner knowing that we all have, but when we pause in the moment and shift from reaction to a more responsive and expansive state of being, we intuitively know that our Truth, our power and our divinity can never be taken away or diminished unless we choose for it to be.

So, whilst we may be standing still, pausing in the moment, it is important not to see this as a waiting time, for that suggests a time of disempowerment; instead we should see it as a valuable time to coalesce and re-align, for this will help us to prepare to step willingly, consciously and whole-heartedly towards being fully conscious and awake…