As the first flowers of spring start to burst into life through the frozen ground, the energy within me also seems to be stirring.

Now is the time to start clearing out and de-cluttering our lives on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is time to let go of all that ‘stuff’ that accumulates in our lives that simply hangs about doing nothing.

Nearly all of us are guilty for hanging on to things – ‘that might come in handy’, or ‘that was a gift, I can’t get rid of that’ or ‘I bought that as a bargain, never used it, but it was a bargain’…

Sound familiar?

Yet, all this stuff clutters up our lives on every level. Physical clutter clogs us up emotionally, mentally and spiritually leaving us feeling bogged down and disempowered. Emotional and mental clutter overwhelms and distracts us, and spiritual clutter simply gets in the way of our inner journey.

It is now time to have a major spring clean, and it is now time to let go of everything that is inessential in our lives.

It is time to let go of all that baggage that we are guilty of carrying around in order for us to stand up straight and feel free. It is the only way to travel lightly through life.

After the de-cluttering, remember to honour all those things (on all levels) that you are now letting go. Recycle or pass on the things that you can, but let go of the threads that keep you attached to everything you let go of – you need to be free. Then cleanse – yourself, your house, body and soul and feel the lightness filling every essence of your being.

Breathe in light, space and freedom, and enjoy the feeling of clarity and lightness.