Summer Solstice 2011

On the 21st is the Summer Solstice, the day the Sun enters Cancer. Also on this day, Mars enters Gemini, Juno enters Libra and Vesta moves retrograde in Aquarius. The Solstice is always a time to celebrate life and to feel blessed for all we have. It is also a time to honour ourselves and one another. The light within each of us glows strongly at the Solstice. It is a time to honour the gift of life and also to offer the Earth healing as well.

The Summer Solstice and associated cosmic events on that day form a real high point of the year in so many ways. The sun is at its zenith, for it is the longest day, but it is also a turning point, a time for new beginnings. Of course, after this day, the sun begins its descent towards the winter (but let’s not think about that just yet!), but the energy stays vibrant and strong for some time to come. We can expect to continue feeling more ‘awake’ and aware of ourselves, our paths and of one another on every level.

This is a time to celebrate our personal achievements and to sense the true nature of inner abundance. The Sun is our life spark; that little piece of light within each of us that burns brightly giving our lives joy, meaning, focus and strength.

The Summer Solstice is a day for coming together with like-minded people; it is a time to celebrate and to dance together to honour the life giver of the solar system, and the life we have within. There is a sense of transformation around this time, even more so with the other cosmic events happening on this day.

Mars enters Gemini, Juno enters Libra and Vesta moves retrograde in Aquarius. Vesta moving retrograde suggests a time of honouring our inner worlds, and finding the time to find peace, harmony and tranquillity within. Vesta wants us to feel whole and complete in ourselves. This is necessary if we are to truly be able to carry the light forwards. We need to let go of any fear connected to the Light or the Dark, and we need to find balance on all levels.

Mars entering Gemini marks a period of intense mental activity and movement as new ideas come through thick and fast. It is important to connect to the peace within as well though, for too much mental activity can be overwhelming.

Juno moving into Libra places a spotlight on the relationships in our lives. The dynamics, who gives, who takes, who does both. In order to live in balance, we need to ensure that we live in balance with those around us. It is time to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to givers and takers. It could be a case of demanding balance or it could be walking away, that is a choice that will come to each of us in time…

So, as this somewhat intense and challenging chapter of spiritual awakening continues, the Solstice gives each of us a brief opportunity to pause, reflect and to celebrate life and the progress we have all made. At the same time, we can visualise our paths ahead, and if we can continue to listen to our intuition and step into our power, we can embrace our full potential as evolving, growing, sentient Beings.