When life is presenting us with challenges and obstacles, it is easy to see negatives. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused, confuddled and discombobulated. Yet, if we can take a step back and look at our lives objectively, it is much easier to see solutions where before we could only see problems.

The saying ‘not seeing the wood for the trees’, is one I often use, yet it is easy to say that from a neutral or abstract perspective. When life is challenging us head on, is there any choice but to be in the midst of it, struggling to keep afloat, battling to keep moving forwards?

Well, yes I think there is.

Surrender is not a word I use often, yet it is through surrender that we gain clarity and objectivity. Surrender is not the same as giving up though, it is maybe more akin to acceptance, but even acceptance suggests a stance of giving up. Surrender is much more passive, it is about living in the moment, not resisting…

Sometimes we need to stop fighting against the tide, sometimes the path we think we should be on, is not the one that is best for us. It is only when we stop fighting, that clarity returns to us, and we can see life from a whole new perspective. It is in that brief moment of surrender – that moment of stillness – that flashes of insight and inspiration often come to us. These are the jewels of surrender; they help us to gain fresh perspective about our lives, our challenges and our paths ahead.

Of course, there are many different types of obstacles in life, and simply through surrendering, it does not mean that the problems will simply up and leave. Instead, we give ourselves a golden opportunity to see light where before we could only see dark. It is this illumination that can shine a light on the solution, the key to open up the path ahead.

Remember that when we surrender, we are not letting go to some outside external power to take over. That power – the Divine – is both within and without. Surrender is about letting go to your higher Self, your inner power and stepping back from the mind, the ego and emotions, into that space of all knowing, all being. We all have that within us, we all have the ability to connect to this.

So when the path ahead looks black and impassable, try to take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath, connect to the Divine and feel that power within you. Listen to the stillness, feel the silence. Then open your eyes, and a whole new world dawns…