The Art Of Acceptance

The journey to Wholeness is one that we are all too familiar with; the desire to be Whole is with us always, shaping and defining our lives, driving our quests towards Truth and towards living consciously and vibrantly in the present moment. Part of the quest towards Wholeness comes in the form of healing the Self, for we strive to heal in order to feel Whole and complete. Whilst this is an understandable human need, the act of seeking healing can actually take us further away from Truth as it keeps us locked in a perpetual cycle of want; we can feel fragmented and disjointed, splintered into a million little pieces like tiles of a mosaic all jumbled up together in scattered heaps across the floor.

Intuitively we may sense that we are Whole, but healing, by its very nature can suggest a core belief where we believe that we are not Whole. Perhaps the time has come to shift consciousness away from trying to become Whole to instead accepting that we are already Whole? Of course, life may not be exactly as we would want it, but by chasing Wholeness, does that bring us closer to it or simply act as a constant reminder that we do not feel it? Sometimes, we have to shift our perception in order to shift our reality, and by opening up to Wholeness in this present moment, we are stepping beyond the constraints of linear time and instead embracing the vibration of already being Whole.

It may be hard to feel Whole when life is not ‘perfect’, but by focusing on heartfelt gratitude on all that we do have and on all that we are instead of becoming consumed by all that we do not have, we can begin to shift the vibration away from feeling broken (and needing healing) to a state of vibrant present-moment awareness where we feel Whole, wonderful and magnificent exactly as we are. This is our true state of being, and when we step into the Wholeness vibration, we open up to the divinity, wisdom and love within. We are divine souls, and the time has come to be Divine.

Many believe that illness and dis-ease, discord and imbalance are created by our beliefs and actions in life; we choose illness and therefore we can ‘un-choose it’ and heal. On many levels this is true, for we are all energy and therefore energy can be re-defined and re-shaped, but there is a risk that we can become so tied up in knots over the need to fix and heal that we forget the present moment and become stuck between the past and the future (trying to unravel the past in order to live a brighter future). Such actions are understandable, but by overlooking the present, we can lose the most precious gift of all; and that gift is acceptance. Acceptance is not about giving up, but it is about accepting the present moment in order to live fully within that moment.

Whilst it may be possible to heal all ills and re-balance body, mind and soul, if we wait until we have achieved this before we lift our heads above the parapet, then we miss life, for re-balancing is a force constantly at work. At the same time though, by seeking healing, we can begin to feel as though we are not good enough in this moment and this can take us further and further away from the Wholeness that we seek. It is the act of acceptance that can lead us deeper within; it can help us to make peace with those scattered heaps of mosaic tiles as we stop fearing or worrying about them but instead embrace them as key facets of the Self. To deny them is to deny our existence, but to accept them is not to give up and not bother to re-align or re-centre, but to accept that we are already Whole exactly as we are. This is hard to put into words, for it is a state of being, a state of knowing, whereby intuitively opening up to Wholeness in the present moment, we stop giving those mosaic tiles power over us and instead re-align at core level thereby feeling Whole and complete. We shift the vibration away from incompleteness to one of love, completeness and Wholeness.

We are each magnificent and vibrant souls, and we all have crosses to bear and challenges to face, but instead of feeling like we still have mountains to climb before we reach the promised land of living in bliss, by already seeing ourselves standing at the summit gazing tenderly down upon our Selves and our lives, we shift the dynamic of healing away from wanting to be healed to one of being healed.

Healing is not always about ‘fixing’ problems (ill-health, debt, pain etc), but it is about finding the power and strength from these in order to live a full and vibrant life. Of course, many do heal, but many do not (for a plethora of different reasons) and instead of feeling guilt or failure for this ‘inability’ to become Whole, it is important now to accept the gift that these problems have given us and embrace them as integral parts of the Self (and to accept that we are always Whole, it is just our perception that takes us away from this). This does not mean that we can never heal, but if we can stop gazing longingly into a future where we are finally able to live free and instead open us up to the joy of living consciously now, we let go of the guilt and find a new wave of passion and exuberance for life.

Acceptance may not eradicate life’s problems nor may it bring resolution to life’s challenges, but it does bring a sense of inner peace, and it is this inner peace that can help us to see life differently. Instead of fearing life and its challenges, we feel inspired and empowered, and realise that by feeling Whole in this very moment, everything changes, for fear is no longer in control…