The Boss Gets Back To Work

Saturn Goes Direct

Mighty Saturn finally moves direct on the 30th. Residing in Virgo, this powerhouse of a celestial body will have a strong impact on each of us as we walk the rocky and unfamiliar path of cosmic chaos over the coming weeks and months.

Saturn is connected to responsibility, hard work, order and tradition, and in Virgo we have been witnessing an inner wrestling match between our dreams and the reality of achieving them. For many, this past few months has been about prioritising goals and letting go of the clutter in our lives. For some, Saturn’s retrograde phase has been about taking more responsibility for our choices and actions in life. For others, it has been a challenging combination of the two!

Moving direct, Saturn will encourage each of us to take control of our lives and then focus on what is truly important. There is much work for each of us to do, and Saturn is encouraging us to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in now. The time for cogitation is over, and the time for action has come. This is not about risk taking or throwing caution to the wind, but it is about grabbing our lives with both hands and taking charge wherever we can.

Virgo is a sign connected to rhythms and cycles, and we best not forget this when dealing with Saturn. Therefore, at the same time as taking control, we need to be acutely aware of the cosmic and energetic trends and flows around (and within) us and move accordingly. This is a time where intuition and sensitivities come into play as we can literally ride the waves of this cosmically inspiring summer and make the most of this opportunity of a lifetime to achieve our goals and dreams.

Remember though, Saturn is a hard task master, and to achieve success, he expects hard work, focus and dedication to the cause. So, this is not likely to be plain sailing, but it is a time to find the strength and power from within, to affirm our goals and to believe in ourselves enough to have the courage of our convictions and aim high.

Work with Saturn and he will work with (and support) you; but jam your heels in the mud in resistance and you are likely to end up frustrated, exhausted and lost.

Saturn might be traditionally known as the Greater Malefic (Big Baddie), but he is full of potential. It comes down to attitude (see him as challenging and he will be, but see him as an opportunity for positive change through hard work and he will be that instead). This summer it all comes down to choice…