The Cusp Point

It is hard to deny the unmistakable feeling that life is reaching something of a ‘cusp point’; a sense that we are approaching a time of energetic climax and realisation. Although this ‘cusp point’ feels powerful and intense, the predominant and overwhelming feeling of this time is both exciting and liberating. It seems clear that it is our perception of this moment of energetic climax that shapes and defines our experience; see it as a tsunami charging towards us, full steam ahead, and we can feel powerless and afraid, but if we see ourselves as riding the crest of the wave towards a new dawn of consciousness and way of being, the whole dynamic changes.

As the different waves and threads of consciousness all merge together into the ‘cusp point’, there is a sense of shift and change on many different levels of being. At the same time, the need to ‘let go’ seems to be growing in intensity as we step back from resisting and fighting the flow in order to become One with both ourselves and the Divine. Resistance is a part of being human, for we strive to understand and analyse our experiences (for that is how we grow and evolve), but there is a risk that we can become paralysed in analysis and unable to let go of the side rails in order to become One with the heaving mass of energies and currents converging within.

Of course, letting go is not for the feint-hearted, for it means having faith in the unknowable and having trust in the present moment rather than remaining focused on the path ahead. Even when the path ahead is murky and hidden from sight, we can still struggle to find ‘the answers’ in order to move our lives from where we are to where we want to be. However, the more conscious and present we can be in the moment, the more we can celebrate all that we are and all that we have. Whilst we may not be living the life of our dreams, by living consciously in the present, we are making the most of every single moment instead of projecting ourselves and our energy into the future to some moment that hasn’t happened yet.

This is not about losing sight of dreams or goals, but it is about remaining centred in the present moment in order to feel Whole and complete NOW! Once we can feel truly centred in the moment, we stop chasing the horizon and realise that, as Creators, we have it within ourselves to shape and define our lives in a very different way. In essence, we become the energy of all that we are, instead of trying to reach towards it as something in the distance, and such a monumental shift allows us to feel the joy of being, and feeling, Whole and complete.

So, instead of fearing the forthcoming ‘cusp point’ it seems clear that, by opening up to it and embracing it, we can ride the crests of the wave and celebrate the moment consciously and whole-heartedly. This is a time to feel the liberation and freedom within as we become One with the waves lapping the shores of the soul and allow this time of energetic climax to take its course…