The Freedom Within

On the 14th August retrograde Uranus re-enters Pisces. Uranus is still dancing around Jupiter (who also enters Pisces on the 9th September).

Uranus in Pisces is a familiar energy to us, after all Uranus was in Pisces for 8 years until this Spring. However, he is more energized now after a brief spell in Aries, there is more fire in his belly, a stronger sense of purpose forming.

It seems that each of us now need to truly go within to find the source of nourishment and sustenance that resides there – from our souls and our imagination. This will help us to break free from the dependency we all have on others and on the material, to a more enriched way of being.

Uranus is the risk-taker, stepping into the unknown and listening to his inner call. Risky? Yes, but he helps us to grow, evolve and develop, and we can only truly do these things when we step into the unknown, test our beliefs, test our mettle and have faith in ourselves (and in the Divine).

With the Arien fire now in Uranus’s belly, it has become time to break down those inner barriers that hold us back from reaching towards our dreams. It is time to honour our individuality and our gifts, and to realise that in order to find true fulfilment and joy, we sometimes have to step into the unknown, into the darkness in order to find the light.

When we are truly connected to our inner worlds, we feel free and alive. When we trust our intuition to guide us, and when we listen to this advice, a sense of destiny emerges. Yet when we struggle against the flow and let our heads rule, we might play safe and survive, but do our lives feel richer and more rewarding for the decision.

Uranus is a tricky chap to embrace. Risk is risky after all. In these uncertain economic times, it is hard to throw caution to the wind and say ‘what the hell!’, yet this is what Uranus is asking of us. Of course, as humans we have that wonderful option called ‘choice’, and each of us is free to decide whether to embrace Uranus and step into the unknown with faith as our safety nets, or we can ‘play it safe’ and stick to what we know – this could prove rewarding and fulfilling in itself, but only if we are not pondering the ‘if only I took a chance’ path.

If we choose to let Uranus go at this time, we need to do it wholeheartedly and with purpose!